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   Chapter 19 His True Motive

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"Ex-excuse me, but you are blocking our way." One of the office worker said, after they recovered from their shock.

They must think we are complete weirdos.

The female office worker, which seems to be the secretary from before, sidestepped but Kim quickly blocked her way.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Take off your clothes." Kim ejaculated, almost making me choke on my spit.

All eyes were on her instantly, appalled at her words. A long silence ensued and no one could find any words to speak for a moment, or probably because they couldn't speak coherently.

"...what the heck, Kim?" I hissed at her, ensuring she was the only one who could hear me.

I glanced back at the three office workers, who started to back away. I could guess the thoughts in their head without a problem.

She's crazy.

She's definitely crazy.

She's hella crazy.

Kim gave me a look, as if she was asking me to keep quiet and trust her.

Well, how do you expect me to trust a person that demands people to take off their clothes? For no reason! And out of nowhere!

Suddenly, a dark shadow loomed over the three office workers, giving them another huge shock for the day.

"Hey, erm...what's going on?" The figure spoke and at his voice, the three office workers lit up, especially the women.

"That voice!"

"It's Omni!"

"Omni! Help us!"


"Wha...?" Nathan was utterly confused, he could not even speak properly. He eyed us in bewilderment and I shook my head.

"Don't look at me, she's the one." I stated, pointing towards Kim, who remained nonchalant to the situation.

"Oh, don't worry. I'm a friend of his, I don't mean any harm. Aren't I right, Omni?" Kim explained herself, draping her arm over Nathan's shoulder. He flinched at the sudden contact, still confused.

"Uh, yeah." Nathan answered honestly, standing stiffly with Kim's arm still draped over his shoulder.

I can't help but feel a little peeved at Kim.

"So stop making such a stupid fuss over nothing and take off your clothes. We need your help to escape from here, your superhero here needs your help too."

I almost choked on my spit again, since she was saying it as if it was a regular occurrence for people to strip in front of others.

"How does them taking off their clothes, help us?!" I exclaimed and she narrowed her eyes at me.

"We'll disguise as office workers and sneak out of the building. Unless, you have a better plan?"

"No, I don't! But you can't just go around and tell people to strip!"

"We can't afford to waste time, remember?"

"You think I don't know that?"

"So, what's the problem?"

I flared up instantly, trembling in anger at Kim's condescending tone. I opened my mouth yet again, resulting in us bickering back and forth.

"There, there, the two of you. This isn't the right timing to quarrel..."

Unfortunately, Nathan's attempt to placate us didn't help at all.

"...hey, come on now. We really need to-"

"Shut up!" Kim hissed at Nathan and I gaped at her.

"How rude! Why are you telling him to shut up?"

"What's it to you?"

Omni sighed heavily, turning towards the three confounded innocent witnesses. "I'm sorry, just head back and ignore-"

"To all Tal Inc. personnel, there are multiple intruders in the building. Please proceed to the nearest staircase in an orderly manner and calmly exit the building. The electricity will be down within a minute, I repeat, all Tal Inc. personnel..."

An unexpected announcement blasted through the speakers of the building. Clearly being heard even from the rooftop, silencing all of us. The robotic voice continued on, stopping once the message was repeated three times.

"...there's our way out of here." Nathan suddenly spoke, breaking the pregnant silence.

I narrowed my eyes at Kim and she did the same, we ended up scoffing at one another, glancing away.

How rude! How demanding! And how annoying!

How do people even stand her?!

All of a sudden, the entire building trembled violently. The sound of an explosion reached my ears, the deafening sound causing me to cover my ears. I shrieked, stumbling a little due to the slight tremor from the impact of the explosion.

"What the hell!" Kim exclaimed and my eyes flew open, seeing her glance towards the right.

"An explosion! Below, towards the right!" Nathan exclaimed, the three office workers screaming and shouting along with me.

Within moments, shrill screams filled the air. Dread rose within me and Nathan reacted quickly, stabilising me before grabbing hold of all of us.

"Hey, your powers! They are still-" Kim warned, frowning in concern.

"It's fine, I can handle this much. Just don't struggle too much." Nathan interrupted, inhaling deeply and he proceeded to hover in the air, along with us. I remained calm, like Kim while the three office workers struggled a little, panicking. I saw Kim opening her mouth to reprimand them, however, I quickly pressed my palm over her lips.

"Hey, you three. You have to remain calm, if not, we all wouldn't be able to land safely. If it's too hard for you to bear, close your eyes." I told them gently and I was glad to see them being quelled slightly. They closed their eyes and Nathan flew forward, towards the edge.

Afterwards, he descended rapidly towards the ground. We managed to land safely on the ground, despite the occasional hiccup, due to his powers not fully functioning yet.

His powers are coming back, thank god.

Nathan released the three office workers who immediately scrambled to safety. I proceeded to sigh in relief, only to cough harshly when I inhaled the air. Dust and dirt swirled around the area, affecting our vision greatly. I swatted the air, coughing until tears welled up in my eyes.

"Holy shit..."


everent praises towards her.

"Seems like we are done here, let's go. We still have something to do, don't we?"

" are too awesome..." I mumbled, thoroughly impressed by Kim yet again.

"How did you not get hurt at all?" Nathan frowned, the three of us walking to the entrance as he grabbed onto our arms.

Just then, a wince escapes Kim's lips and I gasped, seeing blood dripping from her torn sleeve.

"Of course you would get hurt! Why didn't you say anything?" I sighed, my time slightly reprimanding.

"It's no big deal, one of the debris from the mini explosion grazed against my arm."

I suspired, shaking my head disapprovingly. "Let's head home first and treat that wound."

"No! Are you stupid? We are wasting precious time!" Kim scolded, glaring at me as Nathan nodded at me, grabbing hold of Kim at her uninjured arm.

"Stay safe, people!" Nathan waved towards the cheering citizens, not bothered by our bickering.

"No, I'm not. You are the stupid one! We need to cover your open wound, you might get an infection if you don't!"

"I won't! It's just a small cut!"

"It's better to be safe than sorry! Would you just listen to me already? For your own sake!"

"You are so annoying."

"Oh? I'm so sorry that my concern is annoying to you." I replied sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"You should be."

"Ugh! Stop trying to be strong! Don't blame me if you really get an infection in the end, and become a burden to us."

"...fine, adding another burden is bad for us anyway."

"Another burden? Who's the burden here?"

"You, who else could it be?"


Amidst the conversation, we were already up in the air, almost reaching halfway of our journey back home. Meanwhile, Nathan could only sigh at our bickering again and I could hear him mumbling the word 'childish'.

"Here we go again, with the endless arguing." Nathan said, talking to himself though we could hear him clearly.

"We are not arguing!" We retorted at the same time and Nathan winced at our yells, sighing to himself once again.


Treating Kim was unexpectedly easy, she hardly flinched at the pain and she obediently allowed me to treat her. She didn't make a fuss, neither did she bark any rude comments at me.

"Are you done?"


"...thanks for earlier by the way." Kim spoke after a few seconds of silence.

"About what?"

"That distraction you made."

Hearing those grateful words from her, I grinned. "No problem."

The peaceful silence was interrupted by a tap on my shoulder, making me hum in a questioning tone.

"Your phone has been ringing for quite awhile, is it fine if I answer it?" Nathan asked politely, making me chuckle heartily.

"You are too polite, Nathan. Go ahead, while and I treat Kim."


"By the way, my name is Jean, not Jeanie or Genie." I reminded, recalling how she called my name earlier.

"Whatever. I'm bad with most names."

I rolled my eyes, covering her wound up, finally finishing dressing her wound.

"...Jessie? Can you repeat those exact words again?"

At her name, I inhaled sharply and spun around. My heart plummeted when I noticed the grave look on Nathan's face, I started to feel perturbed as I observed him longer.

"Jessie? Are you there? If you are, please answer me."

He pulled my phone away from his ear, a mixture of emotions apparent on his face. Unlike me, he was composed, like Kim and I surged forward.

"Jessie? That was Jessie? Oh god, I should have picked up the phone! What's wrong? What's happening?"

"Her grandfather, Alexander Talbot is planning to reactivate the cube." Nathan stated and cheery atmosphere took a turn, silence all around us.

" again?" My words were slightly hoarse, my eyes wide in utter shock.

"Alexander Talbot is planning to reactivate the cube, once again."

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