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   Chapter 9 Revealation

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Resting in an awkward position on my sofa, I flipped through the different channels on television, utterly bored. Stumbling upon the news channel, I shrugged slightly.

Eh, why not?

Waiting patiently for the advertisement to be over, I heard the iconic theme music of the news channel.


I frowned at the title of the news, an apprehensive feeling rising within me.

"Apeiron, Blink, mysteriously disappeared from his jail cell yesterday and straight after he escaped, he was seen joining up with another unknown Apeiron."

I observed the television screen as the CCTV captured the fight that occurred yesterday at the grocery store. Despite the lack of light in the video, I could faintly make out the eccentric woman who appeared out of nowhere. After which, the scene was cut off, showing another scene where I recalled the woman whistling loudly, another person appearing inside the room and teleporting them away.

So, that was the supervillain I met on the day I was in the airport?

How did he break out of jail? Weren't they supposed to have a special jail cell for these Apeirons?

"Following other reports, there also have been outbreaks of other Apeirons who were previously jailed by our city's own superhero, Omni. The police are currently investigating the case, they stated it was impossible for them to break out of their own and that it must have been an inside job."

Pressing my hand onto my mouth, a horrified look covered my face. "Oh my god, so, that means somewhere out there, they are roaming around freely?" I whispered to myself, struggling to get up from the sofa as I winced in pain.

"I can't believe it, he was right." I gasped to myself, digging into my pocket and finding a small crumpled paper inside it. Staring at it, my mind recalled a conversation from the day before.

A knock sounded on the door, startling both of us from our reverie and Omni cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Excuse me, Miss Saunders?"

"Ye-yes, please give me a minute!" I hollered towards the door, turning back to face Omni.

"You should go, it'll be a huge problem if they see you in here." I said, lowering my volume as I gestured for him to escape.

Omni nodded in agreement, preparing to head to the window but he hesitated, spinning around to face me.

"Go on, hurry up!" I hissed at him, a concerned frown on my face.

", take this." He said, handing me a piece of paper and I furrowed my eyebrows, staring curiously at the piece of paper in his hands. There were numbers scribbled onto it in a hasty manner but it was tidy enough for me to make out the numbers.

"What's this?" I questioned, taking the piece of paper from his hands, shifting my head to one side, my curiosity piqued.

"A way to contact me." He answered simply, hurriedly heading to another window once another knock sounded on my door.

"Miss Saunders?"

"Just a while more!" I raised my voice, reaching out my hand to grab onto Omni's wrist. I felt my heart skipping a beat as I wrapped my petite hands around his large wrist, but I couldn't afford to be distracted at this moment.

"Wa-wait, why would I need to contact you?" I asked, lowering my volume yet again.

"If Blink escaped, I doubt it would only be him."

"Well, what's all that got to do with me contacting you?"

"Something tells me that you are somehow linked in all this." Omni said, his piercing eyes gazing intently right at me.

My heart skipped another beat, because of what he said or the way he stared at me, I didn't know.

"I thought I told you, it's all because I have extremely bad luck."

"That's ridiculous."

"It's true! It's even possible for me trip over my own feet!" I protested, wincing slightly when I raised my voice.

Before we could continue our talk any further, sirens rang through the air and his whole demeanor changed again. It was similar to the day I saw him in my bedroom.

"Just keep it and contact me when you need to." Omni spoke, directing his piercing eyes at me once more.

In silent acquiesce, I responded to him with a nod as he directed his eyes to the window, an indecipherable expression on his face.

"Go on, they need your help."

With those words, he hovered himself in the air, casting me one last glance before disappearing out the window.

"Miss Saunders?" The nurse questioned and I gazed at his silhouette, that was becoming smaller and smaller with each passing second.

"Yes, please come in, sorry for the delay." I answered, distracted.

My eyes remained on the piece of paper and I heaved a sigh, taking my phone from the table in front of me, punching in the number.

"Just yesterday, late in the night, Omni yet again prevents another petty crime from taking place at a hardware store. Thanks to our city's own superhero, the crime rate has been dropping gradually."

Letting out a satisfying huff, I saved Omni's number under the name 'That Person' and I focused on the news report again.

"There is also an increase in victims waking up from their comatose state from the incident that took place a year ago. What will become of them? Will they use their powers for evil, good or just go back to their normal lives?"

Shaking my head, I grabbed the remote control and pressed on the power button, tossing the remote control to one side. Relaxing back on the sofa in the same awkward position, I gazed at the ceiling, a contemplative look on my face.


A familiar doorbell rang and I struggled to lift my head up from my awkward pos

diately flying towards him.

At the same time, Omni was flying towards the camera operator, knowing what Frost was planning to do.

"Look out!"

The camera clattered onto the ground, the lens cracking upon the rough landing. Despite that, the fight was still being filmed as I could see Omni protecting the camera operator by shielding him. Frost used that opportunity to shoot out an ice beam from his hands and Omni grimaced, while Frost chuckled mockingly.

"Surely, you can still freeze to death! You are still human, Omni!"

A trail of ice slowly formed on Omni's body, clinging to his body and restricting his movements. It looked horribly painful, whatever movements Omni made cracked the ice, but the ice just rapidly forms back on his body again.

At his taunting words, Omni's expression darkened and he let out a frustrated cry, spinning around and flying towards Frost. The ice around him shattered into pieces and Omni's movements were slightly sluggish but he tried not to show it.

"What, how can you still mo-ugh!"

Frost stumbled back in alarm, Omni knocking him back and proceeded to lift him up into the air as they disappeared from the camera. The camera operator fumbling to get his camera and he managed to catch the last sight of Omni flying into the sky with Frost in his hands. People emerged from their hiding places, cheering and clapping at Omni saving the day once again.

"Oh, hell ye-ah!" I jumped from my seat in victory, only to feel a sharp pain piercing across my back and I cried out in pain.

"My-my back! My back!"

My watery eyes observed the news and I sniffed, forming a teary smile on my face.

"Good-ah, job, ah...Omni."

"Oh my goodness, Jean! Are you okay?" My mother gasped, horrified as she rushed to my aid.

"No, mum-it's fine, go back to your, ow, cooking." I waved her off and she glanced worriedly at me as she trotted back to the kitchen. I forced a grin on my face, trying to sit up.

"My back!"

"Oh, what am I going to do with this daughter..." My mother muttered as she rushed to my aid once again.


Roused from a deep sleep due to the commotion beside my room, I whined sleepily, startled when I heard a thunderous shout echoing throughout the room.

That voice...

It belongs to dad.

"Dad...?" I called out groggily, heading to my room door and opening it.

Yet again, there was another shout and it sounded frantic, a sense of trepidation welled up in me. Deciding it was best to not interrupt my father, I stayed outside his office room, sitting down on the floor, and leaning against the door.

" stay away from her, you got it?"


I frowned, folding my arms on my knee as I curled them to my chest, resting my head on it.

"No, you listen to me, if you ever cause harm to any of my family again, I will expose it."


What the hell is dad talking about?

Again? When did we ever get-

"Oh my god..." I mumbled in shock, covering my mouth in shock and I felt a faint painful throbbing at my back.

"You dare hurt my daughter...don't think you will ever get away with this."

Standing up, my knees trembled slightly as I spun around, turning the doorknob with my shivering hands. Barging into the room without any hesitation, I lifted my head up and my father was instantly speechless at my presence.

"Dad, please explain to me what is going on, right now." I implored, my voice soft and trembling slightly.

I thought my painful yet ordinary life couldn't get any worse, with super-powered villains on the loose and going on a rampage in my city, and a superhero paying me visits frequently.

But those super-powered villains are after my family.

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