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   Chapter 19 Casual Proposal

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Evan glided his hands over my silk dress, his front pressed against my back while he felt me up. His look which I could see in the mirror told me he rather liked touching me while I wore my long, silk dress. I leaned my head back, letting it rest against his shoulder while he cupped my breasts, leaving kisses on my neck.

"If I wasn't the best man I'd take my time to explore you."

"But you are the best man." I smiled, opening my eyes and meeting his heated gaze in the mirror, "So you should stop fondling me and make sure we have everything before we leave. It's almost ten. I bet Nick is going to bite off your head if you're late."

Evan pressed a kiss to my shoulder and then pulled away, "It's a shame, we'll be taking Matthew with us so I can't even do anything about it tonight." He pouted like a little boy as he walked away from me, heading to the living room.

I grabbed my scarf and clutch and followed after Evan. He called up the driver and met my gaze, nodding at me. We were ready to head out and give Emily and Nick the moral support they needed. Evan was Nick's best man and Emily had her best friend Brandon be her maid of honor, or should I say the man of honor. She did ask of me to watch over Matthew during the ceremony, so I'd do that. Heading out of the apartment Evan followed after me and locked up. Grabbing my hand as he led me out of the building and to the awaiting car. It took a bit of effort to get in the car with my long dress restricting my leg movement, but Evan helped me, chuckling the entire time.

"Guess that dress only looks good, it's not convenient at all."

"I'll admit it's hard getting in and out of vehicles."

Evan put up the privacy screen and faced me, "I suppose you're not going to let me have my way with you now?"

I laughed, giving his shoulder a shove, "Seriously? You can't, it took a lot of effort to make myself look this good. I can't have you mess up my hair and make-up."

"You're beautiful even when you're undone."

I shook my head at him, "No, definitely not today."

"Zoey, we're taking Matthew with us tonight."

I was nearly crying of laughter, listening to Evan trying to convince me. I wasn't having it though, it took me about an hour and a half to do my hair and make-up, I wouldn't let him mess that up because we were both frustrated and needed to have an orgasm or two.

"You know we can have our way after Matthew falls asleep."

Evan looked at me as if I just told him I'm actually from Mars and would soon take over the world, "I'm not going to let this opportunity pass me by. It took a lot of convincing to make Nick agree to his honeymoon. I think this is the one time he'll let Matthew stay with us for a week. I should spend all my free time together with that b

ached me, grabbing onto my hands and holding them gently in his, "We'll do a wedding because I want you to feel like a princess. Also, I think that your father will forever hate me if we elope. He just got over the fact that things didn't work out the way he planned, we shouldn't push it. We'll invite your parents, my sister and a few close friends. Nothing big, just small and intimate."

"Sounds good."

"Then you agree to marry me?"

I laughed, amused by how casual we were about getting married, "I agree." I told him professionally, trying not to laugh or to smile for that matter, "I also agree to have a baby with you once we get married since that was your end game, right?"

He released my hands and wrapped an arm around my waist, pressing me up against his body while with his free hand he gave me a slap on the butt.

"No need to mock me."

"We were talking about it like we were discussing the stock market, of course, I couldn't let the opportunity pass."

"I'll get you a ring and do this properly." He promised me, "I'll give you what you deserve."

Leaning in I pressed a kiss to his lips, "Love you." I glanced over my shoulder, hearing a piercing cry echo through the apartment, "It's your chance to spend some more time with Matthew." I told him and pulled away, "I'm heading to bed."

He watched me as I crawled into bed and rolled to my side, "Seriously?"

I was only messing with him, I'd be there if he needed me. But I knew Evan got this and he'd have suggested it anyway.

"You don't need me right?"

"Yeah, right." He walked over to me and kissed my head, "Night, Zo. Love you too."

Smiling I closed my eyes, "Call me if you do need me." I called after him as Evan left the room.

"I got this!" He called back.

I knew he got it. He was my personal superman and soon he'd only belong to me.

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