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   Chapter 10 Meeting Laurel

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Emily and Nick visited us for a few days and we were waving them off the morning they were departing. After we said goodbye to Emily and Nick who were going back to New York, Evan and I decided to have an early lunch at a family restaurant. Stepping out of the crowded airport Evan reached for my hand and held it in his, glancing down at me with a smile.

"Figured we try out being an actual couple."

I squeezed his hand, "Holding hands and going out on dates?"

His lips twitched, "Exactly."

Entering the restaurant we sat in a booth and ordered our food. We both ordered a lot since we skipped out on breakfast. Sitting across each other we shared our dishes, talking about how amazing Emily and Nick were.

"She is naming him after me."

"The baby?" I asked surprised.

"Yeah." He grinned, happiness gleaming in his eyes as his whole face lit up, "Said she was grateful I pushed them to be together. I told her I only advised them, they were the one who decided to make a move. But Emily, once she has made up her mind no one can change it."

"Nick can."

Reaching for my matcha tea I sipped it, feeling like I was in heaven. It was iced with a dash of whipped cream. I didn't care if it wasn't the healthy option, it was freaking delicious.

"Yeah, Nick can." Evan agreed, still smiling.

"I'm glad things worked out for them."

Evan leaned closer, "Me too." He told me quietly and narrowed his eyes on me, "So next thing we need to take care of is your girl, Laurel." I couldn't help but to be surprised he remembered her, "Don't look so surprised, I do listen to you, Zoey."

"I know that." I leaned back in my seat and placed my glass back on the table in front of me, "But since we've been busy I figured it slipped your mind." I glanced aside not being able to meet his gaze, "Laurel is not the problem. She'll like you. I'm more concerned about my parents."

"That they won't like me?"

I flickered my eyes back at him, "Is that weird?" I asked him, "We're not at a good place right now and they've seen the pictures of us together. I've told them we were just friends because when they saw the pictures and called me for an explanation we were just friends. Things changed."

He reached for me, running his knuckles lightly down my cheek to comfort me.

"We'll figure it out together." He promised me.

He leaned back and finished off his drink, "So what is Laurel like?"

"Very present, always. Loud and cheerful but loyal."

"So a good friend?"

I nodded, "Yeah, like Nick is to you."

He seemed to understand what Laurel meant to then, "I understand."

We planned the days, wanting to give Laurel a tour around and town and doing fun stuff with her. I didn't have to talk to her about my feelings for Evan anymore. I talked to Evan about it and here we were. Doing the couple thing and it made me fucking happy and I'm sure it was the same for him.


We had planned everything for Laurel's arrival and when she did arrive a few days late

ey got along well. I was grateful for it because Laurel was important to me. Next thing we needed to tackle was my parents, but we still had time to get ready for that. After dinner, we waved Laurel off. She brushed us off when we wanted to walk her back to the hotel. She was taking a cab and getting some sleep because the trip had exhausted her.

Evan and I walked back to our apartment building, hand in hand. We were both smiling, our bellies full of food and our bodies tired because of constant laughter. We had a great time and I didn't want the night to end.

"So what's the verdict?"

"Laurel is giving me a full report when the trip is over."

"Guess I have to be on my best behavior then."

I snorted, "You know very well you've charmed that girl with only a smile."

"Looks isn't everything."

He was right, it wasn't. It wasn't what would keep a relationship together. You could only be entertained for so long before a person would bore or annoy you to death.

"You're right."

He squeezed my hand, "You let me know what she thinks of me?"

"I'm sure you'll pass, " I assured him.

He smiled, "I still want to know if she likes me or not." We entered the building and headed straight for the elevator, "Yours or mine?"

I leaned back against the mirrored wall and sighed, "Mine? I'm getting my period either tonight or tomorrow morning."

"Are you testing me?" He asked, probably reading me like a book, "Zo, it's part of life. It doesn't scare me at all. So we'll just cuddle for a few days, I'm okay with that too."

I definitely found a good guy this time, he was a keeper.

"Laurel won't like you." I told him, smiling when I noticed his look dropping, "She'll love you."

He chuckled and leaned in, pressing a kiss to my temple, "Tease."

Leaning closer to him, I wrapped my arms around his waist. Things were great between us and I hoped that one day we'd be like Emily and Nick. It would take a lot of work, but I was certain we could get there.

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