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   Chapter 18 Finding Happiness

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Wandering to the department store I took in the sight of Priscilla skipping around, showing me pieces of clothing which would look cute on Matthew. The little had been with us for a week and was already getting rotten spoiled. I couldn't deny the fact that I was one of the people spoiling him. He looked cute, smelled amazing and was soft to the touch, I loved that baby boy. Evan though was completely taken over by him. He spent all his free time with Matthew, giving Emily and Nick some time to themselves.

"How about this one?" Priscilla asked holding up a onesie which would make Matthew look like a panda, "Wouldn't he look adorable in it?" She then spun around and collected a few more onesies, "And this one too."

Smiling at seeing how excited she got over animal onesies I joined her. Buying our baby boy too many clothing which he didn't need. It was necessary though. He was the first baby we welcomed to our little group of friends.

"I can't wait till I get to shop for you and Evan."

The paper bags slipped through my fingers, realizing what Priscilla was suggesting. Giggling she bend down and picked up the bags, scolding me for being so careless.

"Didn't think you'd be so surprised about that. I mean you and Evan are pretty serious, right?"

I couldn't deny that.

"We are."

"Then isn't wedding bells and cribs the next logical step?"

It was and I had been fantasizing about wedding bells, the cribs though, my mind never wondered to that. It was terrifying thinking about a big responsibility like that. A child needed more than just adorable onesies and cute toys. From what I could tell from Emily and Nick it was tiring, sucking the life out of you because it needed so much care. They loved doing it, but I wondered if it would be the same for me. I didn't want to strain my relationship with Evan.

"What if I don't make a great mother? I mean it's different taking care of Matthew because at the end of the day his parents do all the hard work. Feeding him, changing his diapers, almost never getting any sleep. I don't know if I'm strong enough to go through that and still love Evan the same way."

"Zoey, I think you're underestimating yourself. Putting the fear in yourself because you're afraid. You know it isn't that hard to take care of a little being who you'll love more than life. You'll do it without any regret and you know, you don't have to do it on your own because Evan is right there. Always taking care of the people who he loves most."

We headed to the awaiting car and got into the backseat after loading the trunk with our many bags. We continued our conversation about the future while the driver took us to Emily's.


Emily put away the clothing we bought for Matthew, shaking her head at seeing how many onesies we bought along with the necessary items like diapers and cotton onesies which Matthew could wear underneath his everyday clothing. I smiled as I watched Evan hold onto the boy while kissing his head. My boyfriend didn't notice anyone else in the room, it could make a girl jealous, but instead, I loved seeing that smile upon his face. He was happy and Matthew seemed to like where he was too. Making gentle sounds while he kicked his little feet from time to time.

"It's a cute p

to him as if he needed my warmth to comfort him. Not asking questions, because I didn't know where his mind was at I wrapped my arms around him instead. Holding him because I felt like he needed it.

"Evan, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Jesus, you scared me." Evan pulled away from me and turned to look at his smirking sister, "What do you want to talk about?"

Priscilla took a seat on the couch and placed her hands in her lap, lacing her fingers together while she lowered her gaze, not being able to look her brother in the face. I feared for the worst, thinking something bad happened to the girl. Instead, she told him something which surprised both of us.

"Could you talk to Nick about letting me work for him? I mean he has so many projects going on, I'm sure he can find me a job at one of his properties."

"Do you need money?" Evan asked, leaning forward, trying to look his sister in the eyes, "Because all you need to do is ask, I can-"

"It isn't about the money." She told him, interrupting him midsentence, "I'm thinking about settling. Finding myself a place in the city and sticking around for a while."

Evan reached for my hand and gripped it tightly in his, "You want to stay?"

She looked up meeting his gaze, "Are you dissatisfied with that?"

"Of course not!" He told her quickly, "I'm actually happy to hear you say that." He admitted to her, letting go of my hand and taking a seat beside his sister instead, pulling her to him while he hugged her, "It's all I ever wanted, having my sister around again."

She buried her face in his chest and let him hug her, "You should have told me." She whispered to him.

Giving them a moment to themselves, I headed to the kitchen and made myself of cup coffee. Once the beverage was done and had plenty of milk and sugar in it I settled in Evan's bedroom, deciding I was going to stay the night. Without Evan having an actual conversation with his sister Priscilla decided to stay in New York. I had a feeling seeing how happy Emily and Nick were and spending time with Matthew changed her mind. She wanted all that in her life. I was on the same page as Priscilla. I wanted all of that too.

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