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   Chapter 20 Content with Life

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Evan grabbed onto my hand, his hand was big and warm, giving me the comfort I needed. Gently he slipped the white gold ring around my finger. The minute it was set in place, he looked at me, meeting my gaze and smiling from ear to ear. His eyes were warm pools of happiness, drawing me in. At that moment I forgot I had a task to do as well, causing a few people in the room to snicker. Snapping out of my daze I grabbed onto his hand and also slipped a white gold ring around his finger, a sign of him belonging to me. We were announced husband and wife to our friends and family which made them cheer, letting us know they were as excited about this as we were.


Laurel sat down beside me, a grin spread across her face as she leaned in.

"I need to tell you something."

Her giddy mood was contagious or it was the fact I had a few glasses of champagne, either way, I was getting as excited as her about the subject and I didn't even have a freaking clue what she wanted to tell me.

"Tell me, tell me."

She scanned the room as if she was afraid she'd be spilling classified information which could potentially harm her. She leaned in to whisper to me.

"I've met someone." She told me thinking she was being quiet, but I was sure she announced it to our table which made Emily and Nick shake their heads and try hard not to laugh at the drunk Laurel. I was on the same page as them.

"Laurel." I whispered back, actually lowering my voice, "You're not being quiet at all." I let her know and giggled when she looked surprised and scanned the room again, her cheeks flushed when she realized I was right, "So who did you meet?" I asked her curiously, "There aren't many people around. So he must be close to Evan."


Memories flooded back to me as I remembered the brown haired male who kissed me straight on the mouth only to mess with Evan. He was playing around, the kind of guy who was still figuring out what he wanted in life and along the way, he broke a few hearts. I didn't want Laurel to fall into the broken heart category. She looked excited though, her eyes telling me she was happy right now. I couldn't take that away from her. Instead of telling her the truth I smiled, pretending to be perfectly okay with it. I'd have a talk with Evan later so he could do something about it. I knew guys sometimes had that kind of conversation when it concerned a woman they cared about.

"Daniel, is fun to be around with, right?" I asked, trying to pry without flat out asking questions about what they were up to.

"He is." Laurel agreed, "We did shots a few seconds ago and he's amazing on the dance floor." Lauren reached for my hand and dragged me out of my chair with her, "Speaking of which we should hit the dance floor and dance like we just don't give a fuck."

I let Laurel drag me onto the dance floor and tried to let go, having fun with my girl and not caring about what other people would think of us. My wedding dress restricted my movement but I still had a great time. Evan who was also on the dance floor, goofing around with Priscilla and his friends grabbed onto my waist and dipped me low, pressing his lips to mine which made the people on the dance floor cheer. He helped

y's dad wasn't doing okay. He was the complete opposite of my dad, but he did make me rethink things. I didn't want to have any regrets either so I'd try and be as kind to my parents as possible.

Emily smirked, "I think he'll manage. He'll focus on his business and maybe trying to settle down and have a family of his own."

"It would have been better if Laurel met him instead." I sighed.

Emily narrowed her eyes on me, "What do you mean?"

"Laurel is dazzled by some man-whore, who by some reason is a friend of Evan."

"He is not like that." Evan called back, flashing her a playful glare, "Is not attached to anyone, so he doesn't have to take responsibility."

"He is not right for Laurel."

Emily placed her hand on my knee, trying to calm me down, "You need to let her figure things out herself. Trust me when I say that even if you tell her not to see him anymore because he isn't right for her, she'll still see him because she is dazzled. It will only hurt you in the end, because you'll question your friendship."

I took a sip from the sweet, warm beverage needing it to comfort me because their words didn't comfort me at all.

"So I just stand by and watch her get hurt?"

Emily didn't respond to that, instead, she patted me on the knee, "All you can do is be there for her when she needs you."

We continued to discuss the reasons why I couldn't interfere with Laurel's love life and ordered in when Nick joined us. Evan had tucked Matthew in at our guest room where we still had the crib out for him. We didn't think of putting it away because we knew the boy would be over frequently. Then my husband joined us in the living room and we put on a movie. I was sitting on the floor together with Nick, like the last time we watched a movie together. Evan settled on the couch with Emily. Our night in was quiet, but filled with joy. I was glad Nick returned the favor to Evan and pushed us to make a move because now I was content with my marriage and the people in my life. I knew in the future things would only get better because we were surrounded by good people who cared as much about us as we cared about them.

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