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   Chapter 11 Pitter-patter Goes My Heart

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Staring at one another with wide eyes, I recognised his face instantly, however, I couldn't remember his name.


What was his name again?

The dude that likes Jessie....

Uhmm, uhhhh...

"Na-nathan! That's right, the dude that likes Jessie! Nathan Scott!"

His expression was a mixture of annoyance, embarrassment and disbelief. He opened his mouth to speak, but he was unable to formulate his words, gesturing wildly.

I resisted the urge to laugh at him, biting on my lip to hold in my laughter bubbling inside of me.

He seems like a very horrible pantomime.

"...wh-wha-why, how?" He struggled his words out, utterly bewildered as he pinched his arm. He winced in pain but the shock in his eyes deepened when he realised this wasn't a dream.

"Wh-what are you doing here, Nathan?" I questioned, my expression reflecting his. We were both equally stunned by one another--I mean, my father told me there was no one livig in this house!

"That's what I would like to ask you, Jean." Nathan said, giving me a dubious look. Something undecipherable flashed past his eyes, before returning to his dubious look.

"Ask me? But you are trespassing here!"

"Tre-trepassing? I practically live here!" Nathan sputtered out in disbelief, his tone held a hint of annoyance at my accusing tone.

"Dad told me no one lives here, except for his friend's son, which is in a coma! Don't lie to me!"

To think that he would be a great man for Jessie, hah! What a liar!

"Lying? Lying? He's my best friend, that I've been with since I was five! This is like my second house!" Nathan retorted and I rolled my eyes at his blatant lie, crossing arms over my chest.

"Oh really? Show me some prove then." I raised my eyebrows at him and he narrowed his eyes at me, taking a step to the side. His response made me frown in confusion, while he continued giving me a glare.

"Hah! I knew it, you are lying--oh...oh, you...aren't."

He revealed a set of pictures frames behind him, on the shelves of the worktable. The pictures ranged from a family to two boys, that eventually became adolescents and finally to young adults.

One of them was an exact replica of Nathan, making me laugh nervously in return.

"Now, tell me, what are you doing here, Jean?" Nathan asked me, his eyes full of suspicion, folding his arms across his chest.

"Well, let's just say, this is where I'm staying at, for now."

"Wh-what?! You're living here?!" Nathan's eyes looked like they could bulge out at any moment.

"Erm, uhh...long story short, my family needs a place to hide and my dad said his friend agreed to let him stay here temporarily." I explained anxiously as the panic grew even more in his eyes.

"Your father knows Thomas?"

I'm guessing that's my dad's friend's name.

Not knowing what else to say, I just nodded my head. This was in a very awkward situation to be in, since my eyes couldn't stop wandering around his lean body. The way the water droplets dripped from his hair down to his chest, made my heart skip a beat.

Sensing eyes on his naked torso, he blushed slightly, covering his body with his arms. Nevertheless, his arms didn't help as I see them tensing up from the cold air. My face felt hot, making me feel conscious as I spun around, darting my eyes away from the appealing sight.


This is my first time seeing a naked man, uh no, almost fully naked.

Hearing the familiar rustling sound of clothes, I tried to shake away the image of him putting his shirt on in a sexy manner.


Stop it, damn dirty mind!

He cleared his throat and I slowly spin around, peeking a look in a cautious manner.

"It's fine, I'm fully dressed now." Nathan chuckled at my timidness and I coughed uneasily. He was dressed in a simple grey t-shirt and a pair of black sweatpants.

Just then, I heard a muffled ringtone coming from the worktable. He sauntered towards the table, picking up the phone; which I assumed was his, answering it.


I was tempted to sneak away, but I wasn't sure if it was the best decision right now. Hence, I decided to wait unt

en heat rising to my cheeks. Trying to extricate myself from his grip, he gently tugged me back in place, leaning in closer causing my nose to press against his hard chest.

"Don't, you'll hurt your back." He murmured into my ear and I gasped silently, the closeness was making my heart flutter.

"Why are you doing this?"

"I need you to trust me and stay calm." He responded, a frown present on my face until he lifted me up with a single arm; the arm wrapped around my lower waist. I gasped aloud this time, my arms automatically going around his neck.

"What are you--oh my god!" I exclaimed, becoming frantic when my feet weren't touching the hard, concrete ground. Instead, it touched empty air, causing me to squeak.

Glancing down, I realised that I was slowly hovering higher and higher in the air, throwing a frightened look to Omni.

"What are you doing? Let me down!"

"Do you trust me?" He questioned me.

"What?" I said, exasperated at how he can be asking such a question in this situation.

If I struggle now, there's no doubt that I would fall.

"Do you trust me?" He repeated the same exact words and I looked down, the distance between the ground and us increasing steadily.

"Why would you-" I growled my words out, lifting my head up to stare at him.

My words were cut off by the distance between our faces, despite him wearing a mask, my heart still skipped a beat. His eyes were earnest, but even the closeness surprised him as his eyes widened slightly.

"No." I whispered my answer out and he broke from his reverie.


"No, I don't trust you."

I don't even know you, even though you've saved my life several times.

His eyes narrowed with hurt before they softened with a look of understanding in them.

"...of course, I'm a stranger after all." He muttered, but since I was only inches away from his face, I could clearly hear his words. The disappointment in his voice caused a twinge of guilt in my heart but I stayed firm in my answer.

We continued floating up higher and higher, and I blinked away from his captivating eyes, praying that he doesn't notice my pounding heart. Directing my eyes behind him to avoid looking at him, I noticed two objects a few meters away from us, making me squint my eyes at them.

They were coming closer and closer with each passing second. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that they weren't objects, they were silhouettes of two people flying towards us.

A gasp escaped from my mouth, gaining Omni's attention as I felt his eyes on me. "Behind us!"

He spun us around and from the way his arm slightly tightened around my lower waist, I knew he saw them. Whoever they were, I can only feel an ominous atmosphere surrounding them.

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