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   Chapter 17 Needy Boy

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A week went by while Evan's sister was getting settled in, trying to get back to her old life. Not once did Evan mention to her how he felt about her traveling and not being there for him. I wanted to push him, but I knew it wouldn't help anyone. I needed to let him handle things on his own. I was baking a cake together with Laurel at my own apartment, gossiping about the things I knew about Evan's sister. I was horrible, I know, but you know, sometimes you couldn't help but spill sensitive information to your best girl. Those things just slipped out.

"You're kidding, " Laurel told me as she dumped a bit too much sugar into the bowl.

"You're not following the recipe." I told her and pulled back when she slapped my hand away when I reached for the tablet which was right in front of her on the counter, "Seriously?'

"Sometimes you need to follow your instincts."

"You can do that when you're cooking, baking is much more precise."

"It's not."

"It is!" I told her, "Trust me if you use too much of one ingredient the whole thing will be ruined."

Lauren didn't look so sure anymore, "You bake more often than I do."

Reaching for the tablet I replayed the video, wanting to go over it one more time to make sure the cake wouldn't be completely ruined because Laurel was following her instinct rather than a recipe.

"Is Evan still mad at his friend?"

"Isn't mad that Nick, they can never last without each other."

That made her laugh, "So the one you should be jealous of is Nick. He can steal your boyfriend away."

I glanced up from my tablet and met Laurel's amused gaze, "Yeah, Emily and I shouldn't be surprised when those two run away with each other one day."

Laughing Laurel shook her head at me, "But I get it. You know it's an overprotective brother thing. They never think anyone is good enough to be with their sister. Even if it's Nick he doesn't want him to get close to her."

"Nick would never cross that line, he is a good guy."

"I know he is." Laurel muttered, "Too bad Emily got to him first."

I shook my spoon at her, "No, Nick got to her first. He chased her."

"Nick chased a girl?" Laurel didn't sound like she believed me, but it was the truth.


"Then there must be something special about that girl." Laurel narrowed her eyes on me, as she tried to make me spill the beans, but there wasn't anything to tell, "She must be highly intelligent or did she model for the latest magazines? Maybe an internet celebrity?"

I laughed at that, "No, Emily was a college student when they met, working at one of his clubs. She is a smart girl, but I wouldn't say she is a genius. She is pretty, but not a supermodel."

"Then why did he chase her?"

I smiled at that, knowing exactly why Nick chased her, "It's a feeling you get one you meet that one person who makes you think of nothing else but them. Who becomes your world, the one person you want to see the first thing in the morning."

"Yet you haven't spent any time together with Evan ever since his sister got back." Laurel reminded me.

"They need some alone time together."

"Well, I suppose I can't say anything bad about her since she's not around much. They must have a lot to discuss."

"Evan and I are good." I reassured her, "Nothing to worry about."

"But don't you ever get jealous? I mean now he is spending all his time with Priscilla and Emily. I mean I know that you guys are sure about each other, but if it were me I'd still be unsure. Especially wh

et me hold you." He told me, pulling me closer to him and letting me snuggle in his side, "I missed this."

"Me too, " I admitted to him, letting my hand rest upon his chest, feeling his heart beating beneath my palm. It was soothing and made me slowly drift away.

"I love you, Zo." He told me, I was too tired to open my eyes and respond, but I loved hearing it. I wondered if he could tell by just looking at me.


Groaning I crawled up into a ball and tried to move away from the hand which was shaking me, "What's wrong?" I mumbled, too tired to move or open my eyes for that matter.

"Wake up, Zo, " Evan whispered to me.

"Just five more minutes, " I muttered back, thinking it was morning and he was about to leave, wanting to say goodbye to me.

He kept shaking me though, wanting me to move.

"Emily is in labor, her brother just called, letting me know that Nick and Emily want us there."

I shot up, staring wide-eyed at my amused looking boyfriend, "Emily is in labor?"

"Yeah, so why don't you get ready so we can head to the hospital."

Pushing the sheets away, I shivered, realizing was naked. I felt Evan's eyes trail over my body, that boy would definitely make me completely useless, only thinking about how to get in his pants. It wasn't that healthy, it couldn't be. I praised him mentally when he did move away and headed to the closet, grabbing my robe and tossing it to me.

"I'll make us some coffee." He told me, walking out of the bedroom to give me some privacy.

I got ready as fast as I could. Taking a quick shower to wash Evan off me and smell flowery again. Getting dressed in a dress shirt, I pulled on some black tights and black boots. I grabbed a denim jacket shrugging it on and pulled my hair up in a messy bun, pinning it to my head so it wouldn't move around. Grabbing my bag I met up with Evan in the living room and took the coffee mug from him, needing to feel more alive since it was only three in the morning. After we had our coffee we headed to the hospital, going there to be our friends' moral support. I knew for a fact that Evan couldn't wait to meet Matthew Evan, his namesake because Emily was grateful to Evan for pushing her and Nick to be together. He gave them the push they gave us back in Tokyo, I guess we weren't so different from each other at all.

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