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   Chapter 14 Noah Powers

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Evan and I had been wandering around town and enjoying great food, having an amazing time, but I couldn't pretend anymore. It hurt knowing neither my father or mother called, asking to meet up. They weren't ready to let go of their hopes and dreams for me, they weren't ready to let me live my own life the way I wanted to. It hurt knowing they weren't open for change. Evan noticed and he tried to keep the mood light between us. Every time I looked at him I kept wondering what the hell he saw in me.

He didn't lack offers, he could date some submissive girl who'd do anything for him, worship the ground he walked on. Yet he wanted to be with a girl whose personal life was messy and who kept pushing him. He said he didn't mind because he knew I was doing it for him, but I wondered if he was honest about his feelings. All of that, all those worries were driving me insane.

Right about now I wished we were back in New York, meeting up with Emily and Nick and focusing on their wedding and upcoming child. That sounded a lot more fun.


Glancing at Evan he shook his head at me, his eyes trailing to someone behind me. Turning around I faced someone I currently wanted to avoid.

"Noah." I greeted back, upset at how unsure I sounded.

He approached us slowly, his eyes trailing to Evan, "Hello, Noah Powers-" He held his hand out to Evan who shook hands with him, "Nice to meet you." Noah then looked back at me and smiled, "Dad mentioned you were coming back soon, how have you been?"

I smiled at him, he didn't do anything wrong, he didn't deserve to be treated rudely. It was my father who came up with this insane plan to marry me off to Mr. Powers' his son.

"Great." I told him honestly, "Change of career, things are more challenging, but I love what I do." I told him and then gestured to Evan who now stood beside me, looking quite at ease, "This is my boyfriend Evan Black. We're in town, paying my parents a visit." I didn't want to talk much about them, since that was quite a sensitive subject to all of us, "How have you been, taking over your dad's office soon?" I hoped he would, that would settle things for sure.

Noah laughed, "Right, that's not going to happen." He told me which had my full attention, "Told my dad I'm not interested in taking over. I'm actually planning to take a year off and travel the world. Find something I actually enjoy doing, because I'm currently in a slump." His face lit up as he grinned at her, reminding her that Noah was quite an attractive guy, he just wasn't Evan who was dark and dangerous, "But you know how it is. You had a career change yourself."

"Yeah, I know how it is." I told him honestly, "Is your dad okay with your plans?"

"He wasn't at first, but he only wants me to be happy. So he came to terms with my decision." He then glanced at his watch, "I actually need to run. I'm meeting someone in ten. Are you two staying in town for a little w

safe flight, honey, we'll talk soon."

"Bye, mom."

Ending the call I placed the phone back down and reached for my glass, knocking the remaining content of my drink down.

"Told you things were going to work out."

I glared at Evan, "Now is not the time to give yourself a pat on the back."

He chuckled, "It seems like the perfect time. You met your friend who seems to be doing okay, you made things right with your mother and I'm sure soon you'll have the opportunity to make things right with your father as well." His eyes gleamed as he leaned closer to me and pressed his lips against my jaw, "And I have a feeling when we board the plane I'm going to get lucky again."

Arrogant. That man was so full of himself.

"You're forgetting about Priscilla, Evan."

He nuzzled my neck, placing a soft kiss against my pulse and then sat straight again, "I didn't forget. Since you seem like a weight has lifted from your shoulders and you look even more content than before, I'm thinking it's not so bad to face your fears."

That surprised me.

"You're ready to tell your sister the truth?"

He nodded, "I'm ready to talk to Priscilla."

Smiling I reached for him wrapping my hands around his bicep and leaning close to him, "The future seems bright for us, Evan. Before you know it we're the new Emily and Nick."

He laughed at me, pressing a kiss to my head, "And it feels damn good, doesn't it?"

I nodded, "Yeah, it does."

He knocked down his drink, placing the empty glass before him, "I'm also glad I've met you, Zoey."

A few hours ago I felt like this day couldn't get any worse, now it felt like a really good day. We didn't make huge progress, but I felt like things weren't so dark anymore. We were going to be okay. I was sure that if Priscilla wasn't okay with Evan asking her to stay, he'd still be okay. He had me and Emily and Nick who were never going to leave his side. With us, beside him, Evan would be okay.

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