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   Chapter 10 Blink

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"Jean." My father spoke out in a soft voice, his eyes wide in surprise. He slowly put his phone down on the table, ending his call abruptly.


"I didn't mean to involve you and your mother in this." My father interrupted me, his tone apologetic. I took a step forward, a bewildered expression on my face.

"Involve us in what?"

My father just sighed, turning away and I marched towards him, grabbing onto his arm. "Dad, you have to tell me what is going on, for both of our safety."

The exhaustion was evident on my father's face, his white hair starting to sprout out even more. He looks so fatigued, and this observation made me furrow my eyebrows in concern.

He's feeling conflicted in telling me the truth, and it heart sinks seeing the fatigue and pain in his eyes. He seems so...defeated, it was so unlike of my father, who always seem invulnerable to me.

"Dad? Are you okay?"

"Jean, there's something I didn't say to you and your mother, and I'm very sorry about that."

"What is it?"

"Some of the attacks some to you might have been staged, they are threats."

"Threats? For what?"

"From my company."

My eyes widened at his answer, baffled by it. "Yo-your company? But why--how...?"

I stumbled over my words, unable to form a proper sentence due to the confusing thoughts in my mind. My father hesitated, opening his mouth to speak when a loud crash sounded from my parents' bedroom.

"Mum." I whispered out in horror, glancing at my father with wide eyes. Slamming the door open, we made a mad dash for the bedroom. Upon entering the room, I gasped when I saw my mother trembling on the bed, her eyes focused on a familiar stranger in the room.

It was the same aperion that I thought was a magician.

Without a word, he pointed towards my father. "They want you to give it to them, right now." His words held a hint of threat as he glanced back towards my frightened mother.

He took a menacing step towards my mother, panic arising within me. "Mum!" I called out to her, my mind in a mess, not knowing what to do.

Just then, I felt a warm, comforting hand on my shoulder. My father stared at me for a second, before turning his attention to my mother. However, I knew what he was trying to tell me through his composed stare.

Stay calm.

"Alright, I'll give them what they want, as long as you promise not to lay a hand on my family, ever again." My father warned, growling the last few words out.

"Wh-what do you mean by that, honey?" My mother stuttered nervously, her eyes swirling with confusion.

Snapping out of my panicked state, I squeezed my eyes close, biting on my lip.

That's right, dad is right, I need to stay calm.

Think, Jean, think! You've always countered your shortcomings with your thinking!

An idea struck in my mind, my hand going to my phone in my pocket. If I remember correctly, this Apeiron could read minds, but since my father is distracting him, he couldn't concentrate on my thoughts.

Placing my phone behind my back, I quickly unlocked it with my fingerprint. I knew my phone well enough, after all, I owned it for over two years. Tapping on the contacts icon, I went to the 'recents' tab, knowing that his number was recently added.

Clicking on his number, I glanced up to see that the Apeiron was still engaged in the conversation with my father. "...come with me, now."

With those words, my father started to tense up. The situation was dire now, we couldn't stop him from teleporting away and another negative thought struck my mind.


He doesn't know it's my number!

Please pick up, please pick up, please.

Pick up, pick up, pick up.

My phone vibrated once in my hand, signalling to me that he picked up the call or it either went to voicemail. I'm hoping for the former.

"No, I refuse to, I'll only uphold my end of the bargain if you accept my condition." My father barked out his words, taking a caution step towards the teleporting man.

"Fine then." The Apeiron replied, marching towards my mother.

"Mum! No!"



My father rushed towards them, reaching out to grab my mother. However, he was a second too late as the Apeiron touched my mother's arm, dissipating into thin air.

Gasping in horror, my father glanced around with wide eyes. I heard a whooshing sound beside me, seeing the Apeiron teleporting near the window, with my pale-faced mother. She looked like she could faint at any moment, my heart skipping a beat.


It's fine if it's me, but not my mother, not her.

A sudden rage bubbled inside me, my face twisting with anger. "Hey, you teleporting magician dude! Stay away from my mum!"

By now, the thoughts about the call in my mind was already gone. It only held the concern I had for my mother.

He glared at me, his eyes showing annoyance at the ridiculous nickname I had for him. "It's not a teleporting magician! It's Blink, Blink! Don't you see my name everywhere on television?!"

"I don't care! Let go of my mum, right now!"

"Hah! If I don't let go, what can you do to me, huh?"

Just then, my phone vibrated in my hand and I frowned, my anger slightly quelling down. Lifting my phone up, I noticed there was a message from him.

The apeiron was confused at my actions, cocking his head to one side. "Wh-what are you...?"

Darkness is his weakness.

Reading the message mentally, I knew he could read my thoughts too. Instantly, I snapped my head up and eyed at the switch for the lights.

"Don't tell me-"

I reached for the switch just as my father lunged for Blink. The moment I hit the switch, the lights were gone, leaving us in darkness. The cloudy sky blocked the moonlight, only a slight amount of light seeping through the clouds. I felt an ache in my back from the sudden movements, however, my mind couldn't comprehend the pain at that time.

Hearing grunts and groans, my phone vibrated once again and I quickly blocked the light illuminating from it with my body. Skimming over the message hurriedly, a sigh of relief escaped my mouth.

Keep the call going, I'll track your location and come to you. Just hang on, until I get there.

Tossing my phone aside, to make sure that Blink doesn't make use of its torchlight, I squinted my eyes in

e, making me whine.

"I know! You didn't have to hit me for that..."


I spent a good five minutes being stunned by the exterior of the penthouse. The next thing I knew, I spent another good five minutes admiring the interior once I entered the penthouse.

Everything about this penthouse was impeccable, in terms of the design and cleanliness.

"...jackpot..." I muttered out the same word again, and I heard my mother sighing behind me, shaking her head.

"This house belongs to my friend's son, but he isn't here right now, so he said we could stay here temporarily." My father stated as we settled down on the comfortable couch.

It is very comfy, indeed.

I could see the discomfort on my parents were feeling too, at intruding someone's private home. However, it was the only choice we had if we wanted to escape from danger.

"Why isn't his son living here now?" I questioned, still scouring my surroundings in amazement.

"He's one of the people affected, and he's still in coma."

Oh, that's...horrible.

His words immediately made me sprung up from the couch, as if needles were poking at my bottom. I raised my hands up in the air, not daring to touch anything.

"Are you sure we should be staying here, dad?"

His son is in coma, for god's sake!

"It's fine, his son even promised to loan me this house if I ever got into trouble." My father explained and I became guiltier for staying at this house.


After a long round of debating with my father, I finally decided to settle down inside one of the guest bedrooms. I was still reluctant to occupy this house, it was just so rude of us to stay here with the owner still in coma.


Why is my life taking a turn for the worse?

Walking down the corridor, I passed by a room, a reminder replaying in my mind as I stared at the wooden door. I held my bottle in my hand, the cold sensation causing my hand to tingle slightly.

"We aren't allowed to enter the son's room, under any circumstances. We can't open the door either, we have to pretend that it isn't there."

Blinking my eyes, I furrowed my eyes at the door. Curiosity welled up inside me, making me take a step closer to the door. My hand lingered on the doorknob, before gingerly turning it, slowly pushing the door open.

Peeking my head inside, I heaved a sigh of relief when I realised there wasn't anyone in the room. I took this opportunity to admire the design of the room, it was more luxurious compared to the other bedrooms.

A humongous bed laid in the centre of the bedroom, with a bedside table. There was also a worktable, with an expensive-looking chair. The room was accompanied by a balcony and a walk-in wardrobe, followed by another door.

I'm guessing that would be the bathroom.

Hm? The bathroom door is closed.

The parents must be trying to keep the house clean and safe for their son's return.

Sipping on my water, the same sense of guilt overwhelmed me. I winced, realising I was being rude again.

Damn it, Jean!

Why did you enter his room? He's in a freaking coma, where's your manners?

Reprimanding myself, I quickly spun around and headed for the door. In that moment, my feet decided to tangle with one another and before I noticed it, I was tripping over my own feet.

What did I think? Of course, my day wouldn't go by without my clumsiness making an appearance again.

Screaming internally, since my mouth was filled with water, I heard a door opening right beside me as my eyes widened in shock.

The bathroom door?!

An unknown, half-naked man strolled out from the bathroom, a short towel wrapped around his waist. He was rubbing furiously at his wet hair with another towel, his lean body making me flush and I managed to regain my balance.

Somehow, I swallowed my water down in surprise, causing me to choke on it. Coughing violently, the man shot his head up in terror as I regarded him with teary, frightened eyes. My eyes widened further when I caught a glimpse of his familiar face, causing me to gasp. In response, I coughed harder and the man stood frozen in his spot, nonplussed.


What is he doing here?!

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