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   Chapter 23 Trust

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A teardrop slid down my left cheek and I hurriedly wiped it away. I inhaled shakily, staring at Aquarius with a determined look.

Sacrificing myself for three lives?

It's a no-brainer.

I opened my mouth to agree to her deal when she suddenly chortled, a gleeful look in her eyes.

"It doesn't matter what you do, once you are caught in my water, there's no way out." She said arrogantly, a satisfied smirk on her face as she observed Kim.

Kim was moving about crazily, punching and trying whatever possible method to escape from Aquarius' clutches. Nathan was also punching at the blob of water with all his strength, but it was futile as his fist just pierced through the water. I saw him hovering in the air for a few seconds, before he collapsed on the ground, unable to stay afloat in the air to fly away. Seeing this scene, my heart tightened and I didn't hesitate for a second, exclaiming with a panicked voice.

"I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll go with you! Let them go!"

"Hey, Blink. It's your time to shine." The burning man nudged at Blink, the flames in his hand were still burning brightly as he watched me with wary eyes.

I didn't move from my spot, I wasn't even planning to resist at all. If I do, she might do something worse to the three of them. Blink grabbed at my arm and I noticed that Aquarius still hasn't released them from her torturous clutches, making me struggle in his hold.

"Aquarius, let them go! If you don't, I won't agree to go with you!"

"Oh, sweetie. I don't think you have a say in this anymore." Aquarius answered in a saccharine tone and I gritted my teeth, trying to extricate myself from his grip.

God! I'm so dumb!

What am I doing?!

"No! Let them go!"

"Stay still." Blink growled in annoyance and a weird sensation accompanied after his words. This familiar feeling was definitely him beginning his teleportation, the urgency to break free overwhelmed me and my struggles grew intense.


I lit up, my elbow successfully connecting with his abdomen and I broke free, wanting to bolt away when I heard an exploding sound followed by the floor in front of me getting scorched by heat. I screamed, clumsily avoiding the flames, falling flat on the ground, the pain shooting up my body.

"Aren't you taking us too lightly? Jean Saunders." He growled menacingly, narrowing his eyes at me and it scared me. I gasped, scurrying backwards in fright as I stared at him, my eyes wide in terror.

"Agh!" I heard a feminine voice shrieking in pain, and I saw Aquarius being hurled through the air, no longer floating on her block of water. She landed roughly on the ground with another cry of pain, her hand was grasping at her abdomen, a vicious look on her face. Coughing and hacking was heard in the background, and I could see half of Aquarius' abdomen turning into ice, preventing her from moving a single inch.

"Shit!" The burning man cursed, dashing towards them in an instant.

"You think...I'm gonna...let you catch me...again?" Thomas said in between his coughs and I could see the ice particles fluttering around his hand. I could see his breath as he spoke and I couldn't resist smiling, relief flooding through me until someone gripped at my wrist.

"Say bye-bye."

Crap! I forgot about him!

"I don't think so!" Kim barked, before roaring with rage and the next thing I knew, Blink was tackled to floor by Kim, his grip loosening enough for me to escape the chaos. Kim was swift in her movements, instantaneously restricting his arms and legs, using her arm to block his eyesight to stop him from blinking away.

"Omni! Get us out of here, now!" Kim demanded and I quickly rushed towards the bags, barely grabbing them before I felt myself being lifted off my feet.


"Tho—no, Frost! What about Frost!" Kim almost called out to Thomas, which was a mistake I did for Nathan once. Hopefully, Aquarius didn't hear me calling out to his name that time.

"There! With the burning guy!" I pointed towards an area of the rooftop, seeing Thomas dodging a pillar of flame shooting out of the man's hand as Thomas shot a pillar of his down back at him. The pillar of ice managed to cause a small nick on his arm, making the man grimace in pain.

"Hey! Grab my hand!" Nathan exclaimed, stretching his arm out and Thomas glanced up, grasping at Nathan's hand.

"See ya, burning man."

"It's Hellfire!"

Almost immediately, Nathan soared into the air and I could hear incoherent screeching and yelling from below us. A loud laughter escaped Thomas' lips, his shoulders shaking with mirth and he seemed awfully proud.

I was on Nathan's back, my arms wrapped around his shoulders and neck while Nathan only held the other two by their arm.

"Did you see what I just did? Huh? I saved all your lives, including myself—ow!" Thomas stated in a conceited manner, only to be interrupted when he earned a light kick from Kim.

"Good job, dude."

"Ouch, Kim! You didn't have to kick me!" Thomas winced, unfortunately, due to the position he was in, he couldn't afford to r

a good look at your face."

"Well, I wore-"

"I still hate you for that by the way, I almost died because of you, along with many others. I almost got slapped in the face by a laptop!"

"He disguised himself and delivered it, also, I already taught him a lesson for doing that dumb shit. Trust me, I'm as mad as you are, Jean. But still, I've known him for eleven years, he's a good guy, really." Kim explained and I glanced between the two of them.

"Eleven years?" I asked incredulously.

"I don't think any lesson can make up for what he did that day." Nathan commented, narrowing his eyes at Thomas.

"Damn it, after all this whole thing, you better explain it them yourself." Kim growled in annoyance, glaring at Thomas. I could tell he is still somewhat upset from just now as he nodded silently, not wanting to speak.

"Now, no more distractions, okay?"

Everyone hummed in agreement at Kim's words and she huffed, satisfied.

"Now, the second thing is about saving your friend, Jessie Talbot."

I bit on my lip at Kim mentioning about Jessie. It took me a while to compose myself as I shook my head. "No, it seems like Jessie is safer in his private residence, even if she is being confined there. What we are doing right now, it'll only endanger her life if we include her in. So, I'll put saving her on hold until we completely stop her grandfather, hopefully the police will help us find her."

"Huh, wise choice. I underestimated you."

"Is that supposed to be compliment or insult?"

"Both." Kim responded with a smirk and I rolled my eyes at her.

"So, we are going to pay Faviana Sanchez a visit now?" Thomas questioned, resting his chin on his palm.

"It may seem so, it's our only choice since she knows more about Alexander and the cube." Nathan answered and I recalled the conversation I had with my father before we went off on the mission to steal the documents.

Honestly, despite watching the video, I still couldn't despise my father for not reporting it to the police. He was afraid what would happen to us if he gives the police the evidence, he was afraid for his job, his career. If he lost his job, or lost one of us for doing this, I'm sure my dad would regret this decision in his entire life.

"I asked my dad about her. Apparently, he went to find her and he succeeded in it, he even mentioned her name to me on one occasion by accident."

"Where did he find her?" Nathan asked and this question of his made me reluctant to give him an answer.

"'s at a mental hospital."

"Serenity mental hospital." Kim added and I shot my head up, staring at her in amazement at how she knew the hospital name., until I realised she was pointing at something on the document.


...It's written there, isn't it?

"Barging into the mental hospital like that, isn't it quite rude?" Nathan questioned, a hesitant look in his eyes.

"Well, for now, this is our only lead for catching and stopping that crazy bastard. So like it or not, we have to do this." Kim said, taking the document and stuffing it into her haversack.

I guess...we have no other choice other than this.

We began to prepare to set off for the mental hospital, an apprehensive feeling rising up in me.

Faviana Sanchez.

Serenity mental hospital...I have feeling that we are going to discover something more sinister if we finally see her.

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