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   Chapter 22 Crisis

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We both stood there in utter silence, the alarm blaring away in the background. It seems like Kim was too stupefied by our dearest comrades who went and triggered the alarm. She sighed in annoyance, clicking her tongue and proceeded to sigh again, all the while, I could only sympathise with her. It made me wonder how many times have we cooperated together, which honestly, wasn't much.

Looks like we still have much to learn.

"All right, fine, since we have already exposed ourselves, let's go all gung-ho now." Kim seemed incensed and I made a sound of agreement, not wanting to get on her bad side.

"So...what do you mean by gung-ho?"

"We are gonna take the stairs instead of the lift, since we already announced our presence."

"Are you sure you can take all of them if they come charging at us?"

"If it's via the stairs, yes. Or with my powers."


"No time to explain, move."

Putting on our disguises quickly, Kim slammed the rooftop door open and strode towards the stairwell door, pushing it open. The door creaked opened loudly, echoing throughout the entire stairwell and I could clearly hear murmurs in the stairwell, which could mean two things.

Office workers or security guards, both equally bad.

The voices were getting closer with each passing second and I glanced at floor number, noticing we were almost at our destination. Descending down hastily, I realised the voices were coming from the floor below us, which was the floor we needed to go to.

"Kim-" I whispered, wanting to warn her.

"Just stay behind me." She hissed at me, obviously knowing they were down there.

"Clear." I heard one of the men saying and crackling sounds came from the walkie-talkie, followed by muffled words that weren't clear enough for me to catch on. We were a few steps away from them now and I could see the man leaning in closer to his walkie-talkie, frowning.

Uhm, shouldn't we be slowing down and trying to sneak past them now?

"What? Could you repea—hey! Who the hell are you?"

There were almost a dozen guards huddled together and Kim dashed past me, leaping into the air and doing a flying kick, aiming it at the guards.

"Eat shit!"

"Holy mother of-" One of the guards said, blanching when he realised her leg was aimed towards them. They scrambled out of the way, alas, it was a little too late and Kim kicked one of them in the chest, making him stagger backwards.

She landed safely on the stairs, watching as the guards that she hit collided with another, and another...and another one, the cycle continuing and eventually, they tumbled down the stairs; every single one of them. I blinked, stunned, my mouth hanging wide open and I could see an amused grin on Kim's lips.

Pained yelps and grunts resounded across the stairwell and I recalled how Kim said if it was via the stairs, she could take on all of them.

So this is what she meant.

Kim saluted them farewell, their howls of pain becoming further and further away.

"Err, what just happened?" I questioned, still unable to register what had just happened right in front of me. It was too ridiculous, I couldn't even laugh, it wasn't an everyday sight to see six well-built men rolling down the stairs, like a freaking barrel.

"Domino effect. Come on, hurry."

Slamming the door open, I trailed behind Kim as we raced towards Alexander's office and entering his office without a care for invisibility. At this moment, the lights in the area went out and my eyes met Kim's piercing eyes in the dark, a look of understanding flashing across our eyes.

Looks like they did it.

We grabbed our flashlights, switching it on as it we shone it ahead of us.

"Grab whatever you can grab, and whatever it's important!"


Ransacking the whole office, I held the torchlight with my teeth, ignoring how my saliva was touching the torchlight. I heard a soft gasp from Kim, I moved the torchlight to my hands, glancing worriedly to her direction. She was staring at her hands, that were becoming translucent and eventually fading out of sight.

"Nice." Kim smirked, clenching her fists before resuming her search and grabbing at every possible document with crucial information.

A drop of sweat rolled down my face as I focused on finding the necessary documents, anything, that could help in stopping Alexander from his madness. There's no way I was allowing him to take down the whole city, absolutely not; once was enough.

The once pristine, ostentatious office was probably in such a chaotic mess that looking at it made one feel disarrayed.

"My side is done! Kim, hurry!" I yelled, stuffing the documents that were kept in a folder into my backpack, placing my torchlight on the ground.

"A minute!" Kim hollered back and I bit on my lower lip, concerned about reinforcements arriving soon. There was no way the security guards who rolled down the stairs would leave us alone, no doubt backup would be arriving soon.

At least, on the bright side, the alarm forced the office workers to evacuate the building, despite it not being intentional. It was supposed to be a simple, covert operation but of course, everything won't go the way you want it to.

My backpack couldn't fit anymore items, hence I held them in my hands with the torchlight being held by my teeth once again. These documents in my hands weren't as essential as the ones in my backpack, but it couldn't hurt to bring more along with me. Just then, I heard footsteps outside and I could tell it

kick. Just as expected, he avoided it deftly, as if he read her mind, he didn't seem fazed by her fake punch either.

I took this chance to run away, while he was distracted, it was probably hard for him to focus on two minds at one time. Since, he could have easily read Kim earlier and wouldn't have resulted in a painful twist for his arm.

I spotted a huge ventilation fan, deciding to hide behind it for now. It was better than sitting out here and awaiting for my doom. I heard a loud explosion in the sky yet again, looking up as I dashed across the rooftop.

I saw Nathan throwing a punch at the burning man and to my surprise, the punch went through his body and it burst into flames. Seconds later, the flames began to merge and coalesced into a large fireball, and to my utter horror, it was coming straight for me at a terrifying speed.

I screamed, leaping forward and collapsing onto the concrete ground, despite it being painful, the pain of getting burned alive frightened me more than anything. The fireball landed at the spot where I was at a few seconds ago, still remaining in its form and it started to tremble violently, taking on a humanoid shape.

Within moments, the burning man appeared in front of me and I gasped, horrified at the sight in front of me.

"Pretty neat trick huh? I can turn myself into fire."


He's naked!

I couldn't even make a sound, heat rising to my face and I hurriedly looked away, squeezing my eyes close.

"What? You scared of heat? Of fire?"

"No, you're naked..."

"What? Oh shit! I totally forgot my clothes bur—gah!" Nathan launched himself at the burning man, tackling him to the ground beside me. It seemed like his concentration wasn't there, so he couldn't turn himself to fire.

Clothes burger?

I couldn't help but snort with laughter despite the circumstance I was in, Nathan had an impeccable timing.

"Are you okay?" Nathan questioned in concerned, reaching his hand out to me and I accepted it gratefully.

"Thank you."

"You have a scrape here, at your cheek." Nathan frowned, stroking at my cheek, I flinched and blushed at the same time, not knowing how to react.

I laughed nervously, waving it off. "No-no worries, it's just a small cut, it won't leave a scar."

"I let you get hurt again." Nathan's eyes darkened and he held a hint of anger in his voice, making me shake my head vehemently at him.

"No, no! You didn't! It was my fault, I should have hid earlier so I wouldn't be such a burden to you guys!"


A round-shaped blob of crystal clear water swooped down, surrounding Nathan's head and I could see the shock apparent in his eyes. I gasped, glancing up at Aquarius who was floating in the air with a cloud of water supporting her below.

Oh my god...

The other two were also struggling in her hands, pushing at the water surrounding their head and they were choking, clearly lacking of oxygen. Their attempt to free themselves were futile, since their hands just simply passed through the water.

"Oh god no. Please, don't do this to me. Please."

My face was drained of any colour and I trembled, glancing towards my left and see Nathan suffering through the same thing. He was starting to struggle for his breath, pushing at the block of water around his head too. Seeing everyone around me like that, I teared up, terrified at watching their lives draining away slowly.

"Stop! Stop! Enough! What do you want?!"

"Surrender yourself to me."

I let out a shaky breath, looking at three of them, on the verge of drowning and I felt a tear escaping my eye, shaking violently.

"If you don't, they'll die a slow, painful death."

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