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   Chapter 12 Casual Confessions

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Holding onto Evan's hand tightly, I let him lead me through the crowd. The club was crowded, people were having a great time. The music was blasting through the speakers and the lightening freaking awesome. I had no time to observe it though, I think Evan wasn't in the mood to dance the night away. We reached the management office and pretty quickly the security men let us in, separating us from the rest of the world. Once the door was closed there was no sound at all, I needed a minute to get used to that. Evan squeezed my hand making me snap my attention back to him.

"You okay?"


He held my gaze, "Chris will be here in a second."

He let go of my hand and walked around the desk, heading straight for the mini fridge, "You want something to drink?" He asked me, grabbing himself a beer.

"No, I'm good."

He glanced over his shoulder, "You can have a drink, Zo. I'll make sure you won't miss your flight."

I playfully glared at him, "I'm not worried about missing our flight." I mumbled.

His look told me he didn't quite believe me, "Sure." He muttered and then closed the fridge, taking a seat behind Chris' desk, "I can't wait to go back home."

I couldn't agree more, "Excited to see Nick and Emily again?"

He grinned at me, "Damn right." He took a sip from his beer, "But there are also a few things we need to take care of. Like going to see your parents and me introducing you to Priscilla."

"She coming back home too then?" I asked curiously, wondering what his sister was like.

He showed me a picture of her, but pictures weren't everything. Some people looked completely different in real life. It also said nothing about her personality. Was she the same as Evan? Did she love life the same way he did? Or was she some spoiled brat who partied away, living off his money. Because right now everything I knew about her made me think of her of a spoiled brat. I didn't voice that out to Evan because he insisted that she deserved it. I didn't know what happened in his past and I didn't want to push him either. But it must be bad if he let his sister behave so irresponsible.

"She'll stop by if I tell her I want her to meet my girlfriend." He told me, "Maybe she'll stay a bit longer than usual too."

I narrowed my eyes on him, catching the sadness in his tone, "You want her to stay."

"Yeah, but I can't exactly ask her to stay if she wants to travel. She should do what makes her happy."

I knew he probably didn't like hearing it, but I had to say it. I'm sure there weren't many people around him who dared to voice their opinion. Nick and Emily weren't here to be his voice of reason. So I had to step in.

"What about your happiness, Evan?" I stepped closer to the desk and took a seat on the one-seat in front of it, "You've done everything you can to make her happy, don't you think you have the right to request something back?"

"I don't want to force her to do anything she doesn't want."

"Have you at least talked to her about your feelings?"

His look told me he never told her how he felt. If Priscilla didn't know her brother wanted her close she couldn't change her ways. I couldn't ask her for her number and take the lead yet. But if Evan wasn't going, to be honest with his sister I'd do it for him. He would dislike it, but I think she'd understand.

"Sorry to make you wait." We both snapped our attention to Chris who walked through the door, quickly closing the door behind him, "I needed to deal with some VIP visitors."

"Everything okay?" Evan asked, looking relieved that Chris came in to change the subject. I wasn't forgetting about our conversation though, Evan was always giving and never asking anything in return. I wanted him to be happy too.

"Yeah, everything

use. Marrying a man of his choosing. My father was cold and he didn't care much for living life only to enjoy it. He'd dislike Evan the minute he laid his eyes upon him.

"Tell me why you look like I just told you your pet died."

I turned to look at my boyfriend, "My family will make you run." I told him, reaching for his hand and holding it tightly in mine, afraid he'd disappear from my sight, "I can't, I can't go through that. I love you, I don't want them to ruin us."

Evan squeezed my hand in his, a smile spreading across his face. It wasn't the time for him to be joking around. He released my hand and cupped my face when he noticed my confusion.

"I love you too, Zo."

My eyes widened, realizing what I said to him without thinking. The words just left my lips because of the fear I felt. It wasn't a lie though, it was how I felt about him. I just didn't want to tell him too soon. Now, however, there was no turning back. He knew and he wasn't running away, thinking I lost my mind.

"Okay, that's good, but meeting my family might make you hate me and I don't want to risk that." He laughed which made me frown, I was being serious here, yet he was only joking around. At least it felt that way to me because I was mentally freaking out, "Could you stop laughing at me. I'm being serious."

"I know you are being serious." He leaned in and kissed me, taking away some of the tension I was feeling, "That's why it's hilarious how you're handling the situation. You're confessing to me like it's no big deal whatsoever then you brush it off when I tell you I feel the same way. Only wanting to get your worries off your chest." He smiled at me, "It's hilarious listening to you."


He pulled away from me, "Don't worry about that, okay? I'm not going anywhere. No matter what your parents will say or do, they won't make me love you less. I want them to know I'm serious about their daughter. If things work out, they work out. If they don't, then no hard feelings right? We'll both go our separate ways."

I nodded, agreeing with everything he was saying, "Yes."

"Okay, then go grab your phone and make the call."

Slipping away to grab my phone I turned it on while heading back to the kitchen. Evan was quietly eating his lunch, his eyes meeting mine when I took a seat beside him again. He placed his free hand upon my thigh and nodded encouragingly at me. With a deep breath, I dialed my dad's number and waited patiently till he answered.

"Hey, dad, it's me."

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