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   Chapter 3 One Year Ago

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One year ago, May 2016.

"I can't believe they are really planning to do it." I said to my parents as the three of us gathered at a top of a hill to observe the city from afar. The night view of the city was astounding, but it didn't appease the unease I felt within me.

"Relax, sweetie, they know what they are doing, they are all experts."

"Yeah, mum, I don't think so."

"Well, then let's wait to see if it really works or not." My dad tried to quell my anxiousness but it didn't work at all.

"Seriously? They are going to test out a cube that they found through an underwater expedition-I know, there were scientists, marine biologists and whatever experts they had out there in this expedition, but I don't believe that the cube is only used as a source of power."

"Sometimes we have to take risks." My father gave me a resigned smile, ruffling my hair and I huffed, crossing my arms across my chest as I leaned onto the railing, my eyes focused on the city.

There were protestors out there against the testing of the cube in our city, or anywhere else. However, despite their efforts, they were all simply ignored since they were a minority. Testing out the cube, which they believed provides unlimited power after a year of research, on the most peaceful city in the world?

That's asking for trouble.

"Yeah, but what about the consequences?" I questioned, taking a few steps back from the railing, my arms dropping from my chest.

Of course, I tripped again, due to not seeing the slight crack in the pavement, making me temporarily lose my balance. A pair of arms stabilized me and a sheepish smile appeared on my face, turning my head to the side.

"Thanks, dad."

Both of them chuckled at my usual clumsiness which never surprised them anymore. There was never a day that goes by without me tripping over something.

"Oh, it's starting." My mother interrupted the cheery atmosphere with a dreadful statement.

I bit on my lip, my eyes focused entirely on my beautiful city that was swallowed up by darkness by now. A few seconds later, the whole city lighted up, my nervousness gradually disappearing as I gazed in awe, my jaw gaping open at my beautiful city, the skyscrapers reaching up into the sky as the lights hastily ascended the building.

"Whoa." I whispered out, my eyes widening.

It actually worked, what a relief.

"I think we should head back now." My mother commented and we nodded in agreement, heading back to the car and my father slowly drove down the hill. My face was sticking close to the window, staring at the gorgeous view, the amazement on my face hardly disappearing.

Just then, I noticed something strange as lights started to disappear, one by one. It grew more rapid, and the entire city was gradually drowned in darkness. A horrified gasp escaped from my mouth, my amazed expression twisting into one of concern; feeling apprehensive at the black out.

"Erm, mum, dad? The city-"

"Alright, we need to head back, now. Something must have went wrong with the test." My mother cut off my words, looking at my father and he started to accelerate.

This was the premonition that I felt.

The ride down the hill and to the city was a distressing one, mostly because the only source of lights that we had was from the headlights and the city was completely dark. Once my father finally parked the car, with much difficulty, we exited the car and headed nearer to the city, using our phones as torchlights. The car was parked quite a distance away, since my father could hardly see and we decided it was safer for everyone if the car was parked further out.

Upon reaching the street, the power came back on, the lights once again brightening the entire area and I closed my eyes in relief, only to tense up when I heard loud shouting and screams surrounding me. It was starting to get more chaotic and when I opened my eyes, I looked at the ground, screaming in horror.

"Oh my god!" My mother gasped in shock, scrambling forward and kneeling down on the road beside an unconscious person.

"Jean! Call the ambulance!" My father ordered, scuttling away too and I nodded, hurriedly unlocking my phone and dialing the emergency number.

Right in front of me, were numerous amount of unconscious civilians everywhere on the ground. The unconscious civilians stretched up ahead and they were just everywhere, I knew it wasn't just this amount of the city being affected by the blackout.

It was almost half of it or maybe even more than that.

The consequences were nothing like we expected.

I hastily told the caller the address of the street I was in, my eyes still staring at the massive amount of unconscious civilians on the pavement and roads.


After the mayhem, the hospitals were flooded with patients from the incident, almost every one of them ending up in a coma. The others were the less fortunate ones, who passed away from the blackout and the families of those unfortunate ones could only mourn. The scientists behind this madness apologised for their actions, doing whatever they could to repay their debt.

The media started calling this incident and the object responsible for this, 'Infiniteum', due to the sheer amount of tragedies occuring and this lead to the downfall of the reputation of our city. The scientists were condemned for their irresponsibility and the testing zone was sealed off from the public, the mayor announcing it as one of the most hazardous area in the world.

The most peaceful city in the world was now deemed the most chaotic in the world.

There were numerous news reports of the victims awaking from their comatose state and that was the last report I read about before I left for Singapore for two weeks.

Whereas, along with visiting my relatives in Singapore, I couldn't find a proper time to settle down and read up the events happening in my city.


Running my hand through my hair, another sigh escaped my mouth as I recalled the tragic incident. "The scientists probably didn't expect this kind of result, didn't they? What do the media call them? Apeirons?"

"It means infinite, in Greek." My mother offered me a poignant smile.

"Dozens of people dying from the incident and hundreds more of these 'apeirons' out there." I shook my head, inhaling a deep breath and I stood up from the chair, deciding to change the depressing topic.

"I'm tired, goodnight, mum, dad." I smiled tiredly at them, pecking them on their cheeks as I hugged them.

"Goodnight." The both of them said and I trudged to my bedroom, my eyes starting to feel heavy, my exhaustion catching up to me.

I should feel grateful for not being any one of them, I can't imagine myself having...superpowers.

"I'll probably destroy the whole world by accident." I muttered to myself, chuckling as I turned my doorknob, opening my room door.

My room wasn't huge, but it wasn't small either, it had small, black tempered glass table occupying the right corner of the room. My favourite novels and magazines were arranged neatly on the small book stand placed at the end, followed by my laptop which was resting peacefully at the middle.

My walls were just painted in white, since I couldn't be bothered to decorate my room, especially when I had posters from my early teenage years pasted on my walls. I couldn't bear to take them down as they ranged from my favourite celebrities, animated characters and comic book characters.

"Wait a minute, I just insulted myself." I frowned, closing the room door and shrugged my shoulders a few seconds later, tumbling onto my comfortable bed, sighing blissfully as I wrapped my light-blue coloured blanket around me, snuggling into my light-blue coloured pillow cover.

God, it feels good to be at home.


An incessant ringing noise jolted me awake from my deep slumber, making me groan and reach for the source of the ringing noise. Grabbing onto my mobile phone beside my pillow, I didn't care to look at the caller, answering my phone.

"Hello?" I muttered out sleepily, squeezing my eyes close when I faced my window, the glaring sunlight streaming into my room.

"Welcome ba

ck! How was your trip?" A cheery, feminine voice greeted me and I slowly opened my eyes, blinking rapidly to adjust to the brightness.

"I-" I croaked out, realising how dry my throat was and I glanced to my electronic clock on my wall, swallowing my saliva to ease the dryness in my throat.

"Oh wait wait, don't tell me, let me guess it!" My close friend, Jessie Talbott, said excitedly and I blinked sleepily.

"For god's sake, Jessie, I just woke up and it's nine in the morning."

"Nine in the morning is considered late, you know."

"For you, yes but not for me, especially after what happened yesterday, I think I deserve to sleep in more for today." I huffed indignantly, sitting up and plodding to my bathroom.

Jessie laughed heartily, making me grimace as I pulled the phone away from me ear, kicking the bathroom door close and placing my phone at one side, pressing on the speaker icon.

"You looked like a mad woman, like seriously."

"Great, I'm going to attend the graduation ceremony in a month and everyone is probably going to remember me appearing on the news like that."

Jessie giggled, hanging up the phone, saying to call her back once I'm done preparing myself for the day.


My father wasn't home anymore, by the time I headed to the living room which was expected, he was dedicated to his work after all but he still makes time for us.

"Hey, mum. I'm going out for awhile, I'll be back for dinner." I popped my head into my mother's 'office' and she just hummed in response, muttering for me to stay safe as she continued typing into her keyboard.

I hurried back to my room once more, grabbing my sling bag and phone, checking my appearance in the mirror once more. Dressed in a white and yellow striped long-sleeved shirt, that exposed my shoulders, along with black pants, I was glad that the weather here wasn't too hot or cold. Nodding to myself, I exited the house and dialed Jessie again, not surprised when she almost immediately answered the phone.

I walked down the small stairs leading to my house door and turned around, looking at my house once more. The windows to my house were open and the walls were painted in cream, the roofs were painted in peach colour. My house wasn't particularly luxurious or enormous but I didn't care about that, the house gave off a homey atmosphere, which was what I searched for in a house.

Putting on my sunglasses, I heard Jessie's cheery voice once again and I rolled my eyes, shaking my head.

"So, how was your trip?"


"By your 'ugh', I guess it means extremely great?"

"Well, let's see..." I trailed off, starting to explain all the events that happened.


Boarding the train, I leaned against the glass panel as everyone in the train were either dozing off, watching their phone with rapt attention and listening to their music; gazing into empty space.

"So, how was it? Meeting him?"

"Who?" I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows as I removed my sunglasses, folding it.

"Well, you know! Him! The new superhero in town!" Jessie exclaimed excitedly and I snorted, rolling my eyes.

"Almost for the two weeks that I was gone, the city suddenly has a-ahhh! Great..." I said, only to be interrupted when the sunglasses slipped out from my fingers and dropped noisily onto the ground.

"Yes, the city has a ahhh! Great..." Jessie repeated my words, amusement evident in her voice as I bend down to grab my sunglasses, which thankfully didn't slide too far from me.

"As I was saying, the city suddenly has a heropekaowww!" I corrected my statement again, only for a gibberish word to spill out when I stood up too quickly and at the same time, the train decided to jerk, causing my head to bump onto the glass panel.

"The city suddenly has a heropekaow? I swear, Jean, if there was ever a gibberish language class, you'll ace it."

"Oh, shut up Jessie! That freaking hurts!" I winced, rubbing at my head and ignoring the stares some people in the train were giving me.

"Let's see, the city suddenly has a ahhh! Great...herope-"

"You get my point!" I growled out in annoyance, causing Jessie to guffaw over the phone.

"Alright, alright, I get it, sorry, couldn't help it. But really, how was it like meeting him? Was he like a prince? Like a bad boy? Was he hot?"

"Well, Jessie, he had a mask on and he was wearing a hoodie to cover up himself and having a gun pointed to your head didn't exactly allow me to judge how hot, how bad or how princey he was."

"Oh crap, my bad, Jean."

"It's fine, he even had his voice disguised."

"I'm so jealous of you, getting to meet him." Jessie sighed wistfully and I could only groan in response.

"Jessie, he's just a normal guy, that has powers--and saves people occasionally."

"Yeah! A normal guy that has powers and saves people everytime! Do you know how many crimes he managed to prevent? Especially when almost all the apeirons are the ones causing the crimes!"

"Woah, woah. Hold up a minute, are you saying we have supervillains too?"

"Yeah! Can you imagine? A superhero against all these supervillains, he's just so-"

"So it's only him against all of them?" I interrupted Jessie and I could imagine her pouting over the phone.

"Yep, isn't he just so cool?" Jessie sighed wistfully again and I could only shake my head at her swooning over the city's superhero.

I know it's cool and all to stand up against all the supervillains alone but the current state that our city is in...

"Calling our city Serenity is just so ironic right now." I spoke, ignoring Jessie's swooning.

And is he really fighting all of them alone? I mean, he's a superhuman but they are superhuman too.

"You are damn right." A new masculine voice intruded into my conversation and I glanced up, the source coming from in front of me. Blinking in confusion, I noticed a blonde-haired, lanky man standing up from one of the seats dressed in leather jacket and black pants, his lips curving into a sinister smirk.

"Erm...Jean? Who the heck is that?" I heard Jessie's voice, sounding suspicious.

"I have no idea."

Oh no.

I've got a bad feeling about this.

I gripped tighter onto my phone, Jessie's voice going deaf on my ears as I took a cautious step back, my back pressing against the glass panel, a sense of trepidation overwhelming me. Some of the passengers on the train must have felt the same too, from my peripheral vision, I could see some of them slowly standing up from their seats and warily stepping away from him while others just regarded him as a mad man.

He lifted his hand up into the air and crouched down, resting his palms on the train floor. I could feel something changing in the atmosphere, as if the temperature decreased drastically, goosebumps appearing on my arms. There were small white ice crystals surrounding the man and I let out a shocked breath, stepping away from the glass panel. Another shaky breath came out from my mouth when I noticed that my breaths were able to be seen.

Oh my god.

Another one of them, an apeiron.

"Jean? What's going on?"

"I have to go." I mumbled into my phone, immediately hanging up on Jessie and shoving my phone into my pocket.

"Let's see how your superhero is able to stop this." He smirked wider, pressing even harder onto the ground and the small white ice crystals that were circling around him serenely before they disappeared. I spotted the small white ice crystals spiraling around the ground this time, eventually surrounding a huge part of the train floor, the serene ice crystals turning into a layer of ice, rapidly freezing the whole floor in seconds.

"Say hi to him, will ya? From Frost." The man winked at all of us, moving his hand to the window beside him and jumping out from it, the window breaking, giving me a mock salute as he disappeared from my line of sight.

An ear-splitting screeching noise broke the pregnant silence and the train started tilting sideways. The next thing I knew, I was floating for a second as thunderous footsteps was heard throughout the train, followed by high-pitched shrieks and incoherent shouting.

I felt myself falling down soon after.

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