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   Chapter 7 Superhero Stalker

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A weird sound escaped my mouth involuntarily, both at the pain of the phone smacking hard on my lips and the realization of someone dressed in complete black clothes hovering outside my window. Almost immediately, I removed the phone away from my face, tossing it aside and quickly glancing towards my window, my sleepiness dissolving away.

Oh no.

Please don't tell me, is it a...

I swallowed down my saliva, a dreadful look on my face as I slipped out from my bed. Squeezing my eyes close, I shook my head adamantly, not wanting to think about anything. I dragged my feet towards the window, facing away from it as my eyes remained close.

No, no!

Remember what they said, Jean! If you acknowledge it, it will only be worse.

Don't look at it.

Don't look at it.

Don't look at it.

Don't even mention the word, don't even think of the word!

Alas, my mind didn't want to obey my thoughts, my eyes flying open and I noticed that I was right in front of my window. Still seeing the person hovering outside my window, only being able to make out his tall and slim silhouette, I opened my mouth.


"Shh!" The person suddenly flew closer towards me at an alarming speed, cutting off my words instantly, his finger on his lip. A pair of different coloured eyes registered in my mind before my body automatically stumbled backwards in surprise, my whole world tilting.


The familiar man immediately grasp hold of my hands, stabilizing me and landing down onto my bedroom floor. I blinked rapidly, still trying to comprehend the situation.

"You-you are...the...wha-why are you..." I stuttered my words out, swallowing my saliva down my throat again and frowning. He patiently waited for my response, standing awkwardly in my bedroom.

"Ah! The heterochromia man!" The word finally clicked in my mind and I blurted it out in excitement, before quickly returning to my frown.

"Wa-wait, what are you doing here? Why are you here? And who said you could enter my bedroom?"

"...heterochromia man?"

"Yeah! You know, because of your-uh, eyes." I answered, along with a nervous short laugh.

The heterochromia man, or should I say, Omni, stared at me silence. I couldn't tell what expression he was showing on his face now due to his mask covering his face.

"Anyway, the reason for me being here is for me to confirm something, and I need to do it quickly. I didn't mean to intrude your personal privacy." He said in a disguised voice, making me curious.

"Confirm something?" I cocked my head to the side and he gazed straight into my eyes, causing my heart to skip a beat at his beautiful eyes.

"Were you one of the victims involved in that incident a year ago?"

"Of course not, I was far away from the city when it happened." I furrowed my eyebrows slightly, giving Omni an odd look.

"You weren't one of them?"

"Should I be one of them?" I raised an eyebrow, a baffled expression on my face.

"But that's impossible."

"What is?"

"The fact that I've saved you three consecutive times." He stated solemnly and after a few seconds, I burst out into a nervous chuckle.

"What? You were lying?"

"Oh god, no! I wasn't! It's just that I have this curse over me that gets me into trouble more often that others!"

"A curse?"

"Ever since I was young." I nodded my head at him and he was speechless at my answer.

" can one even get into a hostage situation, a train accident and a house burglary three consecutive times without some sort of...power?" He questioned in disbelief.

"You thought I had powers? To attract all these supervillians? Well, sorry to be a spoilsport, but I don't have any, nada, nope, nuh-uh."

Opening and closing his mouth, he made some gestures as if he was trying to speak but he couldn't find the words to convey his message.

"...what are you?" He finally managed to speak and I blinked my eyes at him.

The heck?

Does he think I am some sort of...alien?

It's not like I'm some kind of weird species! What the heck does he think I am?

"I'm human!" I said, narrowing my eyes at him.

"But how can one human be involved in these many dangerous situations three straight times?" He asked in disbelief, his eyes widening and I felt myself pouting unconsciously.

"A person with really, really bad luck." I responded, huffing indignantly.

How rude!

If there is such thing as the luckiest man in the world, there can also be such thing as an unluckiest woman in the world!


So many times, I've come across people who doesn't believe in how unlucky I am.

"But that is so..." He trailed off, still persistent in his hypothesis of me being an Apeiron.

Just when I thought the conversation would go any further, police sirens rang in the air. The look on my face softened as I gestured at him to hurry off towards it.

"Alright, let's just stop this silly conversation here. Go on, be a superhero and save the day, Omni."

His whole demeanor changed, as if there was a certain charm to him now, like admiration. He nodded stiffly

Oh no." I whispered out, stepping away from him, entwining my hands with Jessie. I glanced towards her and she held the same distressed look on her face.

"We have to get out of here." Jessie whispered into my ear and I nodded in agreement.

"I'll make you regret saying that." He growled out, spinning around as the lights around the grocery store flickered even more. One of them sparked brightly and after that, a loud crackling sound was heard, the light going out.

The man's eyes started glowing, a combination of a red and orange hue and the jerks who were insulting him before started to back off, along with everyone. I noticed the cashier reaching for her phone on the counter and I held my breath, my heart racing wildly, the loud thumping vibrating in my ears.

"Don't you dare call the police!" He roared furiously, aiming his hand at the phone in the cashier's hand. The cashier hurriedly threw her phone of her hands, just a second before an energy beam, resembling a laser, shot out of his hands.

Everyone screeched in horror as the phone was completely wrecked, the cashier collasping down to the ground in fright, her body shivering at the sight.

"I'll make sure every single one of you regrets it! I'm not some beggar!" He barked, the whole place blacking out in an instant as the lights sparkled brightly and a loud popping sound was heard throughout the grocery store. Almost instantly, the whole grocery store was swallowed in darkness, the source of light only coming from the outside.

At the same time, Jessie pulled me forward, heading for the automatic glass doors. I gasped in alarmed, noticing his frightful gaze on us and I extricated out of Jessie's grip, running towards the Apeiron man.

"Jean! What are you-" Jessie cried out in panic as I sprinted towards him, his hand already aiming at us, especially Jessie.

"Wargh!" I shouted, tackling the man to the ground and he grunted, the energy beam from his hand shooting out.

It narrowly missed Jessie, the energy beam just inches away from her face as it landed on the glass door. The glass shattered deafeningly, everyone quickly scrambling away from me and him, while Jessie stood there, frozen in her spot.

Meanwhile, I whimpered softly, my body lying on the man and his strong body odor flooding my nose, making me cringe in disgust.

Not again.

And this time, it was because of two jackasses who decided to be the mean bullies for the day.


"Get off me, you stupid woman!" The man shoved me roughly and I landed on the floor, wincing. Suddenly, I felt a dangerous presence around me as I opened my eyes, staring right into the Apeiron's terrifying eyes.

"No one makes fun of me and get away with it!"

"...can't believe I went through all that trouble for this." He suddenly added softly, directing his hand towards my face and my breathing hitched, my heart rate speeding up. At that point of time, my mind wasn't registering the words he said.

"Jean! No!" Jessie shrieked in horror and I watched, wide-eyed as she ran towards me.

"Stay back, Jessie!" I yelled, pushing my hand out to her, gesturing for her to stop.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew by and the glowing hands that were aiming for my face disappeared. In that moment of time, my eyes managed to meet a pair of familiar eyes and a comforting warmth began to surround my body.


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