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   Chapter 18 What a Disaster

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After making a hasty call, the three of us gathered at the gaming room at the basement level. Kim slipped into the house with her invisibility, following us or more specifically, Nathan, into the basement.

Just when I thought nothing else could surprise me any further, I discovered that there was another whole part to this luxurious penthouse. Nathan strolled into the house and to the basement without a care, making me almost choke on my saliva.

"What if my parents saw you? How are you going to explain it?!"

"Kim can make me invisible, can't she?"

"I have limits for using my powers, I'm not going to waste it on you." Kim said, still invisible. Her tone suggested that she was unhappy at Nathan's words.

"Waste it?" Nathan repeated, offended by her words.

"They don't know you anyway, just give an excuse or something." Kim said half-heartedly, still invisible of course.

I stayed silent, shaking my head at the both of them.

Eventually, we arrived at the basement, safely. The basement was exactly as I interpreted, it was an arcade and gaming room, which many would love if they have a passion for games. From darts, to a soccer table, to gaming consoles, the sight made me speechless.

Kim sighed in relief, her invisibility wearing off as she adjusted her ponytail. I have no idea when she tied her hair up and only now, I realised the similarities in their outfits.

Kim was dressed in entirely black, like Nathan, and even the freaking hoodie! The only difference was the quality of their clothes, Nathan's clothes seemed pretty new while Kim's clothes looked quite tattered.

Unlike Nathan, Kim didn't seem bothered exposing her face to us, standing in front of us with her arms crossed.

"Why aren't you hiding your face?" I asked curiously and she shrugged.

"What's the point? Nothing is gonna change if you guys see my face."

"Well, that's...true." I frowned to myself, slightly puzzled.

"Anyway, I digress, how do we approach this matter?" I questioned, after all, both of them are the ones who will contribute more to this plan of ours.

I don't think I have much say in this.

"Let me listen to the recording." Nathan stretched his hand out to me, listening to the recording with rapt attention.

Hearing the recording made me feel disheartened, a heavy sigh escaping me lips.

"Where is his private residence?" Nathan questioned me, his eyes on me.

"I...I have no idea, I really don't...know..." It upset me greatly, knowing that there was nothing else I can say.

I don't even have a single clue.

I didn't even know she had a grandfather, until she told us.

"There is only one solution I can think of." Kim stated and we glanced towards her, urging her to continue on.

"Sneak into his office again and search for any possible clues."

" you're saying, we are going back to the same office building?"

"Yep, it's our only choice in this situation. We won't accomplish anything just standing here, discussing and lamenting." She glanced towards me as she ended her sentence. Her words were straightforward and brutal, but it speaks the truth.

" do we go about this?" Nathan asked and she narrowed her eyes at him, and somehow, I knew what she was about to say.

"You have a brain, don't you? I can't be possibly thinking of everything for you guys. You guys aren't stupid, right?"

From Nathan's stiff stance, I could tell how her words damaged his pride. Compared to him, I'm starting to get accustomed to her words.

"You can't blame us, we aren't exactly tactical or strategic, especially me. I've never gotten in a fight before." I defended for the both of us, muttering the last part to myself.

Nonetheless, due to how quiet the room is, it was possible for them to hear me.

"For you, it's understandable. You and your friend are unfortunate souls that got involved in this mess."

"Unfortunate souls?" I repeated her words, incredulous.

"However, for him, it's not an exception. He's famous in this city for being its protector. He's been involved in countless fights, he should know a thing or two about infiltrating." Kim ignored me, pointing towards Nathan. Her words poked at him again but this time, I could sense hesitance from him.

The room was filled with a pregnant silence and I coughed awkwardly. Nathan didn't have any reply for Kim, whose eyes suddenly lit up in disbelief.

"...don't tell me don't think of anything before fighting against another apeiron? Do you just charge straight into the battle without thinking?"

"...yeah..." Nathan answered softly, his tone guilty.

"Do you ever stop to think about the casualties your fight could cause? Who to save first? How to manage the situation in the safest way possible?" Kim rambled on and on, as she did so, a gloomy atmosphere seem to fill the air.

"How did you manage to avoid any casualties?"

"There were casualties, and it only made me more cautious. However, I am guilty of charging straight into that battle." Nathan explained himself, his tone apologetic as he gazed at me.

My heart skipped a beat and I understood his look, he's still blaming himself for letting me get injured and being kidnapped.

"So it's her, huh. How did you even survive all this time?" Kim said, shaking her head disapprovingly.

"Invulnerability." Nathan replied simply and she snorted, nodding her head.

"I forgot about that, so that's why you are so fearless. Now, I kinda understand why Tho--er Frost, dislikes you."

"...don't mention that annoying guy in front of me."

"Mhmm. He's an idiot too, not thinking about the consequences behind his actions. Anyway, let's focus, I have a rough plan on what to do." Kim agreed with Nathan, before distressing and returning back to the important topic.


"I see it, careful. Remember, we have a time limit." Kim reminded us as the we were carried by Nathan, flying in the air.

Nathan didn't show any sign of response, and neither did he slow down. Kim quickly gave him a slight pinch, before turning towards me.

"Oh right, it won't work-"


His pained yelp surprised Kim, who widened her eyes at me before focusing on him. "What? How can your powers disappear that fast?"

Nevertheless, her pinch worked as it snapped Nathan out from his daze. He stumbled in his flight causing us to jerk violently and he eventually slowed down, the entire time, I willed myself not to glance down, squeezing my eyes close.

"What was that for?" Nathan raised his voice at us, clearly unhappy.

"You were dreaming, you idiot! If I didn't wake you, you would've flown us into a disaster! Why are you hurting anyway?" Kim excla

office. The once neat and tidy office looked like an utter mess, as if someone threw a tantrum in here. I noticed two chairs in the office, quickly dragging them to the door, making the doorknob stuck.

"Good thinking!" I heard Kim yelling towards me.

"The only problem is, how do we get out now?" I hollered back, hearing the elevator ringing outside, signalling the arrival of somebody.

"We'll think of--wait, I think..." Kim answered me, only to find something important as she focused on something in her hands.

"I found it! It's the address to his private residence, in a letter!" She waved the letter at me, folding it messily and stuffing it into her pocket. A victorious smirk was on her face, and I would have rolled my eyes, if we weren't in such a predicament.

The doorknob proceeded to shake and I sighed in relief, whoever was outside couldn't turn it. The person banged on the door, his frantic yells muffled and I couldn't hear them quite clearly.

"Move aside, I'll handle them." Kim marched towards me and she nudged at me, making me step aside.

"Are you sure? I mean, you are strong and took five guards at once, but are only one person."

Kim replied with a short laugh as the door started to get slammed on roughly. My guess that they were trying to destroy the door with brute force.

"If they are as weak as those guards, it won't be a problem. If they are stronger, then yes, it would be a problem for me. But, I've been in worse situations than this." Kim shrugged nonchalantly and I widened my eyes.

What kind of life did she go through?

The chairs fell after a while, due to the constant pounding and the door burst open. Surprisingly, it was only two guards and they dressed similarly to the guards from the previous visit.

There was another deafening bang and this time, it was from the door leading to the staircase. They were probably the backup, just in case anyone escaped via the stairs.

The two guards stumbled into the room from their momentum.

"Hmm, you know what? Let's just run to the elevator."


"Go!" Kim ordered as she sprinted past the two guards. They were still recovering from their stumbling and were unprepared for Kim. I followed her, matching her fast pace and we reached the elevator. One of the guards stretched towards me, just missing me barely as I distanced myself from them.

Kim hastily pressed the button, stepping in front to stop the guards. The staircase door was still sturdy despite the countless hammering and pounding, my eyes stayed on the floor moving up gradually.

"It's almost here!" I exclaimed and the two guards eventually caught up. I spun around, seeing Kim dodging a punch as she crouched. At that moment, she surged forward, her fist landing on the guard's abdomen.

How quick!

He staggered back, coughing from the impact.

The elevator dinged loudly, relief rushing through me. Her reaction was acute as she turned back, dragging me into the elevator with her while she threw a careless kick to prevent the second guard from chasing after us.

I pressed the close button repeatedly, looking anxiously between the button and the guard.


Finally, the doors closed and we started to head to the rooftop.

"Now how do we get out?" I questioned Kim, we spent seven minutes in there, their powers are probably gone by now.

Arriving at the rooftop, we stepped out from the elevator. Kim was deep in her thoughts, probably trying to formulate a plan to escape. I frowned to myself, the only way I knew that escape was to kill the power in this building, but I have no idea where the circuit breaker is.

Moreover, we don't have anyone capable of doing that right now, especially because of the security guards going mad right now.

I opened the door to the rooftop and in that instant, three office workers stood in front of us. We blinked at each other in shock, obviously not expecting anyone at the door. Moreover, with our strange outfits, along with the masks, it was evident as to why they were baffled. One of the office worker was reaching his hand out to open the door, his hand still frozen in mid-air.

"How lucky." Kim suddenly spoke and we were startled at her sudden words, I directed my eyes towards her. I noticed an impish smirk on her face, sending chills down my spine as I realised her smirk was aimed at the three office workers in front of me.

...I have a bad feeling about this.

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