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   Chapter 17 Alexander Talbot

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A horde of guards stormed towards us, and I noticed a mask covering Kim's face. It was a simple masquerade mask, that seemed quite new and I frowned at it.

Did she just buy the mask recently?

...and it seems too small to conceal her face fully.

"It conceals my face partially, unlike you." Kim suddenly said, as if reading my thoughts and I gasped.

"Can you read thoughts too?"

"You're just too easy to read." Kim rolled her eyes at me before cracking her knuckles, sighing heavily. The guards were closing in on us rapidly and we stood back to back, Kim quickly giving us instructions.

"Alright, I'll keep them busy. Meanwhile, you guys figure a way out within a minute."

"Wha--a minute? How do you, a minute?! Why?" I sputtered out, shocked.

"A minute." She insisted, growling her words out. Before I could protest any further, she charged towards the guards.

A sudden feeling of warmth overcame me, along with something pressing down lightly on me. My vision grew darker as I realised someone's hoodie covering me, making me glance up as the hood dropped from my head.

"Here, it would be bad if they see your face." Nathan said, putting the hoodie back up again. His fingers brushed against my hair as he did that, his actions startling me, my heart skipping a beat. He was wearing a black turtleneck underneath his hoodie, proving to me that his outfit was truly all black.

At that moment, I spotted movement from the corner of my eyes. A guard sneaked behind Nathan and Kim knocked him away with a roundhouse kick, thoroughly irked at us.

"Stop flirting, you lovebirds! Hurry and figure out a plan, you guys involved me in this mess!"

Fli-flirting?! Lovebirds?

I didn't have a chance to retort as another guard jumped at us. In that moment, Nathan shoved me away and the guard tackled him to the ground. I fell to the ground, wincing, concern surging through me for Nathan.

Both were equally matched, exchanging punches and kicks. Eventually, Nathan managed to extricate himself from the guard and I directed my concerned eyes to Kim.

My eyes widened in astonishment, seeing Kim fighting against five guards. One guard threw a punch and she easily dodged it, countering the guard with a punch of her own on his jaw. At the same time, another guard tried to trap her in his arms and she noticed it, throwing a fluid kick at his abodmen.

He stumbled back from the sudden force, causing a domino effect as he fell, taking another guard down with him. She huffed, beckoning the guards to come at her, and a guard with a bloody nose lunged towards her.

In one swift, smooth motion, she trapped him with her entire body, tousling around on the ground. She immediately twisted his arm, a pained cry escaping the guard's lips.

Oh my god.

I blinked my eyes rapidly, amazed at the scene before me. She rolled out of the way, taking the remaining guards down with ease. The guards were groaning in pain, clearly struggling to stand up, some of them were unconscious too. Kim tied her hair into a messy ponytail after removing her mask, panting lightly.

"Are you oka--woah." Nathan asked, panting from his tussle with the guard. Meanwhile, I still continued to gape openly at the situation in front of me.

Nathan struggled so much with a single guard...and she managed to take down five of them so easily.

He even seems more exhausted than her.

"So, what's the plan?" Kim breathed out, glancing at me and Nathan.

"Well, uh, the thing is that we haven't exactly..." I answered, my eyes going back and forth between Kim and the battered guards, gesturing wildly to her.

She suspired, shaking her head in disappointment, her eyes fluttering close. "Of course, what did I expect?"

I glanced towards Nathan, slightly peeved with Kim. A horrified gasp escaped me as I shouted out a warning to Nathan, without mentioning his name.

However, I was a second too late as the guard flung his fist at Nathan's face when he spun around.

Oh no!

His powers are still gone!

Nathan acted quickly, blocking his face with his arms and when the guard's fist collided with Nathan's arm, the guard became still. I frowned, blinking in confusion and immediately, the guard tumbled to the ground, clutching onto his fist as he emitted groans of pain.

Nathan opened his eyes, his reaction mimicking mine as he glanced at his arm, before looking at us. "He punched me...right?"

I nodded dumbly and Kim stepped forward, folding her arms across her chest. "Your powers are coming back, that's good, and so are mine."

Directing my attention towards Kim, I noticed her arm disappearing from my sight for a second before reappearing. It was a weird spectacle to look at, seeing her arm turning slightly translucent before becoming completely transparent, disappearing right before your eyes.

"How?" Nathan asked and I could see the conflict in his eyes, gaining his powers back. He clenched and unclenched his fists, and someone new decided to intrude in our conversation.

"Kim, I shut down the power, now what?" A familiar masculine voice said.


"Where did you even come from?" Kim questioned him and before she could answer, she cut him off.

"You know what, nevermind. Now,

all that I can say is, he's plotting something big. Really freaking big."

"...oh god. Jessie did say he was using my family as a distraction, it was really true?"

"Distraction? What the hell do you mean by that?"


My phone rang, cutting my words off and I quickly glanced at it. It was a number that wasn't saved in my contacts and I assumed it was a spam call. However, something about the number made me hesitate.

This number...

I answered the call and hit the record call button, cautious about the caller. I heard a woman panting heavily on the other end of the line, before she finally spoke.


I stiffened at the voice, relieved. "Jessie! Where the heck are you? It's been hours! What have you been-"

"Shh! Keep quiet and listen to me very carefully. I was right, my grandfather did use your family as a distraction. It was a distraction to stop the police and Omni or whichever superhero out there to patrol the city!"

"Huh? Why? No, forget it, just tell me where you are!"

I heard a door slamming in the background, Jessie's breathing becoming frantic. "I don't have much time left, you have to stop my grandfather!"

"From what? Where the hell are you, Jessie?" I exclaimed, growing frantic with her.

"He's planning to re--agh! Let me go!"

"Where are you?!"

"His private residence-"

The call ended abruptly and I gasped, shouting Jessie's name repeatedly into my phone.

Private residence?

Stop her grandfather?

What is she doing there? How did she end up there? What is he planning?

Is she okay?

What the heck is going on?!

A hand patted gently on my shoulder and I spun around, utterly distraught.

"What was the call about?" Kim inquired in a solemn manner.

"Jessie, she's in his private residence, telling me to stop him... I-I don't even know anymore. I don't even understand why..." I started to explain, but my thoughts were all jumbled up as I buried my face in my hands, mumbling miserably to myself.

"It's alright. Here, give me the phone. You recorded the call, didn't you?"

I nodded weakly, passing her my phone. She calmly took it from my hand, assessing the phone call, unperturbed compared to me.

"His private residence, huh? Unfortunately, I don't know where that is. He's too secretive and too hard to follow." Kim mused, slapping me lightly on the back.

I flinched, feeling a tiny sting on my back. "First, we have to tell that superhero of yours about this. Then, we'll think about saving your friend, the rest comes later. Saving her is the first priority."

"But where-"

"Relax, we'll find your friend and don't worry, she's still his granddaughter, he wouldn't hurt her."

I was surprised by her calm attitude, she wasn't so demeaning to me this time around.

I guess she isn't so tactless after all.

She walked forward and I held a small smile on my face, slightly pacified by her words as I watched her walked on. The moment was ruined when she spun around and glared at me.

"Hey! Hurry up! Are you stupid or what? We've got someone to save, we can't afford to waste time."

The smile dropped from my face and I marched up to her, snatching my phone back.

I take that back, she's still has no tact.

"I can just call him here."

"Then do it. What are you waiting for?"

"Yes, yes." I grinded my teeth together, hissing my words out.

That was the very first time that we would work together, and we would continue to do so for many years to come.

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