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   Chapter 20 Aftermath

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An uncomfortable silence ensued, none of us speaking, not even moving an inch. Nathan's dreadful words echoed in my mind, replaying over and over again.

Alexander Talbot is planning to reactivate the cube, once again.

...planning to reactivate the cube, once again.

...reactivate the cube, once again.

...reactivate the cube...

The words started to overwhelm my entire mind, growing louder each time and soon, the trembles came along with the harrowing images of the aftermath of the incident, 'Infiniteum', ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands; millions even.

A memory played in my mind as I remember scrambling around with many others, some of them helping their own, some of them aiding anyone they could. However, the casualties were too much of a burden, we only had a few helping hands. One child cried out in a sorrowful manner, getting pushed and shoved around by people who couldn't bother about a single, lonesome child tottering down the chaotic street.

He eventually fell from a hard shove and I managed to save the child from an incoming stampede. It was frightening to imagined what would have happened if I didn't make it in time. I questioned him about his family and the child said pitifully about his only family left in this world was his father, and I hastily asked about his whereabouts.

"Hey, little guy, where's your family?"

"I only have my dad."

"Oh...and where is he? Why aren't you with him?"

Till this day, the way he answered me still haunts my very soul and his tears just streamed out endlessly from his innocent eyes.


He bolted away suddenly and he disappeared into the crowd, nowhere to be seen. I searched everywhere for him but I just couldn't find him anywhere, my heart still aches with guilt whenever I think of that memory.

"Jean? Jean! Are you alright?" A voice exclaimed and I could feel someone shaking me lightly, I gasped as I broke out from my reverie, glancing up. Nathan's blurry face appeared in my vision and without hesitation, I clutched his arms fiercely, a tear slipping from my eye.

"It can never happen again, never! Once was enough, twice and it will tear the whole city apart, literally. What I saw, Nathan, what I was—I can't..."

This time, I recalled myself being in a hospital with my parents. My mother and father was each carrying a child in their arms, they were twin sisters judging from their looks. The scene in the hospital left me grief-stricken, they lacked hospital staff as half of them didn't manage to escape from the incident too. People were scrambling around, choked cries and wails of different tones and voices resounded throughout the hospital.

"Please, save my daughter first!"

"I'm sorry, we are currently lacking of staff, we can't..."

"Oh god, Harry, you can't do this to me...please no..."

"I'm sorry, we tried our best but your son...he's..."

"Your husband, his condition is stabilized but he may never wake up again, I'm sorry."

"You are a doctor! How can you not explain the reason behind her death? You are supposed to save lives, aren't you?"

Everyone was snatching over the hospital staff, screaming at them to save their loved ones first or crying their hearts out to them, blaming them for their deaths, criticizing them for being utterly useless. The hospital staff looked completely exhausted, heartbroken and worried. Lives were being taken away, one by one, the hopes vanishing in the people's eyes.

I stood there, frozen as I took in the scene in front of me with a heavy heart. The push and shoves from everyone didn't matter to me, I couldn't feel anything. I could never forget the hatred I felt for the people who were responsible for this incident, their sole purpose was to use our city as a test to see whether the stupid cube worked or not.

Are we their guinea pigs?

Look at everyone, look at this, was that damn cube worth that much?

After that incident, the city was never the same and it was impossible to go back to those peaceful days and I suffered from nightmares for a few weeks, every single day. The cube didn't even bring anything good to our city, we all just suffered tragedy after tragedy after that fateful day.

"I almost lost my mind from what I saw, everywhere I went, everywhere I go. Death, hopelessness, emptiness and the ugly side of us humans. If the cube is activated once again, the whole city will just swallow itself up." My words were choked, my voice hoarse due to crying nonstop as I clutched tightly at Nathan's arm; trembling violently.

Nathan gazed intently at me and without his mask, I could clearly see the conflicted expression on his face. "...I know, Jean, I know. I understand what you feel, exactly how you feel."

I shook my head adamantly, biting on my lower lip. "No, no you don't, Nathan. You were in a coma, you weren't there to see it. Having a gun pointed in my face is nothing compared to this, nothing compares to this, at all. The less fortunate were tossed aside heartlessly, people were left to die without any help and I...I've never felt so powerless in my entire life."

"Yes, we know, Jean. You have to calm down, you look like you are about to faint.

of the house as I quickly gathered Kim and Nathan, telling them about the evidence.

"This may help us in stopping him." Nathan said, relieved that there was something to help us out in this crazy plan of ours to stop one of the richest man in the world. A man that Jessie said that would stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it was his own family preventing him from meeting his goals.

"Yeah, it will definitely help us in something." I agreed, nodding my head along with Nathan. We were huddled together in front of my computer, turning my speakers to a volume loud enough to hear perfectly.

"Hopefully." Kim added and I gave a sulky look, to which she mouthed 'what' at me.

"You always shut people down, just when they think they got something."

"I'm just saying not to get our expectations too high, jeez. Why are you so sensitive?"

"Guys, let's the video, alright? Don't argue, please."

"We are not arguing!" We retorted and he raised his arms up in the air, eyes wide in shock.

"Alright, alright! Not arguing, just uh...some good-natured banter?" Nathan said, unsure of his words and we looked at him for a second, before me and Kim engaged in a glaring contest.

"Rude jackass."

"Sensitive bit-"

"Okay! I'm sorry but I'm gonna play the video now." Nathan interrupted our verbal exchange of insults, hitting the play button of the video.

The camera was shaky as someone adjusted the camera frantically onto a table, a person dressed in a laboratory coat came into view as she sat close to the camera. You could tell that she was filming this furtively judging from her actions, as well as the environment she was in. It looked like a closet, like her own personal closet.

"My name is Faviana Sanchez and I'm one of the personnel involved in exploration team led by Professor Henry Anderson, Chairman of Talbot Inc., Alexander Talbot and Military General James Praham. This exploration finally received the approval stamp and we succeeded in discovering the mysterious signal that we discovered a few years ago. It was and still hidden from the public, hence there is no leakage of this current project. Today, we just discovered the source of the signal and it is a cube."

The woman seemed to have difficulty in containing her excitement and she eventually managed to quell her excitement, leaning in closer to the camera.

"The cube is extraordinary! It's mystical and we have no idea where it's from, what it is and what it's made of! We require further investigation for this cube and we need more time, however, I know it is something amazing."

Although, her excitement abruptly took a dive and the atmosphere around her became apprehensive and the woman held a cautious look in her eyes.

"However, there's something strange about Alexander Talbot, very strange. And he's giving me a really bad feeling, I better watch him carefully if possible. Ever since the cube was brought up, his obsession with it grew stronger and stronger each day. I can see it, but the others can't. Though I know it isn't my responsibility to look out for any suspicious activity, and I shouldn't be spying on one of our biggest sponsors for the project, I have a feeling I will regret this for my entire life if I don't do this. Oh crap, someone's coming—"

The video abruptly ends and moves on to the next clip, somehow, the woman's name struck a feeling of familiarity within me.

Where have I heard her name before?

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