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   Chapter 15 His Dirty Girl

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Back in New York, we settled down in our own apartments, putting our luggage away and cleaning up. Well, I cleaned up my own apartment I didn't know if Evan hired someone to do it. To me, he seemed like the type of guy who'd do it himself though. In Tokyo, he always took care of his own stuff too. The mundane things like that had me curious. I knew for a fact that Evan could cook, he didn't make the most complicated things, but the dishes he could make were good. He also loved to take care of the people around him and according to Nick before Evan and I started dating he'd always hang out at their place, keeping Emily company. Reaching for my phone I called my boyfriend, knowing even though he was probably getting some work done he'd still answer.

"Hey, you, " I said once he answered the phone.

"Hey, Zo." He called back, sounding amused with me, "What's up?"

"You busy?"

I heard movement and background noises which told me he was probably outside, heading somewhere.

"I just finished a meeting with Nick, I'm heading to your apartment actually."

I smiled spread across my face, liking the fact that Evan couldn't stay away from me. I wanted him near too, liking his company very much. It probably wasn't healthy wanting to spend so much time with only one person. We needed to let other people in too.

"How about we head to Emily's?"

"I should probably call her to make sure she's at home."

"You do that while I bake something. I think I should bring a cake."

"I'll be at your apartment in twenty, " Evan told me and then ended the call.

Placing my phone down on the coffee table I headed to the kitchen and started grabbing the products I needed. Instead of baking a cake which would take a bit too long for my liking, I decided to bake sugar cookies instead. They were easy to make and still delicious over a hot beverage. According to Evan Emily had a tea obsession, so I was sure she'd appreciate the effort.

While the cookies were in the oven I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the apartment. Evan arrived a few minutes later and grinned at me as he entered the apartment.

"Smells good in here, Zoey."

"I baked cookies instead." I told him, taking my hair out of the bun and running my fingers through it, "They'll be done in a few minutes. What did Emily say?"

"She's at home, can't wait for us to come over. Said we should stay for dinner."

"She's cooking?"

Evan shook his head, "Too uncomfortable. They'll order in."

Settling on the couch Evan took his laptop out and tried to get some work done while I watched TV. Glancing at my boyfriend I watched him type away, his eyes focused on his screen and nothing else. I was annoyed with myself feeling hot and bothered just by looking at Evan being in work mode. I didn't want to bother him, yet I couldn't stay away from him either. I wanted to touch him, kiss him and do other things to him. I think he felt the change in me because he looked up and narrowed his eyes on me.


"Are you busy?"

He chuckled, his eyes gleaming amusingly, "You've asked me that question as well when you called me. It's okay to tell me what's on your mind."

I reached for him, placing my hand against his chest, "What's on my mind is a bit time-consuming."

He knew exactly what I wanted, "What about your cookies?"

"The alarm will go off when they're ready."

He placed his laptop aside and grabbed onto my hand which was placed against his chest. With a tug, he pulled me to him and covered my mouth with his. He kissed me gently at first, teasing me, wanting to drive me inside. When a whining sound left my lips he deepened the kiss and slipped his tongue in, brushing his tongue against mine. Crawling on top of him I placed my hands on his shoulders and started grinding against him, feeling him getting into it. His hands cupped my ass while he held me tightly to him, letting me nip against his neck, k

ned his pace, knowing I was almost there. I didn't have any strength left in my body so he kept me upright, one of his hands slipping between my legs to get me there faster as he rubbed my sensitive spot. I lost it then, almost screaming my pleasure out as I reached my euphoric high. I settled tiredly in my pillow, my body shaking as Evan kept going, chasing his own orgasm. I reached behind me gripping his thigh, feeling it clenching as his sounds got louder. He was almost there, I could feel it. Smiling in my pillow I pushed myself up and with the strength I had I pulled away, losing contact with him. He didn't like it, but the loss of contact would only last a second. Turning around I pushed against his chest and let him fall on his back, straddling him I got on top of him and lowered myself back on him, biting my lip as he slipped inside my sensitive folds.


"I want to watch you."

He closed his eyes, his hands reaching for my breasts while he let me ride him. I didn't want to tease him knowing he was close. So I kept a quick pace, wanting to watch him come apart beneath me.

I placed my hand against his chest, feeling his quick heartbeat, "You almost there, baby?" I asked him quietly.

He only groaned in response, letting me know he was almost there. Cupping his face I watched him come apart as he reached his orgasm. When he finished he opened his eyes, his chest rising up and down fast while he tried to even his breathing. Smiling I leaned in and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"That was fun, " I whispered to him.

He tiredly chuckled, tangling his fingers in my hair while he let me kiss him all over, "I bet you had fun." He muttered, "I'm surprised you could still ride me like that."

I covered his mouth with my hand, "I'm tired." I admitted to him, "But I wanted to watch you."

He took my hand away from his mouth and showed me his sexy smirk, "You're a dirty girl."

"If I am it's because of you."

He sat up, kissed me on the mouth once and then helped me settle between the sheets. He got up cleaned up our clothes and walked into his closet. When he walked out again he was wearing gray joggers and held a black tee in his hand. He walked up to me, helped me slip it on and then walked away again. I settled on my side and listened to him move around the apartment, locking things up and turning off the lights. He walked back into the room, settled beside me and turned off the light on his bedside table. Wrapping an arm around my waist he pulled me close to him and kissed my temple.


Smiling I closed my eyes, "Night."

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