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   Chapter 2 A Superhero

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Hazel and ocean blue.

Those were the two colours I can currently register in my mind right now, despite my impending doom by some magician—oh uh, no, let me take that back, a...teleporting maniac.

Jesus, just thinking about the word itself sounds implausible.

The man with the fascinating eyes or the man with heterochromia stared at me a little longer before flicking his eyes up to the man behind me, narrowing his eyes at him.

"Let her go." He spoke, his voice masculine and deep, but it sounded so...fake, like it wasn't his real voice at all.

"What the hell are you supposed to be?" The teleporting maniac snapped at him.

"Nobody, just let her go and nobody gets hurt." The man responded and I only gulped nervously, squeezing my eyes close when he pushed the gun further onto my head; still trembling violently.

"Nobody gets hurt?" The teleporting man snorted at his words, his tone mocking.

"Let's be real here, kid. I have a gun pointed at her head and I could kill everyone here easily within seconds." The teleporting man added and I glanced back at the heterochromia man.

Observing the petrified faces of everyone in the vicinity, he turned back and I saw the hesitance in his eyes. "What do you want?" He questioned the teleporting man.

"Simple, I just want an-"

The familiar wailing of sirens pierced through the air and I felt my trembles receding slightly at the reassuring sound.

"...airplane—and you better hurry, kid."

He nodded solemnly and took a few steps back, almost instantly...flying off into the air and out of the window. I silently gasped, my eyes widening at the sight in front of me, letting out a few shocked breaths afterwards.

...holy crap...!

He just...flew, like literally flew off into the air.

Judging from the shocked faces from everyone, I knew they were not comprehending what they were seeing so easily too, oddly, there were a few faces who remained anxious; they must either be immune to this or they were just too frightened for their lives., don't think about anything except for your life now.

The sirens got closer and I turned to look at the window, seeing the policemen gathering outside the entrance of the airport. A person dressed in a uniform that was slightly different from the rest of them clutched a megaphone in his hand, raising it up to his mouth and started speaking into it.

"Sir, put down your weapons and-"

I ignored it, knowing what they were going to say but I knew that the lunatic behind me couldn't be bothered. I also noticed the reporters assembling outside the airport, talking straight into the cameras as they gripped the microphones in their hands.

Turning away from the commotion, I realised that the tight hold on the gun against my head had loosened and I heard the teleporting man clicking his tongue, probably vexed from all the events.

Inhaling in deep breaths, I tried to control my trembling or lessen it as I focused on the numbers that I kept counting in my mind.

Breathe in, breath out.

One, two, three, four, five.

Breathe in and out...

My eyes slowly fluttered open and I could feel the gun loosening even more this time, biting on my lip. Just then, the electricity went out, temporarily distracting everyone, including the lunatic behind me as I felt the gun pressed onto my head completely gone.

It's now or never.

I lifted my foot up, which was covered by a high heel and stomped it onto his right foot with all my might. The electricity was probably cut off to serve as a distraction and I internally thanked whoever it was who did it.

His deafening cry was heard across the whole airport and the gun from his hand dropped to the ground, the loud thuds echoing throughout the airport. I could feel everyone holding their breaths and I inhaled in a deep breath, pushing myself forward, adrenaline pumping through my veins.


...and don't be clumsy now, Jean!

That was the only thought that occurred in my mind as I sprinted off, along with a few people, who were daring enough to run away with me. My eyes were fixed onto the entrance of the airport and I heard the maniac roaring something insulting at me, however, I disregarded it.

"You think you can get away? Huh?" He appeared in front of me a second later, hissing at me as he pointed the gun at my forehead.

"I'll make an example out of you, to whoever who dares to—agh!"

His words were interrupted by someone who flew in via the window and tackled him to the ground, a long piece of rope tailing after him.

It was the same man from just now and my hair fluttered around wildly due to him flying past me. A shaky breath escaped my mouth as I noticed him lifting the man arm with only one arm, floating into the air and zooming straight ahead, slamming him against the pillar.

The teleporter struggled against his grip helplessly and he effortlessly tied the rope around him, trapping him against the pillar. After which, he dug out a blindfold from his pocket, tying it around the teleporter's eyes.

"Took me awhile to get this." He sighed out, tightening the rope and the blindfold once more.

"You little shit! Get these off me!"

"If you can't see, you wouldn't know where to teleport, wouldn't you, Blink?" He said, hovering...a few inches off the ground.

"Damn you!"

"It took me a long time to catch you."

The electricity came back on a few moments later and the policemen marched into the area, apprehending the...teleporter.

The heterochromia man spun around, facing me and started approaching me, while still hovering in the air. Some of the policemen nodded at him when they jogged past him and he awkwardly greeted them back.

"Apeiron, Blink! You are under arrest for trespassing get, physical assault and-" One of the police officers stated and I didn't bother to listen any further.

I blinked rapidly, alternating my stares between his eyes and his feet, which were still up in the air by the way and, he's still coming towards me.

"Are you alright?" He asked me, his voice showing concern when he stopped right in front of me. I heard a massive number of footsteps behind me but I could only focus on him.

"Wh-what? Oh, uh—ye-yeah! Of course! I'm...uh, perfectly fi-fine!" I stuttered out, still recovering from what I've just seen.

"Are you sure?" He inched a little closer and I took a step back, forcing a small smile on my face, trying my best not be mesmerised by his enthralling eyes.

"Yeah! Fi-fine, completely! Okay!" I reassured him, frowning slightly at my broken words after I registered what I've responded.

He nodded at me before taking off, a gust of wind blowing past me and messing up my hair as I observed him in amazement, flying out of the window, his figure growing smaller and smaller.

Almost immediately, I was surrounded by cameras and microphones, being shoved into my face, along with questions being bombarded at me.

"Excuse me, Miss! Can you tell us what exactly happened here?"

"Miss! How did it feel like to be rescued by the new superhero in town?"

"What was it like being held captive?"

"How did the new superhero look like up close?"

I flinched back, squeezing my eyes close as I felt my head spinning at all the questions. I slowly opened my eyes, being blinded by the flashing lights and the reporters shouting questions at my face.

"...a magician who can tele-teleport, and a man who could fl-fly and lift the magician—uh teleporter, magician teleporter, with one arm! One! And he can fly! HE CAN FLY! AND THE FREAKING MAGICIAN WHATEVER HE IS CALLED COULD TELEPORT! It was like those comic book superheros—wait, he is a su-superhero?" I exclaimed at the microphone like a madwoman, sputtering out my words.

"That's all?" One of the reporter raised an eyebrow at me and I let out

an incredulous chuckle.

"That's all? THAT'S ALL? JESUS CHRIST, I JUST SAW THE FLYING AND THE TELEPORTING—no, no, you know what? No more, I just can't deal with this right now..."

Feeling utterly frustrated and baffled, I shoved all the reporters away, ignoring them as I marched forward, running a hand through my hair. I eyed my luggage, which was still sitting peacefully outside and I huffed, speeding up my pace.

"Miss, is there anything else you would like to add?"

Letting out an exhausted sigh, I quickened my pace, ignoring their persistent questions.


"Miss! What-"

"Miss! Are you-"


They were still trailing behind me, shouting out their questions despite me treating them as if they were invisible. I felt my eyebrows twitching in annoyance as I let out an irritated growl, briskly walking to the entrance now.


Oh my god, stop please.

"Wait! Miss! You still haven't-"

"Oh, piss off! Go bug—my god!" I said, the words involuntarily flying out of my mouth as I stumbled, my entire body leaning to one side and I quickly balanced myself.

"Great, stupid heels." I grumbled out, recovering from my clumsy moment and headed hastily to my luggage, relieved that the reporters finally decided to give up on asking me.

Go bug my god.

Yeah, nice retort there, Jean.

Holding my luggage in my hands, I brightened up significantly when my eyes landed on a familiar car, slowly coming to a stop right in front of me. I hurriedly jogged towards it, opening the backseat and tossing my luggage inside before joining my mother at the front.

"Jean, sweetie! You look so exhausted, I told you not to move, didn't I? Didn't I tell you how extraordinary you were?" My mother sighed at me, giving me a concerned look.

"Not now, mum, I-" I responded sulkily, only to be cut off.

"And what's with all the police cars and vans? Did something happen here?" My mother asked in a panicked tone, staring at me with wide eyes.

"It's uh, a long story, I'll explain it after this question."

"What question?"

I hesitated, opening my mouth and closing it, letting a resigned sigh out of my mouth. "...what's this new superhero in town thing? What the hell happened when I was gone?"

"Oh, right. I forgot how busy you were that you didn't have time to look at news."

"...yeah, busy in a way but forget it, what exactly happened, mum?"

My mother threw me a suspicious look, knowing I was lying about my excuse about being busy but I didn't want to embarrass myself any further by telling her about my clumsy moments in Singapore.

"I knew you weren't exactly busy."

"Yes, I know, just tell me what happened, mum." I rolled my eyes and she gave me a resigned smile.

"Let's head home first, and I'll explain it to you, you look like you could use a nice, relaxing shower."

Relaxing back into the seat, I shook my head tiredly as my mother prepared to drive off.

"Yeah, I could use a shower right now, and a hug." I muttered out and my mother chuckled, opening her arms slightly to welcome a hug.

I grinned, giving her a tight hug. "I missed you so much, mum."

"Me too, and so did your father."


"Hey there, baby girl." My father stretched his arms open and I settled down my luggage, immediately jumping into his arms and hugging him tightly.

"Dad! I've missed you."

"Me too, baby girl."

I chuckled into his chest, rolling my eyes as I lifted my head up to look at him. "When are you going to stop calling me that?"

"I don't think he will, ever." My mother stepped into the conversation and my father just grinned at her words, releasing me from his hug.

"Why do I even ask?" I smiled, taking my luggage and trudging slowly to my room.

"I'll be in the shower." I said, sounding exhausted.


Hearing some news report on the television, I sighed in a relaxed manner, sauntering into the living room and glanced curiously at it once my eyes landed on the television.

"Yet again, there was another attack by the people we now call Apeirons, and this time, the attack was at the airport. This was the description of one of the civilian there, held hostage by the apeiron."

At that time, I was talking on my phone to my cousin back in Singapore, who was asking me about my trip back home.

"I'm fine, nothing happened."

My cousin started giggling over the phone, doubting that my trip back home was a peaceful one.

"Hey! Don't you dare mock my-"

I was interrupted by the vulgarities spewing out of my younger cousin's mouth as he was right beside my cousin. Judging from the vulgarities he was spewing out in the Hokkien dialect, he must be playing a computer game.

I winced, understanding what the vulgarities actually meant.

"Shut up!" I heard my cousin's shrill voice and I laughed softly, shaking my head.

"You know what? I'll call you back soon, I'm watching the news right now." I said to my cousin, hanging up the phone after exchanging our goodbyes, turning back to the television.

"A magician who can tele-teleport and a man who could fl-fly and lift the magician—uh teleporter, magician teleporter! With one arm! One! And he can fly! HE CAN FLY! AND THE FREAKING MAGICIAN WHATEVER HE IS CALLED COULD TELEPORT! It was like those comic book superheros—wait, he is a su-superhero?"

"This, ladies and gentleman is one of the terrified victims from the incident at the airport earlier today. Who will be the one to stop all this terrible madness?"

Wide-eyed, I glanced towards my parents who were giving me an incredulous stare and I immediately lifted my arms up into the air. "I didn't know what the hell was going on and no, I didn't get held hostage because of my clumsiness, in case you were wondering."

"Jean, we didn't say anything."

"Is this what you wanted to tell me?"

Both of my parents spoke at the same time and I sighed, putting my hands down. "Dad, you were probably thinking that somewhere in your mind, that I always get into trouble easily, especially with my clumsiness, along with you mum—and yes, that was what I wanted to tell you but..."

I directed my eyes towards the television screen before directing it back to my parents. "There's no need to now, but can I just ask, what is really going on here in this city?"

"...well, after you left, a week later, all these strange sightings and mysterious attacks kept happening, what the witnesses would describe sounded unbelievable to the public so there was hardly any news coverage on it. Until multiple anonymous sources started sending in videos of these...humans who were capable of doing things that were beyond understanding." My mother explained and I listened, absorbing all her words in as I nodded to her words.

"The media started calling those people apeirons after that." My father added and my mother hummed in agreement.

"So what? They are like basically superhumans?"

"You can look at it that way." My mother shrugged and I collapsed back into the dining table chair, grasping hold of the new information.

Huh, that would explain the teleporting man and the flying man too.

" did all this happen? I mean, why is it happening now? What is the cause of all this...craziness?"

"Do you remember the incident last year, sweetie?" My mother questioned and I frowned at her.

"Of course, how could I forget about it? It completely changed our city from the most peaceful city in the world, to the most chaotic one."

Okay, what I stated before was true, about my city being the most peaceful city in the world, until the whole incident happened and changed the lives of everyone living in this city.

"The people affected by it are probably the ones who we call apeirons now."

I scoffed before letting out a long sigh. "It was a year ago, huh..."

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