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   Chapter 16 Closer

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Staring intently at my phone which was actually my mother's old phone, I sighed at the picture on my screen. It was one of Jessie's Instagram post, with her doing a jump shot in front of her family villa.

"So this was where I saw it." I mused to myself, shifting myself to a comfortable position on my bed.

"Saw what?" Jessie questioned, the bed bouncing at another sudden additional weight.

"The picture of your family villa." I answered, passing my smartphone to Jessie.

After Jessie's revelation of her grandfather being the ultimate mastermind behind, I found it hard to voice out my thoughts.

Why didn't Jessie say anything before?

Why didn't Dad tell me about this?

Why is Jessie's surname different from her grandfather?

Why isn't Dad doing anything about the evidence?

My mother noticed my distraught state, so she immediately suggested to leave this discussion to tomorrow.

My protests were quickly shut down by everyone, who urged me to get some rest. Somewhere along the way, Nathan disappeared from the scene.

"I'm so sorry Jean, if I knew you were at the family villa, I would have-"

"No, don't be, Jessie. It's not your fault, it's my father's fault for getting my family involved in this." I cut her off, taking my smartphone back from Jessie.

"Jean, you have to understand that your father cannot simply reveal the evidence to the public so easily. The consequences-"

"Is the consequences worth more than my family's life? My mother was almost taken away and I was kidnapped, if that person didn't appear, who knows how long would I have been missing?" I exclaimed, my voice growing louder and louder. My anger got the better of me as I found myself panting hard, Jessie reeling back from my sudden outburst.

"That person--no, it's fine, I don't need to know now. Okay, Jean, listen. Just calm down and think, think carefully for your father's reasons for not showing the evidence to the police yet. You always have a knack for thinking, don't you?" Jessie started to inquire about that person, but she quickly shifted back to the topic.

I suspired, feeling utterly guilty at taking out my frustration on Jessie. "I'm-I'm sorry Jessie, I didn't mean to..."

She gave me a small smile, patting my shoulder. "It's alright, I understand your situation. I'll leave you alone to think, and get some good rest."

"Thank you, and I'm really sorry."

Her smile grew wider and she left my room, closing the door gently.

"Oh, and by the way. This house, is really way too cool. I mean, have you seen the freaking bathroom?" Jessie opened the door abruptly, awe evident in her eyes.

I chuckled softly, shooing her away. "Yeah, yeah. Let me rest already, see you tomorrow Jessie."


I forgot.

I've been living here for quite a while, I forgot it isn't our home to begin with.

Maybe because mum and dad are here with me, that's why, I don't feel homesick at all.

"Just calm down and think."

Jessie's words rang in my mind and I stood up from my bed, exiting the bedroom. My parents were asleep now, and Jessie left the house. Of course, Nathan was nowhere to be found, probably doing his nightly rounds around the city.

Sipping on some warm water, I stood in the darkness, the peaceful silence allowing me to collect my thoughts. The door creaked open, the lights from outside streaming in and I turned sharply, alert. Someone trudged in a lethargic manner, his hood was down and he held a familiar mask in his right hand. His face was shown fully, the moonlight highlighting his familiar features.

"Na-Omni?" I said, almost saying his name, a mistake that I didn't want to make again.

I wasn't sure if Aquarius heard me calling him as Nathan.

If she did, it would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for him.

He marched towards me wordlessly, and I eyed him in disbelief. "Hey, are you crazy?" I lowered my voice, knowing he could hear me since he was closer now.

If anyone saw him, it would be a full-on display!

Anyone could easily make the connection, that he is Omni.

He didn't respond and continued marching, an unfathomable expression on his face.

"Do you want to expose yourself to the whole world? My parents and Jessie could just barge in-"

A pair of strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me into a warm embrace. My words were cut off by his sudden action, making me blink rapidly in surprise. I felt my heart beat harder against my chest, not knowing what to do.

I gulped nervously, biting on my lower lip. "Na-nathan?"

My breathing hitched when he tightened his arms around me and I heard him breathing out shakily. My arms dangled awkwardly at my side while I started fidgeting around with my fingers, butterflies in my stomach.

What is this supposed to be?

What am I supposed to do?

Why is he doing this? He's not saying anything either.

My head was spinning with an endless amount of thoughts, and I think I could die from how hard and fast my heart was beating.

"Er-erm, hey, Nat-nathan. Are you-"

"Thank you." Nathan finally spoke, to my surprise, he spoke in his real voice, despite being in his superhero outfit.


"Thank you for coming back safe and sound, and I'm sorry."

Somehow, I felt a tiny bit of disappointment welling up in me at hearing those words.

So that's what this is for.

I sighed, proceeding to wrap my arms around him. "There you go again, blaming yourself."

"It's my fault, if I had been more careful-"

I shoved Nathan away, interrupting his sentence. I frowned when he didn't budge at all and I remembered about strength being one of his powers too.

Ah, that explains why he isn't moving.

Super strength and invulnerability, almost forgot about that.

However, he understood it as a signal to release me and he did so. I narrowed my eyes at him, reaching up and cupping his face.

An adorable confounded expression appeared on his face as I did that, causing me to chuckle heartily. "Stop blaming yourself. You can't always be there to save everyone every single time, you are only one man. No one is at fault here, alright?"

"But I should have--ow!"

"Stop it! You are going to kill yourself with guilt at this rate." I reprimanded him gently, pinching his cheeks.

"But it's--gaah!"

"Not another word." I warned, pinching his cheeks more roughly, my eyes glinting menacingly.


Wait a minute, isn't he supposed to be invulnerable?

Why is he hur

ther. I tried to observe his face, only to remember it was covered by his mask. Suspicions arose within me, a frown on my face.

"Yeah, I'm-I'm okay, completely fine." Nathan finally answered me, his voice slightly restrained.

", erm--you are Nathan, right?"

His pained eyes narrowed at me in disbelief, and I did the same exact action.

"Or are you actually someone else? Disguised as...oh no. Please don't tell me you are a magician." My thoughts were jumbled up, it was too much for me to say it out.

"What? What are you talking about? Why a magician?"

"Who are you?"

"Wh-what? Huh? No, you got it all wrong! There's something strange about this place, my powers--my powers are..."

"It's slowly weakening, isn't it? They would probably be gone in a minute. It would hurt more and you wouldn't leave a dent, if not for your powers still being present." A new voice intruded our conversation, and the stranger's voice seemed too familiar.

Both of us searched around wildly, trying to find the mysterious stranger. "Over here, you look like clowns looking around like that."

Following the source of the mocking voice, I saw nothing, just an empty space. However, seconds later, a translucent shape began to form in front of my eyes. It slowly took a humanoid shape and it slowly began to materialise, revealing a slim body of a woman.

Her straight, chestnut-coloured hair barely reached her shoulder. A slight twinge of envy coursed through me when I noticed her height, unlike my short height.

Neither too short or too tall, how nice.

Her appearance made me falter for a moment, with her bold eyebrows, along with such piercing eyes and sharp features.

It's no wonder she gives off such a fierce presence.

The last thing I noticed were her eyes, eyes that I've definitely seen them somewhere before.

Her eyes...

Those emerald eyes...

Recognition slowly dawned on me and a happy smile tugged at my lips. "Kim! You are Kim, aren't you?"

"Hi again, did I manage to catch your name? If I did, I forgot. Glad you made it back safely, I thought you'll be lost though, honestly." She said nonchalantly, as though her words weren't offending in any way.

"It's Jean, Jean Saunders. Great to see you being so blunt, yet again."

"Yeah, great to see you too, Jean. Anyway, forget the pleasantries. You, Serenity's superhero and the sidekick-" Kim pointed to the two of us, referring to me as the sidekick. I quickly tried to change her thinking, clearing up the misunderstanding, along with Nathan.

"Oh no, I think you're misunderstanding something here. I'm not-

"She's not my sidekick, she's just someone-"

"I don't care what you are, since you made such a loud noise, it triggered the alarm. By now, dozens of guards would be in their way here and..." Kim interrupted me, glancing at her phone, her nonchalant tone was starting to irk me.

"Your powers are probably gone by now, like mine. And thanks to the both of you, you messed up my plans, big time." She sighed, clearly hearing the annoyance in her voice.

A frightful bang was heard from the door, the dented doorknob shaking violently.

Yet again, Kim sighed, ruffling her hair in frustration. Just to be sure, I slapped Nathan hard on his arm, to which he yelped in pain.

"Ow! What was that for?"

I blanched, glancing back and forth between him and my hand.

"Na-omni, it isn't supposed to hurt..."

At my words, Nathan went silent, realisation hitting him too.

"So that's why I felt slightly strange earlier..." Nathan muttered, staring intently at his hand, clenching and unclenching it.

His powers are totally gone now, just like what Kim said.

"Don't worry, I already heard you calling his name from the start. It's not like telling anyone would benefit me in any way."

"What?" Both of us hissed out, alarmed.

Jean, you genius! Go ahead and tell the whole world about his identity, why don't you?

"What else could go wrong now?" I murmured to myself, vexed at myself for causing Nathan more trouble.

The answer to my question came immediately as the door creaked noisily, it slammed open and I groaned.

I spoke too soon.

"Congratulations, idiots." Kim spoke sarcastically, causing me to glare at the back of her head.

Now what the heck do we do?

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