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   Chapter 21 Selfishness

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My eyes moved back to the screen, seeing the next clip starting to play and I quickly reached forward, hitting the spacebar button. Instantly, I felt two pairs of questioning eyes on me and I gave them a sheepish smile. "Sorry, I just remembered something."

"What is it?"

"Then hurry up and spit it out."

Faviana Sanchez.

Her name sounds familiar.

"The woman's name sounds really familiar, I remember hearing it somewhere before." I said, looking at the computer screen, the video was paused and the woman's face was frozen on the screen. I frowned, deep in thought.

"What did she say her name was again?" Kim asked, obviously bad with names like she once said, even with my name.

"Faviana Sanchez." Her name rolled off my tongue easily, and I was a little surprised at how I could pronounce her name without difficulty.

"How do you spell it?"

"I have a guess on how it should be spelled, here." Nathan answered Kim, thrusting his hand into his pocket and taking out his smartphone. He swiftly typed at his keyboard, showing Kim his phone and I leaned in closer.

"Damn, I know that name. While I was invisible in Alexander's office, I peeked at his documents and letters, seeing her name several times. I skimmed through the contents, since I had limited time to stay invisible in there." Kim clicked her tongue and her words made Nathan confounded, judging by his baffled look on his face.

"How did you not get caught going in or out? Didn't you say our powers are slowly drained if we are within range of that building?"

"When I first decided to spy on him, I couldn't even enter the building properly, I almost got caught. Then I copied his schedule from his secretary, who was particularly meticulous. His schedule had everything, his mealtimes, when he exited or entered the building, who he was meeting and where, et cetera. I calculated the time I was allowed in there, when my powers would run out and planned everything out, it took me many trials and error." Kim explained and I was impressed at how she did not answer sarcastically or include any mean comments.

"Wow, such dedication." Nathan praised Kim for her tenacity and it was apparent that Kim didn't appreciate that comment of his.

"I'm doing this for a reason, not because I like it."

"I didn't say anything about you liking it." Nathan furrowed his eyebrows at her and I glanced between the two of them, leaning back towards the screen.

"Alright, I'll ask my father about the woman later, let's just continue watching the video for now." I quickly hit the spacebar button, not wanting this discussion to proceed to an argument.

"It's been a few weeks since we discovered the cube. Research shows that the cube provides tremendous power, let's just say its power is unlimited. The material it's made from, what's inside of it and the origin of this cube is unknown, we couldn't figure out anything else other than the unlimited power it provides. For now, the exploration team leaders aren't sure what to do with it and they just plan to research further on it."

Faviana glanced around, as if nervous at being heard or exposed. She brought the camera closer to her, her voice becoming softer.

"I caught Alexander Talbot on video this time, and now, he isn't just observing it anymore. He's tampering with the cube, and I'm completely shocked. I heard his company funded for this exploration and that's all, what his company does is totally unrelated to what we do. How does he understand the complex jargons we use and what he's doing with the cube is exactly how we, the scientists, are conducting the research on the cube. He knows what he's doing, but his background doesn't say anything about him being an expert in the field of science."

"That's right, Alexander Talbot is not who he seems to be. On the outside, his company manages healthcare and insurance. His public image and his reputation is one of a saint, a philanthropist but he's the exact opposite." Kim explained and it was her turn to pause the video this time around.

"What made you suspect him?" I asked and Kim adjusted her sitting position, a rare look of discomfort on her face.

"One day, I was messing around with my powers, trying to improve on it. I parked my car at the most deserted part in my area, starting to practice my powers and that's when I saw a massive truck driving by. Curiosity got the better of me, so I followed the truck with my car, which I made invisible too. I saw them unloading crates that were labelled with Talbot Inc. symbols. Even the workers transporting it were wearing Talbot Inc. uniforms, and when they opened the crates up to check the contents of it, I saw..."

Kim bit on her lower lip, anxious to go on and I blinked, surprised to see her this way.

"I saw weapons, lots of it."

The atmosphere grew tense and I could hear Nathan inhaling sharply, along with me.

"I bolted out of there and quickly drove away when I entered my car. It was freaking scary, knowing that the so-called philanthropist Alexander Talbot was dealing with weapons, perhaps in the black market. Then, I decided to investigate him secretly since I didn't believe in it, maybe he was being sabotaged or framed turns out I was being stupid."

Kim clenched her fists and I could see her eyes lighting up in rage, narrowing her eyes at the computer screen.

"He even hid the fact that he contributed to the exploration of the cube, I don't even know how or why he did so but he did. I only discovered it after I started to dig through the documents in his office. And I discovered something even more disgusting."

"Disgusting?" I repeated, starting to feel dreadful, seems like she discovered a lot more things than I thought while spying on him furtively.

"He...he had files, huge, huge files on Apeirons and Infiniteum. Who were the ones affected, who were the ones that were dead, what caused them to have these powers, everything. Every single goddamn thing, and it freaked me out. I read the files and it stated that the powers were related to an Apeiron's characteristic and at that point of time, what they ingested or activities they were doing. I have never seen anyone so obsessed to do such a thorough investigation on people, humans. It was sickening. From their hobbies, to their family background, their entire life was in a single file!"

I could feel my hair raising, goosebumps everywhere at the harrowing explanation from Kim. I couldn't imagine someone looking at my entire life through reading, knowing my every secret and what my likes or dislikes were, staring and studying me

christ..." I uttered, my face burning up, mortified.

"Ugh." Kim made a sound, eyeing Nathan's shirt in distaste.

Nathan glanced down at his shirt, and I noticed how he regarded it with disgust albeit he covered it up hastily. He plastered a pained smile on his face, waving it off. "It's fine—really, it's okay."

"That's your favourite shirt, isn't it?"

"Oh no! I'm so sorry, Nathan! I'll wash it up for you, right now!"

"No, no really! You don't have to—you don't need to take it off right now!"

I squeaked, halting my tugging on his shirt and I laughed nervously. "Oh right, you should take it off yourself."

"What? Really?"

"Are you seriously telling him to take it off, right now? Right here?"


"How kinky, Genie."

Realising the awkwardness I just brought, I wanted to curl up in a ball and roll away. However, instead of rolling away, I stiffened and spun around, dashing out of the room. Alas, my legs decided to tangle together at this moment and I tripped, though I managed to prevent myself from falling.

Kim snorted with laughter and Nathan hurried towards me, watching me with a concerned look, a little blush on his face.

"Are-are you okay?"

Can I just fade away from existence right now?


Observing the clear, azure sky, my eyes followed a trail of fluffy clouds in the sky, floating across it. The scorching sun shone down on me and I scowled, feeling the heat boring down on me. "I can't believe I'm coming here for the third time, or the fourth? I've lost track."

"I have to agree, it's getting tiring." Nathan nodded along with me. On the bright side, I finally brought a proper disguise along to prevent myself from being recognised, like Kim and Nathan.

"Shut up and stop complaining." Kim barked at us and I pulled a face at her words.

"Uhm...why am I here again? And with you guys, especially him?"

Frost stood beside Kim, looking very unhappy and I took a step closer to Nathan, trying to get closer to Frost for some of that nice, cold air.

"You too, shut up and stop complaining."

"Why did you have to bring him along though?"

"I see that our feelings for one another is mutual." Nathan commented, looking equally as unhappy as Frost.

"We need him, just like we need you, Thomas."

"Wha-did you name—did you really just—my name!"

"Your name is Thomas?" I raised my eyebrows at Frost, who is now officially Thomas.

"Out of all the just had to be called Thomas? My best friend's father's name?" Nathan bemoaned, sounding repulsed.

"What's wrong with being called Thomas?"

"You don't deserve to be called that."

"What did you just say?"

The two men marched across, sizing each other up and I could feel a slight cool air coming from Thomas, making me less grouchy. There were three things I hate with a passion, tall places, the unbearable heat and cockroaches.

Kim growled in frustration, storming towards them and slapping them on the forehead. They cried out in pain, as I winced, imagining their pain. They didn't have their powers anymore, since we have been standing on the rooftop of Talbot Inc. Headquarters for quite a while now.

"I didn't come here to witness your childish squabble, I came here to steal the files and documents in Alexander's office. Did you guys even listen while I was explaining about our plan just now?"



They muttered out at the same time, their irritated tone didn't seem to satisfy Kim.

"Did you really? If not, I swear I'll kick you two idiots at where the sun doesn't shine."

They went rigid at her words, nodding quickly. "Yes!"

"Now go! We can't afford to take our own sweet time!" Kim ordered and they obeyed her, heading off to do their mission assigned to them. They were assigned to shut the power down, and since Thomas knows the way, he was tasked to shut it down.

Kim was the only one who knows the way around the building and what to steal, hence, our teams were split to me and Kim, while the two men were in another team.

"Are you sure this is going to go smoothly?"

"Hopefully, they can't be that dumb, right?"

Nevertheless, exactly three minutes later, alarms started to ring throughout the whole building and I moaned in despair while Kim slapped herself on the forehead with her palm.

"What did I even expect, honestly..." Kim shook her head to herself.

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