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   Chapter 13 Damsel in Distress--Not!

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"So, tell me, who is 'That Person', Jean?" Jessie asked from inside the restroom cubicle. I rolled my eyes, looking myself in the mirror, smoothing my disheveled hair. There were other cubicles that were occupied too.

"You do realise everyone can hear us, right?" I said and Jessie hummed in response.

"You better tell me after this."

"Yeah, yeah."

"...oh damn, I knew it!" She exclaimed after a few moments of silence. At this point, everyone had already exited the restroom, leaving only me and Jessie here.


"I left my pad back in my bag, do you mind helping me grab it?"

"Are you okay? I know your cramps always comes right after, and they are pretty painful." I questioned, concerned.

"Eh, I'll live. Actually, just give me my whole bag, it'll be easier. Thanks!"

"...and don't think I forgot about our discussion!" Jessie said at the last second, just before I exited the restroom. I sighed, shaking my head, proceeding to her locker which was in the staff room.

The manager of this cafe was familiar with me, so he allowed me inside the staff room. Entering the room, I blinked in surprise, seeing a familiar man there, he finished putting on his shirt. If I had been a few seconds earlier, I would stumble upon his half-naked body yet again.


Just thinking about it makes me feel embarrassed.

Blushing slightly, I entered the room in a furtive manner. Somehow, I didn't want my presence to be known to Nathan, who thankfully remained oblivious to my entrance.

Eyeing Jessie's locker, I approached it silently, since it was the opposite of Nathan's locker. He seemed immersed in his smartphone, still not noticing me and I bit my lip, finally reaching her locker. Upon closer inspection, I realised he had wireless earphones on, making me sigh in relief.

He probably can't hear me at all.

...why am I so afraid to be caught?

I shrugged, moving forward to unlock Jessie's locker until a hand clasped around my wrist. I felt myself spinning around, the person slamming me against the lockers, the lockers reverberating from the impact. My back was almost cured now, however, it still hurt.

"Who are you?" Nathan growled out his words, his tone threatening. It surprised me greatly, I was so accustomed to his polite and friendly demeanour. For the first time, i saw him in a different light.

"Na-Nathan, it's me." I managed my words out with a wince, stuttering slightly, my eyes wide with fear and pain.

I've never seen this side of him before.

"Jean?" His stiff stance relaxed instantaneously, his fierce eyes softened into a kind look. His friendly demeanour was back again, making me heave a sigh of relief.

"Oh my god, you sca-" I started to speak, only to gasp in alarm, a chill running down my spine.

"What? What's wrong? Is your back okay? I'm so sorry." Nathan spoke with concern as I pointed my finger at him, shaking violently.

"Your ey-eyes, since when were they of a different colour?" I questioned him, my voice trembling slightly.

The problem here wasn't that he hid his actual eye colours from me. It was the fact that his eyes have the same exact shade of colour of someone I knew.

His eyes...

They look exactly like Omni's eyes!

He seemed flustered at my observation, cursing softly to himself, both of us still remaining in the same exact position. He blinked rapidly, facing away and my heart drummed loudly against my chest.

"Don't tell me...are you--oh my god." My hand flew to my mouth, realisation hitting me instantly. However, I still had some doubts about this assumption, he didn't say anything and remained silent.

Nonplussed, I took a step back, only for my body to bang against the lockers as my back throbbed in response. I heard sounds above me, like dozens of carton boxes knocking each other and I saw Nathan's eyes widen. He lunged for me, arms outstretched as he embraced me, shielding me from the boxes.

"Watch out!"

They fell like harsh raindrops, pelting at Nathan's back repeatedly, my breath hitching. I glanced up worriedly, gaping at the sight before me, amazed at my accuracy in my speculation.

The boxes that landed on any visible skin, made his skin morph into a familiar glossy and silvery colour. I also watched as he balanced three boxes on one arm, which I assumed contained fragile materials in it.

Nathan gazed at me with an undecipherable expression, his lips tugging into a resigned smile. The last box fell and he lifted his other free arm above my head, blocking it with ease. There wasn't any sign of pain on his face, the same resigned smile still on his lips.

"Nathan..." I whispered out, a knowing look in my eyes as I scoured his body for any injuries. I was relieved to find no visible injuries on his body, even though I knew nothing would hurt him, since I knew who he truly was.

He slowly placed the boxes down, not uttering a single word at all. My eyes continued scanning his face and body, astonishment evident in them.

Yet again.

He saved me, as always.

"Jean?" I heard someone calling out to my name. It was Jessie, making me gasp when I remembered my reason for being here.

"Jean, my bad, I remembered that I placed one in my pocket beforehand." Jessie said from behind the door and I heard it click open, seeing Nathan's body stiffen in response.

I looked up at him, seeing the conflicted look in his gorgeous eyes. My heart reached out for him, I just wanted to take that look away from his face.

He doesn't want Jessie to find out about him.

She'll easily make the connection, just by seeing his eyes, it's too noticeable.

That's right, how could I forget? He likes her.

Without hesitation, I reached my arm out, bringing him close. His eyes met me once, confusion apparent in them before I buried his head in my shoulder. He moved against my grip and I whispered into his ear, shaking my head.

"No, don't move. Jessie will see your eyes if she finds out, and she'll know. Just stay still, she won't find out."

He just froze in his position and I heard Jessie's footsteps getting closer to us.

"Jean? You there?"

Suddenly, I felt a pair of arms wrapping around my waist, bringing me closer gently. I held my breath, not knowing if my heart was racing with trepidation or anticipation.


I felt something vibrating violently in my pants, the sound muffled by the food sizzling noisily in the pan. The staff room was right next to the kitchen after all, which I was thankful for.

Also, for the first time, I'm grateful for my carelessness. I must have forgotten to turn off silent mode for my phone, if my phone rang, it'll be risky for Nathan.

"Hm? Where did she go? Maybe she went to the restroom through the other way."

With those words, Jessie left the room and I breathed out heavily. My brain eventually registered the compromising position we were in, making me squeak slightly. I hurriedly released my arms, extricating myself from him.

Shuffling away from Nathan, he did the same. I gulped nervously, peeking at Nathan, only for him to catch my eyes. We tensed up in return, flustered at catching the glances of one another.

"...I forgot that I didn't have my contacts on yet." Nathan broke the awkward silence and I hummed at his explanation.

"So that's how you knew where I was, you can easily ask my parents. Or, they could have told you willingly." I mused, looking at Nathan with a frown.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry, I just wanted to make sure you were safe." He answered me, seemingly guilty, his eyes downcast.

I chuckled softly, shaking my head. "No, it's fine! You saved my life so many times, how could I complain? Oh, but if you were being a creepy stalker, that would be a different case."

"Are you mad at me?"

"What for?"

"For keeping this a secret, I'm sorry."

I laughed and shook my head again, grinning at him. "I'm not angry, Nathan. I'm just taken aback, besides, now you won't have to hide it from me anymore. Isn't that less burdensome?"

Nathan blinked at me, his remorseful look slowly changing into a smile. His adorable smile made my heart melt and I could feel butterflies dancing in my stomach.

"Yeah." I could hear the slight laugh in his voice, making me grin wider.

"I'm curious about something t

rcular shape.

In between the chaos, the block of water ended up beside Nathan's head. This time though, Nathan turned his head, a stormy look in his eyes.

"How persistent." He spoke and I could hear how irked he was at her tenacity. The blob of water twisted and contorted into a face, the face resembling the woman; Aquarius. A livid expression was present on her face, sending a chill down my spine.

Seeing her lips curl back, she snarled furiously at us. There were no words spoken, but I could clearly the understand her intentions as she charged at us, or more specifically, Nathan.

"Nathan! Watch out!"

"Hang on! And don't look down!"

It seemed at some point, Nathan had already turned his voice concealer back on.

How can she control her powers from this far?

Does she have an unlimited range? That's impossible!

Squeezing my eyes close, I realised we were descending swiftly, my hair slapping everywhere violently. My arms were wrapped around Nathan's neck, trembling a little. I didn't even loosen them for a moment, terrified for my life. I felt him decelerating, eventually hearing his feet hit against the concrete ground.

Hastily placing me down, I gave my surroundings a quick scan. In my disorientated state, I managed to absorb some information.

It's a rooftop...of some factory?

Nathan just sped off after he dropped me, luring Aquarius away from me, noticing a stream of water hounding Nathan.

I bit on my lower lip, glancing at the dark sky, searching for any signs of Nathan. Despite him being invulnerable, my mind still filled with dread, recalling his words from earlier.

He said that she was difficult to handle.

Please, don't let anything serious happen to him.

Taking a few steps forward, I felt something cold splashing at my ankle and I glanced down, seeing a puddle of water. I blinked, staring at the puddle of water in curiosity.

How did a puddle of water end up here?

I observed as a hand emerged out of the water, grabbing onto my ankle. A terrified scream escaped my mouth, I widened my eyes at it, my mind finally understanding my circumstance.

It's her plan all along, to lure Nathan away from me.

She, or they want to use me as a hostage, to bargain me for whatever they want from dad.

Using my other leg, I kicked the hand away, only to gasp shakily when I saw the hand transforming into water. I pushed on, kicking at it mercilessly but every single time the hand made contact with my shoe, it changes to liquid.

Pulling my ankle doesn't work at all in its liquid state, my foot budged slightly but there is too much resistance. It feels as if I being swept away at sea, the strong waves not sparing me a second chance.

My heart sank, a sense of foreboding welling up in me.

She outsmarted us, and it seems, she can control the water resistance too.

"Jean!" I heard a silvery voice yelling, calling me with a desperate voice. Looking up, I saw Nathan soaring in the air, aiming straight for me.

His eyes show the utter concern he had for me, as well as anxiety. My heart fluttered slightly, noticing the look in his eyes. It was as if he truly cared for me, not because I'm a hapless civilian, but because I'm someone he treasures.

I struggled fiercely against the grip on my ankle, but the woman's hand still wouldn't shift an inch. Stretching my other leg forward, I tried to pull myself away, only for Aquarius to extend her other hand out of the puddle. Grabbing onto my other leg, she kept me firmly in place, and a thought occurred in my mind.

Since Nathan has multiple powers, like the other Apeirons, it must mean she has them too.

She probably, like Nathan, has insane strength. No matter how I struggle, she doesn't move at all, in fact, it doesn't even feel like she has a hard time keeping me there.

Or maybe, it's just the water resistance. It didn't matter, whatever it is, I'm in big trouble now.

Gazing up at the sky, I saw Nathan racing towards me, my heart aching at his pained eyes. His clothes danced to the wind and his hood, which I just realised it was down, revealed his hair that fluttered around wildly.

He's blaming himself again, just like the other time.

He didn't start this fight, my father did, so it isn't his fault.

Somehow, I managed to catch his attention and drag him into this problem of mine.

I was right, catching a superhero's attention is never a good thing.

I could feel myself being pulled into the puddle. Aquarius was probably going to teleport me to her, via water, since she controls it. I knew that Nathan wouldn't be able to reach me in time, there was simply too much distance between us.

I know that they wouldn't kill me, not as long as my father have what they want.

During that delay, I'll just figure a way out myself.

"It's about damn time I save myself." I muttered to myself, giving Nathan a small smile. I shook my head at him, he definitely couldn't make it in time. I felt disappointed in myself, criticising myself for being this dependent on him all the while.

You can't keep up this routine of saving me, Nathan.

You can't always be there for me.

"Jean! I'm almost there! Just a little-"

His words were cut off as I was immediately sucked into puddle, the water entering my nose and mouth. It proceeded to intrude my lungs and from inside the water, I could still see a minuscule vision of him, his hand stretching out for me.

My vision was then consumed by a dark abyss, accompanied by his muffled cries of my name.

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