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   Chapter 8 We Are All Humans

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Hearing loud clanging behind me, I focused my attention on Jessie and she was staring wide-eyed at the commotion happening at the back of the grocery store. Everyone didn't bother to stay and observe the scuffle of the two apeirons, hastily making their way to the broken glass doors, fearful for their lives.

I did the same, rushing towards Jessie who was still remaining in the same stunned state. "Jessie, come on, we have to move!"

I tugged on her arm, pulling her but instead of moving, she collapsed onto the ground. My body tilted sideways for a moment and I quickly balanced myself, frowning at Jessie.

"Jessie! What are you doing? We have to get out of here!"

"Is-isn't th-that, oh myyyy god."

Another loud clanging occurred behind us again and I saw the familiar energy beam shooting up against the ceiling. It hit against something in the dark, causing a frightening popping sound that resounded through the grocery store.

"Ah!" Jessie shrieked in surprise while I jumped, startled by the sound.

"Get up!" I exclaimed, pulling her up and she finally decided to raise herself off the floor. Sighing in relief, my relief was cut short when the area to my left started glowing eerily, probably because of the man's energy beams.

Before I could even react, the energy beam glowed even brighter until I was able to see it from the corner off my eyes as it shot straight towards the wall on my left. My eyes widened in horror as I observed the superhero, Omni, being slammed against the wall with the energy beam.

Recovering, he stood up and I watched the smoke raising off his abdomen, his hoodie burnt for a second time. Again, amazement was evident in my face as his skin transformed into the same silvery texture. Feeling eyes on my head, I raised my head up and I realised he was staring straight at me.

"What are you waiting for? Go!" He barked and I squeaked, quickly pulling Jessie up to her feet and dragging her towards the door.

"Oh my god, it's him! It's-" She squealed excitedly, digging her feet into the ground and resulted in me stumbling forward.

She has totally forgotten about how scared she was moments ago!

"Jessie! This isn't the time to be a superhero fanatic!" I growled, vexed and continued to drag her. I heard the two superhumans battling noisily in the background, trying my best to ignore them.

"It's Omni!" She squealed, completely in her own world now.


"Well, that's an odd friend you have there." An unknown feminine voice interrupted our conversation.

Tensing up, I turned my head towards the door, shrieking in alarm at a woman around my age, dressed in a light-blue spandex one-piece suit. It hugged her attractive figure perfectly and she gave me a wink, little baby blue stars decorating the right side of her face.

Her face was covered by a bandana, with two holes cut in it to allow her eyes to see through. She giggled at my horrified reaction, flipping her blonde hair to one side as her hazel eyes twinkled impishly. She lifted her both hands up into the air, right beside her shoulder and the both of us observed her curiously.

"Poor you, Jean Saunders." She said, glancing towards me as her face suddenly hardened, startling me. Without warning, a blob of crystal clear water started forming and floating inches above her palm, quickly directing them at both of us.


What does she mean by that?

"No, Jean, don't even think about-" Jessie said, but before I could even register it, my body instinctively pushed her aside. Of course, I received the full impact of the hit, the water blasting me backwards as my soaked body flew through the air.

"Jean! No!"

The chills that rushed throughout my body didn't occur in my mind as I felt the wind being knocked out from my body. I groaned in pain, barely having any time to recover before I felt my back landing against something hard.

A sharp pain shot through my body as I screamed in pain, my cold and soaked body not helping with the throbbing pain on my back. Tears began forming in my eyes and I lifted my head up weakly, seeing Jessie rushing up to me through my blurry vision. The mysterious woman, whom I assumed to be another superhero stood there, her mischievous demeanour gone as a wicked smirk covered her lips.

"Weren't you supposed to be another superhero?" I croaked out and to my surprise, she heard me despite being so far away, her smirk twisting into a cheeky grin.

"Jean! Jean, are you alright?" Jessie crouched beside me, her voice panicked and concerned as I nodded weakly at her.

"When did I ever say that? Stuuupid." She hollered at me, rolling her eyes and directing her line of sight to the fight. However, it was only this time I noticed that Omni already changed his target to the woman, the

get hurt, I chose to. I knew I would, by saving my friend, I knew I would get hurt. Besides, it was our fault for staying there when we should have ran away. I'll say it once again, it wasn't your fault, Omni, it never was."

"But I should have protected you."

"You were, you were fighting off that crazy man. No one expected that woman to show up, no one expected another villain to appear."

"I should have helped you immediately, instead I gave in into my anger." Omni criticised himself and I felt his fists clenching in my hand.

"You aren't a robot, Omni, you are human. You have emotions you can't control at times, it's fine, I'm fine."

"No!" He roared and I flinched, blinking in shock at him raising his voice.

"That woman was right, I am pathetic, I don't have a right to be a superhero. I did such a stupid mis—take?"

"OH MY FRUCK." I cursed loudly at the same time, swinging my hand around wildly at the throbbing pain.

Unable to cope with his pessimistic talk any further, I decided to give him a punch at his arm to snap him out of it. Of course, being me, I forgot about his invincibility power and it felt like I was punching a wall of steel.

"Jeezus! What are you? Steel?" I cried out, still flinging my hand around wildly.

"But I-" He responded, blinking in confusion at my unexpected action.

"Christ! You should have warned me about it! This freaking hurts!"

"But you-"

"Oh, what am I saying, you can't even warn me! I was doing it without you noticing! Urgh!" I mumbled to myself, jumping in shock when I heard a warm-hearted laughter beside me.

Continuing to laugh, his shoulders shook with mirth and I was still holding onto his hand, an amused grin on my face.

What an infectious laughter, and it's beautiful.

"You know everyone makes mistakes, right? That includes you, superhero boy. So, you aren't pathetic, you are just human, like everybody else." I said, squeezing his hand slightly after he calmed down from his laughter.

He glanced at me, his eyes sparkling with amusement and gratefulness, feeling a tiny bit wistful at not being able to see his expression now; especially his laughter.

"Don't you remember? You saved my life thrice, actually no, four times, including today. To me, that's superhero worthy. You have to make mistakes to learn anyway." I continued grinning, shrugging my shoulders at the last sentence.

"Thank you, Jean Saunders." He crouched down to my level, gazing right into my eyes. I felt my heart skip a beat at his eyes, shaking my head at his words.

"No, thank you, Omni."

Turning my head slightly, I stretched forward and planted a chaste kiss on his left cheek, which was unfortunately covered by his mask. Despite it being cold and hard, I felt a warm fuzzy feeling course through me as I did that.

Moving back, both of us observed one another and all the while, a small smile was present on my face. The warm fuzzy feeling in me didn't disappear as it remained there, as we stared fixedly at each other.

At that time, I didn't realise that was just the beginning of everything, the beginning of me getting involved in something that I wouldn't have expected in my whole life.

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