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   Chapter 16 Innocent Crush

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Typing away at my laptop, I tried getting as much work done as possible. Evan's sister was going to arrive this afternoon and he was picking her up from the airport together with Nick. They were familiar to her, the guys in her life who treated her like a princess who needed to be kept locked away in an ivory tower. Glancing at my phone which laid beside my laptop I annoyed myself, Evan would call or text me when she'd arrive. Yet I couldn't help but t wonder about him. I was too into him, always thinking about him. It was driving me nuts.

I nearly jumped out of my chair when the device started ringing, inhaling deeply I tried to calm my racing heart down and reached for my phone. The display told me it was Laurel and not Evan. Trying to hide the disappointment I answered the phone.

"Hey, Laurel."

"Hey, girl. You busy today?"

I glanced at my screen, I still needed to respond to a few emails and upload another article. I was quite busy, but like Evan always told me, you needed to make time for the people who you cared about.

"I'm working right now, but if it's urgent I can free some time to meet up."

"No, that's okay." She told me, her voice telling me she actually meant it, "I had some free time so I figured we could meet up for lunch." I could hear Laurel moving around the city, probably heading to a restaurant to grab some lunch, "How is Evan doing?"

I didn't tell Laurel about the girl yet, when we got back from Tokyo we had been working on so many personal issues together. I didn't have the time to pick up the phone and have a girl talk with Laurel. Now I felt guilty, I had relied on her yet I didn't take the time to ease her worries as well.

"I totally forgot." I told Lauren, "Evan is fine by the way." I told her with a smile, "The girl who texted him is actually his little sister, Priscilla. She's coming over today, staying for a few weeks or so."

"Seriously." Laurel let out a sigh of relief, making me smile, "I'm glad because you know, that boy is fine. I liked the way he took care of me even though he didn't even know me. He just did it because he knew I'm important to you. A boy like that is marriage material, Zoey."

I was well aware of that. I knew there wouldn't be another guy out there for me who'd compare to Evan.

"He definitely is."

"You're aware of this?" Laurel sounded excited, getting worked up by something which wasn't within reach yet, they just started dating, "Should I start dress shopping?"

"No. We just started dating, marriage is the last thing we need to think about right now." I rolled away from my desk and stared out the window, "We're working on some personal matters. We talked to my parents and today we're dealing with Evan's little sister."

"You talked to your parents?!" Laurel must have made people around her stop and stare because she was being loud without holding back, "That's something else, Zoey. You've been avoiding that issue for months, afraid to face them. Why did you decide to talk to them now?" Laurel was silent for a minute and then broke the silence with a chuckle, "Right, it's Evan, isn't it?"

I couldn't deny that. He was the one who pushed me to see my parents and open up to them. I was grateful to him for pushing me like that. Things weren't as strained as they used to be. My mother was finally supporting me, it was my father who still needed to let go of his fantasies about me and my future. I hoped that he'd eventually see that I was doing okay on my own and that Evan wasn't some boy who I was having fun with. He was my future.

"So what's wrong with his sister?" Laurel continued, not giving me time to respond, "She trouble?"

"No. She's never around, but Evan wants her to be around, yet he's afraid to tell her that."

"I see." I could hear the smile in Lauren's voice, "I've decided to start looking for a dress."

Groaning I covered my eyes with my hand, trying to ease the frustration I f

nd catch up. I bet you have some awesome stories to tell him." I then focused on my boyfriend, "You ordered in?"

"Dinner will arrive in forty minutes." He stepped to his sister and placed his hand on her head, "You can go freshen up."

She got up and wrapped her arms around his waist, giving him a hug. When he kissed her head she released him, flashed me a smile and walked out of the room. Once she was out of sight Evan took a seat beside me and pulled me to his side, holding me while he closed his eyes and let out a tired sigh.

"My sister had a crush on Nick." He muttered tiredly, "How didn't I see that before?"

I couldn't help but to grin, "Isn't that normal?" I asked, which made him tighten his grip around me, "You know, developing an innocent crush on your brother's best friend because you think he is more mature than the boys around you."

"I must have been blind then."

"Or she was good at hiding it."

"She thought I knew because she mentioned it in the car. It made things awkward for all of us." He told me quietly, "I know she was only joking about it, wanting to tease Nick a bit. But I got upset and behaved like a girl, giving him the cold shoulder and ignoring him."

I slapped his shoulder, laughing at his insult. I knew it was true though, girls could become cold and distant when their feelings were hurt.

"Nick knows you're not going to stay away from him forever. He knows you need time to process things."

"Priscilla is no different from all the other girls, falling in love with her brother's best friend." He sounded upset again, looking like a pouty little toddler, "I'm just glad Nick never gave her an in. Can you imagine how fucked up things would be right now?"

Seeing how upset Evan was about something which wasn't even an issue, I could definitely imagine things being messed up if something did happen between Nick and his sister. Priscilla joking about her crush told me she was long over it.

"Nick would never go there. You're too important to him."

Evan nodded, "I know."

I patted him gently on the chest and then pulled away, getting to my feet, "I'll grab us something to drink. I'm thinking white wine or do you want something stronger?"'

"I'll have whatever you're having."

Smiling I walked away, "Things will be okay, Evan. It sounds like your sister is a lovely girl. I promise you that it will all work out."

While getting us a glass of wine I tried to get rid of my smile. I had nothing to worry about when it came to Priscilla. Evan wasn't pulling away from me either. It made me dare to think about wedding bells and white dresses.

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