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   Chapter 5 Omnipotent

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Both of our scream reverberated throughout the house and I made a move to grab something to protect myself from this mysterious stranger in my house, who was probably a burglar.

At that time, I didn't realise that I was still holding onto my leg and by some miracle, I was able to trip over empty air that caused me to stumble forward. Meanwhile, the burglar seemed clueless as to what to do, standing rooted in the spot and still continuing his manly screaming.

Lurching forward, my forehead connected with the burglar and both of us cried out in pain, staggering backwards from the pain, rubbing our foreheads with our hands.

"Jean? Jean, are you okay?" My mother hollered from upstairs and I heard their hurried steps descending the stairs. The hallway lights being switched on at the same time.

Moaning in pain, I blindly reached out for whatever object was closest to me, knowing that the person in front of me was definitely a burglar, especially seeing the iconic ski mask he was wearing.

"Mu-mum, call the police! I'm okay! A burglar!" I exclaimed and the burglar recovered from the ridiculous miraculous headbutt that I managed to do, that was due to one of clumsy moments again.

The burglar prepared to approach the stairs and I glared at him, blocking his path as I took a defensive stance, holding the object in front of me, the soft material of it not occurring in my mind.

"You think I'm going to let you get up there? I'm not afraid to use this!" I shoved the object in front of him, startling him for a moment as he regarded it with wide eyes, the shocked look in his eyes becoming one of confusion observing the object more closely.

"...not afraid to use a...towel...?" The burglar spoke in a deep gruff voice, cocking his head to one side before snickering, guffawing loudly as his shoulder shook with mirth.

"A freaking towel?"

"Wha—you, this..." I sputtered out in embarrassment, glancing between the towel in my hands and him clutching onto his stomach, his laughter still echoing throughout the living room.

Just great, Jean!

Of all things, you had to grab onto the wet towel on the couch that you dried your hair with!

...wait a minute, it's wet?

My embarrassment dissolved away slowly as I frowned, grabbing both ends of the wet towel and spinning it around my hands, coiling it.

"A...towel! A...freaking...towel, what the...heck!" He wheezed, choked by his laughter and I glared angrily at him, flinging the coiled towel at him.

"AH!" He yelped in pain, rubbing at his lower bare arm, a red tinge slowly forming on it. At the same time, my father hastily descended the stairs, a baseball bat in his hands and the fierce expression on his face transformed into a baffled one.

"Hah! Try laughing now, burglar! There's no way you can beat the both of us!" I mocked him, a victorious smirk on my face as I took a step forward and my father just followed my movements.

A hesitant look appeared in the burglar's eyes and he stepped backwards, my face lighting up in triumph.

That's right, burglar, back off!

Knowing my mother, she must have hid herself in the bathroom and dialed the police, pressing her ear against the door to listen for anything.

"Ugh, why didn't I just think of that?" The burglar muttered to himself and due to how silent the house was, I was able to catch his words.

"What?" I furrowed my eyebrows and the burglar's eyes glinted sinisterly, his lips curving into a diabolic smirk.

He raised his pale arms into the air, his fists facing us as he unclenched them, showing us his palms and a bewildered expression covered my face.

"Hey dude, if you are trying to show us some—holy mother of god." I said, only sputtering out words of disbelief when he flicked both of his hands again. Bright orange flames lighted up the room even more, the flames engulfing his hands hungrily. To my horror, he didn't even flinch at the flames, instead, his smirk grew wider and he didn't seem to be in any pain.

"" I squeaked out, reeling away in terror.

", run, go!" My father barked out, making me glance between my father and the burglar.

"Ah, so I was at the correct house. I followed you from the auction." The burglar informed us, glancing at my father while he said this and my father stood protectively in front of me, gripping tightly onto the baseball bat in his hands.


"Go, Jean! Lock your bedroom door!" My father ordered me and I shook my head adamantly, not moving from my spot. The burglar's smirk remained on his face as he took a step forward.

"No, dad! I won't leave you alone here!"

The burglar didn't give us a chance to argue any further as he shot out a ball of fire from his hands. Both of us ducked, barely managing to avoid it and I caught of glimpse the fireball hitting the wall near to the kitchen, black marks staining the wall.

"Jean, on the count of three, we are going to throw whatever we have in our hands at him and hide behind the kitchen." My father whispered secretly and I nodded shakily.

"O-okay." My voice trembled and my father started to murmur the countdown.

In that moment, it didn't occur to me and my father, how hiding in the kitchen was more dangerous. There were far too many combustible equipment in there.

"That's right, just be good and stay still, you are making my life so much easier and richer."

"Three!" My father whispered, both of us standing up at the same time and tossing the objects in our hands at him.

The burglar was stunned for a moment, lifting both of his hands up and narrowing his eyes at the objects, shooting out a beam of fire from his hands. Meanwhile, both of us took opportunity of the distraction to sprint to the kitchen counter, hiding behind it.

From the corner of my eyes, the objects that nearly managed to graze him disintegrated, a pile of ashes compiling together right below him.

"Huh, smart move, but you can't hide from me that long." The burglar chuckled ominously.

I felt a comforting squeeze on my hand, turning to look at my father who forced a smile at me, bringing me into a hug.

"Dad, I'm scared." I whimpered out, my body trembling at hearing his frightening words.

"You rich people must have it easy, huh? A nice home, delicious food and afford whatever luxuries you want."

"I know, honey, I know. Don't worry, we'll be okay." My father hugged me tighter and I did the same, tears involuntarily welling up in my eyes.

I almost died today and now, we have an insane apeiron in our house trying to kill and rob from us.

How many times must I encounter this kind of situation?

"Come out, come out, wherever you are. Weren't you so confident that you could beat me just now? Come on, show me what you've got!" He taunted, his voice thunderous.

I silently prayed for him not to head upstairs, since my mother was hiding alone in the bathroom with no one to protect her. I squeezed my eyes close, a tear leaking out from my eyes and I bit on my lower lip, my trembling becoming worse.

Hearing faint sirens piercing the air, I heaved a shaky breath, relief coursing through my whole body but our current predicament wasn't over yet, we had to survive until the police arrived.

"Hah! Found you!" A voice announced behind me and my eyes burst open, my back facing him and I could feel my father's grip tightening around me.

"Come on, you didn't think I was stupid, did you? The police are going to be here soon, well, not like they can do anything to me anyway." He said arrogantly and I could feel the heat of the flames behind me, not daring to turn around.

"Close your eyes, honey."

"Sayonara, you rich assho-"

He was interrupted by a crashing sound, like a window being shattered into pieces.

What is with windows and breaking?

"What the hell—augh!" The burglar spoke, only to be interrupted again and this time, I could hear loud bangs against the wall behind me and my father's grip loosened instantly, seemingly shocked by the turn in events.

Following my instincts to spin around, I was greeted by the sight of a familiar hooded man, raising his fist into the air and preparing to punch the burglar.

The burglar recovered from the sudden attack quickly, avoiding the punch by blasting a fireball at his abdomen, the force of it pushing the superhero back, causing him to stumble. His face, as usual, was hidden by the intricately designed metallic mask and to my surprise, he didn't even hesitate to launch himself at the burglar again.

Isn't that fireball supposed to hurt?

"Ah, that's right. The city's superhero, powerful and invulnerable, is that what they say you are? Seems like my fire managed to do something to you." The burglar mused, dodging to one side.

"Maybe, maybe not." His deep masculine voice spoke and I assumed that he will always uses a voic

e disguiser to conceal his real voice.

"Oh really? Let's try that out again." The burglar gathered a ball of fire in his right hand, a larger one compared to the other fireball he hurled at us before.

Aiming it at the superhero, he launched the ball of fire as it flew at an alarming speed towards the superhero, who immediately raised his arm to block it, skidding backwards due to the impact again. The burglar's lips twitched, a smirk forming on his face and my heart lurched at the sight, concerned for the safety for the superhero.

His whole arm was consumed by the flames and he froze on the spot, not moving at all and I squeezed my father's hand, feeling him squeezing it back softly. A sign telling me he was at least properly comprehending the whole situation, which is physically impossible for any normal human being to accomplish.

My eyes widened in astonishment as I observed the superhero lifting his other arm up, ripping the sleeve of his hoodie away and stomping it repeatedly on the ground, putting out the fire. The part of the sleeve that was torn away revealed his skin and his skin wasn't just any normal skin colour.

It was silver in colour, the skin appearing slightly glossy as it reflected the image of the shocked burglar, his eyes wide in disbelief.

Gasping silently, I watched as his silvery skin transmogrify back to his tanned skin and all of us could only stare at him in amazed silence.

"What the hell? I knew people said you were invulnerable, but I didn't know you were that invulnerable!"

"Haven't you heard? Being invulnerable is my forte." The superhero remarked, throwing his fist at burglar who immediately panicked, tossing another ball of fire at his direction, causing the superhero to block it with the same arm again.

The burglar took advantage of the situation, taking off, a trail of fire following behind him as he used the fire to push himself up into the air; flying out of the window and into the sky.

The superhero rushed to chase after him, stopping abruptly to check on us.

"Hey, are any of you hurt..." The superhero questioned me and father, his mesmerizing eyes widening when it landed on me, his sentence abruptly stopping while the both of us waited patiently for him to continue. However, he didn't, his gaze fixated on me and my father decided to continue the conversation.

"No, we aren't." My father answered and I shook my head, confirming my father's answer.

The superhero nodded dumbly, recognition flashing across his eyes as he stared at me, making my heart skip a beat.


Does he recognize me?

I mean, this is the third time he saved my life.

"Didn't I see you somewhere before? You look-"

"You should go, catch the bad guy." My father hurriedly cut him off and I relaxed my tense state, the superhero quickly straightening himself.

"What? Oh! Yeah! Right! I should—uh, go, erm, catch the uh...yup." The superhero nodded awkwardly to himself, hovering himself into the air as he proceeded to fly off. However, before he could do that, I hastily grabbed onto his bare arm that felt really warm.

"Th-thank you, for saving our lives." I stuttered out and he nodded once, his eyes lingering on me for a while more and he flew off, this time, I didn't stop him.

Gazing at his figure in the sky, growing smaller and smaller, the sirens grew louder and eventually, the police arrived at our doorstep. I didn't even knew that the fight between them was that short, to me, it lasted for a few minutes.

Police officers started questioning all of us, including the neighbours and news reporters gradually swarmed the area, reporting the news as they asked several eyewitnesses. Most of the time, I was just in a daze, still trying to mentally grasp how accident-prone I have been, in my whole life.


Two life and death situations, in a day.

How is that even possible? Okay, maybe not technically in a day, since it's already past midnight but it-

"Jean? Sweetie." My mother's voice drifted into my ears and I snapped my head up, sitting on the sidewalk of my house. The police officers were still around, along with several reporters.

"Huh? What?" I said, disorientated as I felt my mother's hand on my shoulders.

"You should go ahead and rest, get some sleep."

"Oh, right, yup. I will—actually mum, not now, I can't really sleep now..." I sighed out, running a hand through my hair and taking my mother's hand from my shoulders, pressing my cheeks against it.

My mother smiled softly at me, settling down beside me and I laid my head on her shoulders.

"I thought locking my luggage with the wrong password was bad enough and now this..."

"Oh, sweetie, you were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time—except for your luggage, that was your own fault." My mother ran her hand gently through my hair, making me sigh and close my eyes, her last statement causing me to chuckle.

"I know, it's just, my average life is painful enough with all my clumsiness and forgetfulness, and now we have supervillains and superheros."

"Well, sweetie, life just loves to throw us some surprises from time to time."

"Mhmm." I hummed in agreement and fluttered my eyes open, noticing one of the reporters searching around for more potential witnesses, her eyes landing on us.

She approached us, a gentle smile on her face and I narrowed my eyes at her, not exactly wanting to welcome another news report of me as the witness.

"Excuse me, is it alright if I ask you some questions concerning the accident in this house? Oh, my apologies, are you-"

"Yes, we live in this house." I interrupted the news reporter and her smile faltered a little, probably due to my rudeness.

"Sweetie, it's fine if you don't want to answer the questions." My mother said, bothered by my rudeness and I heaved a sigh, slowly standing up to my feet.

"Sorry, I apologise, it's been a hectic day for me and trying to understand all this superhero and supervillain, apeiron thing is still a little..."

"It's alright, I understand, it's fine not to answer the questions." The polite reporter widened her smile at me and I shook my head.

"It's fine with me, I'll answer the questions, I don't really mind. Sharing all of these will just help me to maintain my sanity."

"Alright, here we go." The reporter said and I nodded my head, pointing her microphone towards me. She asked me the usual questions that I answered honestly and I even described the whole fight to her, a burden being lifted off my shoulders when I finally told her everything.

"What was the superhero like?" She asked me and this was the only question I felt hesitant to answer, there was only one word that came to my mind to describe him.

To be saved by the impossible...

A powerful and invulnerable man, who can be defeated by nothing...


"Omnipotent?" The reporter repeated my answer and my lips slowly formed into a small smile as I nodded once more.

"That was the only word that came to my mind, after all, this is his third time saving my life and never once, did I see him get injured or defeated in any way. No bruises, bleeding,'s just absolutely amazing." I smiled at the camera and the reporter eagerly noted down my answer mentally, judging from the excited expression on her face.


The next morning, sipping on my tea, I held the newspaper in my hands that my parents were urging me to read while they still expressed concern over my mental state, which I assured them it was perfectly fine. The main page of the newspaper showed a picture of a hooded man flying off into the clear, blue sky and the title of it made me choke on my drink as I coughed violently, tears prickling my eyes.


"Omni? As in omnipotent?" I croaked out loud and my parents chuckled at my reaction.

"Omni." I pronounced the name again and I bit on my lower lip, placing the newspaper on the table, inspecting it closely.

"Omni." I repeated it, a grin appearing on my face, realising that I just named our city's own superhero.

Right now, the whole city is reading this newspaper, knowing the alias of the city's superhero and the thought of it made me ecstatic.

"What's got you so happy, honey?" My father asked and the grin remained on my face as I stared at the picture on the newspaper.

"Nothing, nothing... it's just..."

My grin remained in place and my parents both probed even further, wanting to know the reason behind my grin.

"...having the honour to name a superhero, it's...pretty awesome."

However, what never occurred in my mind was the fact that he might be reading this too, that he might actually recognize me as the woman he had saved thrice.

Catching the superhero's attention is never a good thing, right?

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