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   Chapter 4 Imminent Danger

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My heart leaped to my throat as I felt myself falling down, the shrieks and incoherent exclaims from everyone not aiding the predicament that I was in. Thinking quickly, I reached for a pole, only for my eyes to widen in shock when I couldn't find anything to hold onto and it was too late for me.


I forgot that I wasn't near the glass panel anymore! What do I hold onto now?

The train creaked and groaned harshly, utterly tilting to the side and the clamorous, frightened crowd continuously screaming as some of them tried to grab onto anything they could. Unfortunately for me, I was helplessly flung down onto the bright orange seats, my body landing roughly on it as I yelped in pain. The train screeched to a stop on the tracks, the noise absolutely ear-splitting and from what I know, half of the train was definitely tilted sideways, my part being the worst.

The train abruptly stopping didn't help either, since everyone's belongings started slide and tumble towards me, I struggled to avoid them, some of them scraping me against my arm that was luckily shielded by my long-sleeved shirt.

"Shit!" I cursed out loud when someone's laptop almost hit me in the face.

Hearing another dreadful creaking noise, I found myself immediately sliding downwards from the seats and I whimpered involuntarily. Desperately clawing to stop myself from sliding down, my heart drummed loudly against my chest, my ears feeling the vibration of my heartbeat. However, I came to a stop, my body roughly bumping against the glass panel behind me.

A shaky breath escaped my mouth as I cautiously looked down, seeing everyone's belongings accumulating at the last window all the way at the bottom. There was a large space at the window just enough for me to see through the transparent window and I could see the hectic traffic below me, the vehicles swiftly driving across the roads.

"Oh my god." I whispered shakily, realising the imminent danger we were all in.

This is...

Someone help-

Before I could continue my thoughts, something heavy struck me, knocking me off balance and causing me to topple down from the safe area. Flailing my arms, I tried to grab onto the seat but I failed to get a secure hold on it, due to my clammy hands and the horrified scream that attempted to escape from my chest was trapped in my throat.

Holy crap.

"Ugh!" I landed against something solid, the impact causing me to wince in pain as I slowly opened my eyes. I was greeted by the sight of people pointing up towards the train suspending in mid-air, The realisation that I landed on the worst possible place hit me instantaneously.

It was the last window where everyone's belongings accumulated and the remaining open space that I landed on allowed me to partially see the people pointing up at me.

"Holy shit." I whispered out, my voice trembling as I knew I definitely couldn't survive the fall if the window were to break.

I have to get out of here.

I pushed myself up with my trembling arms, only to hear a heart-stopping crunching noise as I did that, my breathing hitching immediately. Wide-eyed, I saw the unmistakable cracks on the glass and my mind hastily controlled my body, settling back down on the glass. Not daring to move an inch, I could only observe the distance between me and the road, with the masses of cars and people below me.

If this window breaks, I am probably going to die.

Actually no, I am definitely going to die.

I squeezed my eyes close, not wanting to imagine anything about my death and about the distance to the ground.

Don't look down, don't look down, don't look down.

Of course, I am an idiot and decided to open my eyes and look down again, making my heart leap to my throat. Now, I'm not really afraid of heights, but looking down at the ground, knowing that I'll be dead if I hit the ground; the thought of it was intimidating.

Don't look down don't look down don't look down!

My eyes squeezed close yet again as the same chant repeated itself over and over again in my mind.

"Matt! Hang on!" I heard a shrill feminine voice, lifting my trembling head slightly to glance up.

Noticing a slim, chestnut-coloured hair woman reaching her hand out to a black-haired man who was dangling dangerously on the pole with only one arm wrapped around it.

"Grab onto my hand!" She exclaimed, one of her arm wrapped around the pole as she kneeled down on the glass panel. The black-haired man grunted, weakly reaching for her arm.

Until his arm slipped and he flailed his arms hopelessly to hold onto anything that could prevent his descend down.

"Matt!" The woman cried out in alarm, her eyes wide with fear and so was mine.

A chill traveled down my spine when I registered that he was falling towards me, his attempt at stopping himself proving to be futile.

The woman wailed at the man's name as he did the same, her name not entering my mind.

His body landed inches away from mine, adding more weight and impact to the window.

The crunching sound of the glass entered my eardrums, the sound of it haunting my very mind as the window gave away. The panicked commotion didn't register in my mind while I hastily reached my hand up to grab onto the ledge of the window, not caring if the remaining shards stuck to it pierced my skin or the glass shards that dropped towards me grazed every part of my body.

Alas, the passenger's belongings that fell along with us decided to strike my hands away from the ledge and I knew that nothing could prevent me from plunging to my death now.

"Mum, dad, I love you." I whimpered out, bracing myself for my impending doom, closing my eyes as I heard loud crashes and a panicked uproar beneath me.

However, before I could feel myself accelerating through the air, I felt myself stopping mid-air and a strong grip around my waist. My face that was supposed to feel nothing but the empty air was pressed against something warm and hard, making my eyes flutter open.

"Hey, hey-it's okay, you are safe now." A masculine and low-pitched voice assured me and I lifted my trembling head up, only noticing now how violent my trembling was.

A familiar, silver metallic skull appeared in my sight and I noticed how different the skull was up close, it didn't have the frightening teeth that a skull usually has, instead, the teeth was replaced by a few strands of strings attached together, partly covering his mouth.

His mask had a parting in the center of his forehead, showing off the slightly tanned skin of his face, the parting forming a circular shape around his nose before forming a straight line down to his mouth and ending there.

A comforting warmth filled my body as I gazed into his kind eyes that were of different colours. Upon closer inspection, his ocean blue eye appeared lighter than what I first saw and I could also see the green flecks in his hazel-coloured eye.

"You are safe now." He repeated the words again and it managed to quell my violent trembling. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw him carrying the black-haired man with his other arm, who looked absolutely terrified, his face blanching.

Suddenly, I felt my feet touching the solid ground and I could hear applause around me, along with some whistling. He released his grip on me and I immediately fell towards him, my knees wobbling as he quickly balanced me up.

"Whoa, are you alright?" He questioned in concern and I nodded weakly, swallowing my saliva down my parched throat.

"Th-thank you for saving my life, you should go help the others no-now." I stuttered out and he nodded in agreement, loosening his grip once again.

Yet again, I collapsed down and he hurried to help me but I waved him off. "I'm alright, just g-go."

He hesitated, hovering in the air for a moment before soaring into the air, his whole figure covered in black as I watched him fly into the train. A few seconds later, he flew out, hovering above the train as he pushed himself against it.

The part of the train that was facing downwards, which was a thousand times larger than him started to creak and I could only observe, nonplussed. The train started to move slowly and he lifted it up into the air, until he finally placed the train back onto the tracks.

After a few moments of amazed silence, the crowd broke out into massive cheers and praises. He hovered in the air for a moment, staring back at us before proceeding to float even higher, taking off into the air, however, for a second, he faltered and quickly recovered.

I furrowed my eyebrows, my knees still scraping against the rugged ground. Hearing sirens echoing throughout the road, I knew what to expect next as I slowly gathered enough strength to stand up. The reporters and media, which have been here since the beginning was gathering witnesses to report on the event.

Everyone passed by me in a blur as I leaned against someone's car to rest on, not bothering whether they disliked it or not. My mind wasn't operating logically right now and different emotions overwhelmed me, feeling someone patting gently on my shoulder.

The woman questioned, concerned for my well-being but her voice sounded completely muddled to me, my vision a little hazy.

"Ye-yeah, just give m

e a minute." I muttered out, sinking back onto the car and sliding down, burying my head in my hands.

Just let me comprehend the situation right now.

Let's see...I almost died, and was saved by the same man in the hoodie who the media claims to be the hero of this city.

Did I mention that I almost died?

An incredulous laugh bubbled up in my mouth and I shook my head in disbelief.

"Holy shit, this is all real." I mumbled to myself, inhaling in deep breaths and exhaling them out gradually. Eventually, I began to hear everything clearer, my mind starting to comprehend my surroundings.

"So, what exactly happened around here?" The reporter questioned a hapless victim of the incident, to my surprise, the victim seemed eager to answer her question.

I'm just glad that it isn't me that they are interviewing.

"Well, I captured everything on my cellphone and it was freaky! The supervillain, Frost, decided to show up and do all these crazy-"

I tuned out of the conversation, feeling an object vibrating in my right pocket as I dug it out, answering the call.

"Hello." I said tiredly, resting my chin on my knees, sighing miserably.

"Jean! Oh thank god! What the hell happened to you? Are you okay? I saw the live news and please tell me that wasn't you at the window, actually no, please tell me that you weren't on that train, at all."

"It was me, Jessie. The one on the window, the one that fell through the window and the one that got saved by this city's superhero." I explained in an exhausted manner and Jessie gasped in alarm.

"Oh my god, Jean. Are you really alright? Do you need me to give you some time to absorb-"

"No! No, please don't, continue talking, I'm holding onto my last shred of sanity here to not think about how I almost died."

"Do you want me to drive you home?"

"Yes, I would-hold on, I have an incoming call." I stated, answering the incoming call as I placed Jessie on hold.

"Jean! I just saw the news, were you on that train?" My mother's frightened voice streamed into my ears and I just felt like sobbing out, her voice comforting me immensely.

"Yes, mum, I was. I was also the one dangling from the window and-"

"O-oh my god, are you alright?" My mother's voice trembled a little and my lips curved into a small smile.

"Yes, mum. I am,'s superhero saved my life." I answered her and I heard the gasp of relief escaping from her mouth immediately.

"Where are you, Jean? I'll fetch you back home."

"Oh, mum, I know you are busy with writing your new-"

"No, my priority is my daughter right now, who almost died, not my work." My mother said firmly and I responded with a short chuckle.

"Alright, I'm at..." I trailed off, telling my mum the current place I was in and going back to Jessie, explaining everything to her.

"You have to tell me everything that happened once you are better." Jessie said and I laid my head on the car, a soft thump being heard.

"Yeah, yeah, I will."

"You scared the crap out of me, Jean. Next time, I'll drive you or you drive, no more trains." Jessie warned me and I chuckled heartily.

"Jessie, I have to take the train again, someday."

"I know, but seriously, when you hung up on me and I saw the news, I thought you really-ugh."

I could hear Jessie's voice turning hoarse and I smiled gently, even though I knew she couldn't see it.

"Don't worry, I won't disappear from your life that easily, or from anyone else."

"You better not!" She sobbed and I giggled into my phone, pushing myself up.

"Alright, alright. I'll hang up now, see you later."

"You idioootti. I ha-hahte you forr-" She sobbed incoherently into the phone and I rolled my eyes, my smile breaking out in to a grin.

"I love you too, Jessie."

Jessie sniffed into the phone, abruptly ending the call, making me chuckle softly and I lifted my head up, looking around and seeing the numerous amount of news reporters walking about to find any more interviewers or eager witnesses to share their story.

I frowned, not wanting to appear on television again and furtively walked past them, eavesdropping on their conversation with the enthusiastic witness, who was speaking to them in an animated manner.

Hearing the sounds playing from the phone's speaker, I easily recognized it, especially due to a familiar voice.

"Say hi to him, will ya? From Frost."

Instantly flinching at those words, a cold chill ran down my spine when I recalled what happened right after those words.

"He must be another one of those 'Apeirons' or whatever everyone calls them. Just when I thought that all the supervillains had been put behind bars, another one appears. How the hell is he supposed to stop all of them alone?" The young man spoke into the microphone, sounding exasperated.

"He? Supervillans?"

"Yeah, you know! The city's powerful superhero. What? Aren't they supposed to be call that? Supervillians? Like in comic books?"

Deciding not to eavesdrop any longer, I headed off to the destination where I promised to meet my mother at. Walking and shoving my way through the crowd, a contemplative look on my face.

Superheroes and supervillains.

Everything just seems so complicated now.

They are even giving themselves names!

"Am I supposed to be inside a comic book or something?" I muttered to myself, heaving a sigh as I finally reached my destination. Observing no benches or place for me to rest, I proceeded to settle down onto the concrete pavement.

"And I thought my life had already been complicated enough-and painful." I added, shaking my head and closing my eyes, still trying to recover from the traumatic experience.

Hearing a car honk, I perked up, my eyes lighting up in recognition and I stood up, waving to my mother who slowly drove in front of me. Eagerly entering the car, I immediately hugged my mother, squeezing her tightly.

"Oh god! You are bleeding everywhere--"

"Mum, I really thought I was going to die." I croaked out and she patted my back comfortingly.

"That's right, you are alive, thank god for that...thank god. That's all that matters. Let's get you to a hospital first." My mother's voice was laced with relief and I could hear how her voice trembled slightly, her body tensing up.

"Yeah...yeah, alright. A hospital sounds...good."


My father arrived home in the night, close to eleven and I was resting on my couch, watching the television.

"Dad! You look...tired." I furrowed my eyebrows in concern, standing up from the couch and approaching him.

He smiled tiredly, giving me a short hug. "I saw the news and heard everything from your mother, don't frighten us again like this, you nearly gave me a heart attack."

I managed a small grin, responding to him with a hug too. "I know, it won't happen again. You should go and rest, dad, you look exhausted." I said, releasing him from my hug as I glanced up at him, since he was at least a head taller than me.

His smiled grew a little wider, the wrinkles evident on his face and his black hair not as dark as he was ten years ago, due to all the white hair sprouting out as the years continued on.

Both my father and my mother were of the same age, and it wasn't a surprise to see the wrinkles and the slight grayish hair on them now, especially since they were over fifty years old.

After a few hours of chatting with my parents and catching up with my favourite shows on the television, my eyes started feeling heavier, knowing it was time for me to head to my bed.

I yawned loudly, not bothering to close my mouth as I switched off the television, turning off the lights and trudging to my room. I knew where to go despite the darkness, entering my bedroom and doing my usual night routine before I lay down on my cozy bed.

Ergh, damn it.

I forgot about my phone...on the table.

I groaned, exiting my room and dragging myself down the stairs to my living room. Once I stepped into the living room, I froze, standing in the same spot for a few seconds.

"...why did I come down here again?" I whispered to myself, turning around to take a step up the stairs.

"Oh, right, right. My phone, Christ, what am I? An old woman?"

Plodding sleepily to the table in front of the television, I took another stepped forward, wanting to stretch myself to take my phone from the table.

"Come on, you can re-ACH SHIT!" I cursed out loud, hopping around and holding onto my toe, which was throbbing in pain.

Ow, ow oww ow ow ow!

Goddamn couch chair leg sticking out whatever stupid argh!

Hopping around continuously in circles, I abruptly stopped halfway, still clutching onto my leg as I found myself staring into a pair of hazel eyes, blinking at it dozens of times.

The pair of hazel eyes that belonged to a person standing in the darkness, was dressed in a black outfit, except for a light green ski mask hiding the person's entire face, only exposing the person's eyes and mouth.

The person's eyes widened and I did the same, inhaling in a deep breath at the same time. The realization of a stranger in my house caused a feminine scream to escape from my mouth and the person did the same, only that the person's scream sounded masculine.

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