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   Chapter 14 A Mysterious Woman Enters

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Something was knocking against me, it was slightly warm and I think I could hear the rustling of clothes.



"Hey, wake up!"

I gasped, bolting awake and I started coughing harshly immediately. Still disorientated, I couldn't comprehend my situation properly as something knocked against me again.

"Hey! Snap out of it!"

My body swayed towards the left and I could feel myself tilting, the loss of balance immediately creating a surge of anxiety within me. Terrified, I hurriedly balanced myself, glaring at the object that knocked me towards the left.

The object turned out to be a person, or a young man, to be more specific.

"You awake now? Good, now, untie me." The man demanded and his strange style making me frown.

His face features were fairly average, however, his callous eyes were grey in colour. His hair was another factor, there were grey streaks all over his chocolate brown hair. More importantly, his clothes, it was a spandex suit hugging his lanky figure.

"Hey, come on! Hurry up!" His masculine voice ordered as he shoved at me. I grunted, my body swaying to the left again.

"Wh-what? Stop that! Who the heck are you? And where--where is this?!" I questioned, sounding irked yet fatigued at the same time.

"Just shut up and untie me, hurry up! Before they come back!"

"Do you really think I will do that? Especially with you asking in such a rude manner?"

The man clicked his tongue in annoyance, demanding me to untie him once again. I disregarded him, scanning around the location I was in. My mind was still hazy, the only thing my mind could comprehend is what my eyes could notice.

I was in a brightly lit room, the room was well-furnished, like rooms you would see in a luxurious hotel. Nevertheless, this place didn't seem like a hotel, picture frames were scattered over the house, so I knew it was someone's house.

I started to move my body, only to realise my hands were tied behind me and I was sitting on a chair. My breathing quickened, panic arising within me, recalling how I exactly arrived in this predicament.

"Where is this?" I questioned, my voice almost reaching a squeak. I struggled, trying to extricate myself from the ropes. I winced when it rubbed at my skin and I could hear a sigh escaping the man's lips.

"There's no point, I already tried that. That's why I'm asking to untie me so we can get out of here!"

I grimaced, despite his rude way of speaking to me, I would rather escape from this unknown place and find my father. I need to warn him that they are back or us, and this time, they are relentless about it.

Moreover, my instincts were just telling me to get out.

I inhaled deeply, trying to quell my anxiety as I inched forward towards the man. Leaning forward, I decided it would be better to untie his ropes with my teeth. Observing him once more, I hesitated and narrowed my eyes at him.

"Who are you? How do I know I can trust you?"

"Are you seriously asking that now?"

Scrutinizing closely, his spandex outfit struck me as odd, as well as his hair and eyes. Most of all, his voice sounded familiar.

"Are you cosplaying or something?"

"What? What the hell are you talking about? What does that even mean?" He sounds mildly annoyed and offended, and I finally registered his familiar voice.

It's him.

It's that apeiron on the train, that almost caused me my death.

I flared up instantly, the memories hitting me like a ton of bricks.

How can you expect me to save someone that almost killed me?

"Aren't you that crazy guy called Frost? You have powers, don't you? Screw you! You can free yourself using your powers!" I exclaimed, rage bubbling inside of me.

"I tried that, but I can't use my powers here! There's something here that is preventing me from using my damn powers!"

"And that's my problem? You almost killed me, you expect me to help you now?" I fumed, hissing my words at him.

My words pacified him and he grew silent, glancing away. He finally broke the silence, mumbling out an apology.

"I was pissed at Omni interrupting me every time, so I just wanted to make a distraction."

"Yeah, well, did it work? The distraction that almost killed hundreds of people."

He went silent again, making me huff indignantly. The house was awfully quiet, the only noises heard were our breathing and it was too eerie for my liking. I started to recall the events leading up to my kidnapping, questions racing through my mind.

Why did they come back again?

What exactly does my dad have that they are so afraid of?

Who is the one behind all this?

Why are they doing this?

I felt an instant regret of not asking my father about his business. I've always felt it was rude to intrude in his business affairs, since I wasn't a business-like person. I was more of the creative type, and I disliked politics or business. It was too complex and deceptive for me, especially politics.

The deafening thuds of footsteps resounded throughout the house, pulling me out of my reverie. Dread arose within me as I shot Frost a panicked glance, and he did the same. It seemed like our instincts were telling us the exact same thing, as he shuffled towards me while I moved towards him.

I gnawed at the ropes, holding my breath while I did so, I didn't want to breathe in any pungent stench. My movements were clumsy as usual, causing me to nip at his skin and he yelped in pain.

"Ouch! Hey!"

"You are beside the world's most unluckiest and most clumsiest person here." I stated, rolling my eyes at his whining.

The footsteps grew louder and I quickly resumed my persistent gnawing. Eventually, the ropes loosened and Frost thrashed his hands around, u


How are mum and dad coping with my disappearance?

...what about Nathan?

Somehow, I ended up running to an endless stretch of road. However, there weren't any signs of vehicles passing through and I sighed, spinning around. I could see the gigantic mansion from here, from the majestic gates of the mansion, and the fountain to the entrance.

A feeling of familiarity immediately surged through my mind, and I widened my eyes in recognition.

I've seen this place before, somewhere.

...where have I seen it?

Ugh, this is so annoying.

I heard the roaring of multiple car engines, all of them heading towards my way. An apprehensive feeling bubbled in the pits of my stomach as I spun back, facing the road again.

Squinting my eyes, in the distance, I saw a motorcycle pursued by dozens of cars behind. The motorcyclist drove at a frightening speed, causing me to step back. I heard the screeching of tires and I saw the motorcycle slowing down, stopping right in front of me.

From my observation, I could tell that the motorcycle was well-kept, the owner must really treasure it. The motorcyclist lifted the face shield, a pair of piercing emerald eyes gazing at me.

"Get on!" I heard a muffled feminine voice, and I suddenly recalled the strange woman back at the mansion.

"It-it's you..." I managed to squeeze my words out and annoyance flickered past her eyes.

"Save the chatter for later! Just shut up and get on, we'll get caught!" She commanded fiercely, tossing a helmet at me.

I caught it carelessly and I gave her a helpless glance.

I've never rode on a motorcycle before!

She clicked her tongue, in one swift motion, she pushed my head into the helmet and tightened it, closing the face shield. She proceeded to drag me onto the back seat right after, though, I wasn't so sure if I could trust her.

I guess following her is a better choice than being kidnapped again.

"Hold on tight!" She yelled at me, shutting her face shield. The cars behind us were rapidly closing in on us, in seconds, the motorcycle's engine revved to life, zooming off.

My hands instinctively stretched to grab onto her, fear ripping through me. My entire vision was just a blur of colours, if it weren't for the helmet, I would have fainted from the insane speed. The wind violently whipped at my clothes, making it continuously slap against my body.

"That whiny water lady is really pissed at me for messing up her plans!" The enigmatic woman exclaimed, a laugh in her words.

It was a miracle I could even hear her, albeit it wasn't clear but it was understandable.

Squeezing my eyes close, I tried to not focus on the speed of the motorcycle. My heart was racing with fright, but I had other important questions to ask.

"Where the heck are we?" I hollered at the top of my voice, hoping that she managed to catch my words.

"What are you, dumb? This whole plot of land, including the mansion, is Talbot's family villa."

I felt my head spinning at his newfound discovery. There was only one Talbot I know, and she openly flaunts her wealthy lifestyle on her Instagram account.

"Don't lie to me!" I answered harshly, my tone doubtful.

"Why would I lie about this? Idiot."

I frowned, she has been insulting me since before, though I disregarded them. Being offended was the least important matter in my mind now, realising the truth in her statement.

She's right.

There's no purpose in lying.

"What the hell is going on here?" I mumbled to myself, on the verge of getting a migraine from the millions of thoughts swirling in my head.

From the arrivals of apeirons in my city, to almost getting killed numerous times, and getting stalked and kidnapped.

Now, even my best friend's family is involved in kidnapping me?

What has my shitty life come to?

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