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   Chapter 12 Speculation

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Omni spun back around, letting me see the two flying figures in the distance again. They behind were approaching us at an alarming speed and I squeaked, panicking.

"They are catching up to us!"

"Hold on tight." Omni muttered, loud enough for me to hear as I tightened my grip, my arms around his neck.

A second after I did that, he increased his flight speed drastically, soaring into the air. My eyes widened in horror as my fear instantly washed over me, my head growing dizzy at the cars zooming past the roads, looking like ants.

My world was spinning, feeling myself being moved in different directions and it was starting to make me feel queasy.


I feel sick.

The wind was causing my hair to slap against my face, however, my mind was too occupied to register anything other than my fright. If it was the me before the train incident, I would probably be able to enjoy flying in the air. However, it seems like I didn't do too well with heights now.

"Kill me, why don't you?" I whispered those words out unknowingly, blanching at the dark thoughts in my mind. All I could think about was going splat on the ground if I dropped in one way or another.

"What?" Omni said, confused at my words but his voice was muffled against my ears. I could feel him arriving to a stop, changing his flight path as he flew in a straight path, no longer going upwards.

At that moment, Omni's grip loosened slightly as I felt an impact on his back. He flinched and I slipped a little, the movement causing my heart to jump to my throat. I couldn't even open my mouth to scream, my eyes only widening in return.

He quickly recovered, gripping me securely once again. "I was right, they were after you, we need to lose them."

I couldn't register his words, another dizzy spell hitting me when I slipped. He must have noticed my silent response since I heard him calling out to my name.

Unable to formulate any words, I could only pull myself closer to him, burying my head in his chest. My knuckles were probably turning white at how tightly clasped my hands were.

My mind went back to the day I found myself hanging from the train before falling, seconds away from my death. I could still feel the wind whipping roughly at my face, a soft whimper escaping me.

He seemed to have sensed my frightened state, patting my head comfortingly with his free arm.

"Don't worry, it's okay. I won't let you fall." He murmured softly and I realised I was trembling violently in his arms. Eventually, I felt him slowing down as he continued patting my head in a soothing manner.

"They have stopped chasing after us, it's safe now."

The wind was gentle now, unlike the other time and I felt my fear slowly receding, something encouraging me to lift my head up, just a little. Breathing shakily, I lifted my head up reluctantly, warning myself not to look down again.

Cool air caressed my cheeks and I observed the few stars in the night sky, sparkling brightly. Glancing towards my left, I watched as the beautiful crescent-shaped moon followed us, captivated at being so close to the sky.

I was slightly startled by the clouds that intruded my line of sight, but gradually, the surprise faded into curiosity, as the clouds swayed ever so slightly, tempting me to reach out and grab a ball of that fluffiness.

Extending my hand into the clouds, my lips morphed into a smile as I was filled with astonishment. The feeling of the clouds was slightly moist and cool, and I extended even further, smiling wider as my hand glided through the fluffy white clouds. It was strangely gratifying, and I couldn't get enough of that feeling.

I could hear a warm, deep chuckle from somewhere, but I was too engrossed to even pay attention to anything else.

" this what you experience every day?" I breathed out tho

boring can it be?"

"Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess and a handsome prince, the two were destined for one-"

I cringed at the cliché storyline, unable to hear it any further. "For real?"

My disgruntled yet disgusted look must have amused him, since his shoulders were shaking with mirth. He snickered, trying to control his laughter since my parents were sleeping. I felt myself relaxing soon after, my worries not preoccupying my mind anymore, it was odd, how my worries just swept away after I talked to Nathan.

"Want me to continue?" Nathan smirked impishly.

I chuckled, shaking my head. "No thanks, I'll try and sleep now, since I drank this." I showed him the empty cider bottle, grinning lazily.

"Alright, I'll help you throw that."

"Thank you, how thoughtful of you." I answered, shocked at how considerate he was.

He murmured something in return, but I couldn't hear it. Questioning him again, he just shrugged it off, making me frown.

"Have a good sleep." He said, taking the bottle from the table as he proceeded to the kitchen, walking past me.

"I'll try." I responded, standing up, only for me to wobble due to the drowsiness coming back. Nathan caught me in time, pulling me into an awfully familiar embrace and I gasped, surprised and relieved.

"Are you okay?"

Moving away, I nodded my head vigorously, embarrassed yet confused.

Oh my god, Jean. Why are you always such a klutz?

...and the feeling of his hug, it feels...very familiar.

"Thank you." I managed out, scuttling back to my bedroom.

"You're welcome." I heard him say, before I disappeared back into my room.

Sitting on the bed, I frowned to myself, confounded. My mind replayed the scene yet again, along with the many other times I fell into Omni's arms.

No matter how I try to shake it off, it just feels too similar.

Now that I think about it, his outfit looks like an exact replica of Omni's outfit.

Moreover, entering his second home—as he calls it, this late in the night?

"Coincidence or not?" I whispered to myself, eventually shaking my head.

Nah, there's too many outfit like this and black is an all-time favourite colour for clothes.

He might just have a similar build to him too, that's probably why.

"...yeah, that's probably it." I nodded to myself, however, my suspicions remained there.

If he really is Omni, it explains a few questions of mine.

...hmm, nope, impossible.

Or is it?

I mulled over this hypothesis for the entire night, unable to get some sleep after all.

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