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   Chapter 6 A Normal Day...almost

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The television blared noisily, the superhero, Omni, saving the day once again appearing on the news.

"The superhero, Omni, once again saves the day! This time, it is from a burglar, who is also an Apeiron, capable of controlling fire at his own will and even summoning it. Where did we even get the name 'Omni'? Well, the victims of the incident agreed to tell us of the incident, especially this person."

I blinked nonchalantly, not surprised at myself appearing on the television screen as the whole interview played on the television, to my surprise, they pixelated my face, preventing anyone from recognizing me; even making my voice a pitch higher.

"What was the superhero like?"



"That was the only word that came to my mind, after all, this is his third time saving my life and never once, did I see him get injured or defeated in any way. No bruises, bleeding,'s just absolutely amazing."

"To give privacy to the witness, we decided not to reveal her name, her face or anything about her. However, we decided that 'Omni' was the proper name for the superhero, since everyone we have ever interviewed always said he was undefeatable, he was invulnerable and nothing could ever hurt him."

My lips tugged into a small elated smile at the news, sipping my cup of tea and I felt someone ruffling my hair, my smile twisting into a pout.

"Daddd." I grumbled out and my father chuckled, ruffling my hair again.

"Are you sure you are alright, baby girl?"

"Yes, for the last time, yes. I'm a big girl now, I should know how to handle myself." I rolled my eyes and chuckled softly.

"We are just concerned for you, sweetie." My mother added and my lips curved into a resigned smile.

"I know, I know but I should be just glad that I'm alive right now, instead of just thinking of how I almost died twice in a day."

A loud vibration from the table interrupted our conversation and I noticed the caller being my one and only close friend, Jessie Talbott.

"Yikes, I totally forgot about the shopping trip I agreed to go with her today." I quickly grabbed my phone, hanging up on the call while I texted Jessie, informing her I was preparing myself to head out now.

"Shopping trip?" My mother questioned and I nodded, jogging up the stairs to my bedroom.

Twenty minutes later, I was dressed up in a casual outfit that consisted of a dark brown cardigan, a plain white sleeveless t-shirt and black leggings, that hugged my legs; showing off my slim legs.

My legs were the only part of my body I was confident of showing, the upper body?

Well, not so much.

Thank god for the cool weather, neither hot nor cold.

"Bye mum, bye dad! I'll be home for dinner, especially since you are cooking today, mum!" I pecked both of my parents on the cheek, hopping towards the door with one sandals already covering my foot.

"Jean! Take your time, you will-"


"...fall." My mother sighed out while my father shook his head, with me placing both hands on the door to prevent myself from kissing the marbled tiles.

"Right, got ya." I smiled sheepishly, sitting down to wear my sandals this time, before heading out, cheerfully waving goodbye to my parents, their expression a mixture of concern and amusement.


Dialling a familiar number, I pressed my phone against my ear while briskly walking towards the train station. The reason for me not taking the car was because of two very simple reasons.

One of them being simply me, after failing the driver's license test for over eight times, my parents decided that it would be best for me to just take trains or buses instead, which I wholly agreed to.

The other reason, well, my parents didn't want to trust me with any car since I would probably brutally destroy it on accident which again, I wholly agreed to.

I think those two reasons are satisfying enough for everyone to know why I should never, never own a car.

I still felt rather hesitant to ride a train due to that incident. However, I figured I wouldn't get anywhere if I don't ride the train. It's not like I could stay in hiding forever.


"Jessie! I am so sorry, I forgot about our rendezvous today with everything going on." My tone was

ground as I lifted my hands up in the air, surrendering.

"Jesus, people, I just dropped a plastic cup on the ground, it's not like I stood up and started dancing around naked." I said, only to hear some disgusted groans and I noticed Jessie at the corner of the café, hitting her forehead with her palm.

"...okay, I'm sorry, that was inappropriate, I didn't mean to interrupt your meal. I'm a really clumsy person so I'm not really surprised—okay, I should stop now." I put my hands down, curling them together on my lap as I bit on my lip in embarrassment, the café eventually returning back to its lively atmosphere, while some people occasionally threw me amused looks. From my peripheral vision, I noticed how Nathan's shoulders were shaking with mirth and I shrunk further back into my seat, a blush forming on my cheeks.

Even after Nathan and Jessie came over to help clean up the mess I made, the embarrassment that I felt didn't subside at all.


"You know, I forgot that wherever you went, a disaster always follows after you." That was the first thing Jessie told me after her shift was over and I gave her a deadpan look.

"Seriously, Jessie?" I questioned, both of us walking down the streets, which were less crowded from earlier.

Jessie shrugged, a cheeky smile on her face and I grimaced, glancing away.

"Anyway, come on, we have a whole day ahead of us!" Jessie beckoned me along and I rolled my eyes, quickening my pace to catch up with her.

For the rest of the day, I spent most of the time telling her of the close encounters I had and the horrible vacation I had in Singapore while the rest were spent on buying new dresses for our graduation ceremony.


Changing into my singlet and short pants, I yawned, stretching my arms as I collapsed onto the bed, unlocking my phone and scrolling through my social media accounts.

Thank god, nothing major happened today.

No supervillain attacks, no superhero appearances, no crazy burglar or robber trying to rob or steal from us.


"Oh right, I forgot to tell Jessie about that..." I muttered to myself, hurriedly texting her about the discovery I made earlier about her colleague, Nathan Scott.

'Hey, you know the dude, Nathan? Yeah, I think he kinda likes you, probably, yeah no, definitely likes you.'

After hitting send, I released a blissful sigh, my eyes drooping close as I prepared to lock my phone. My eyes drifted to my window and I grunted, too lazy to get up and close it. My eyes drifted back to my phone, only for them to burst open suddenly when I noticed something at my window.

There was something, someone literally hovering outside my window.

The moment I realised that, the phone from myhand loosened in shock and my phone decided to smack against my face, particularly, my lips.

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