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   Chapter 9 Making Things Official

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Emily and Nick were on their way, Evan and Chris were going to welcome them in the hotel. Evan was getting ready to head out while I was lazing around in bed. I giggled when he grabbed my ankle and pulled me across the bed. Clutching the sheets I tried to hide my naked body from his view. His lips curled up to a smirk when he noticed what I was trying to do. He reached for the sheets, teasingly trying to pull them away.


He chuckled, "What are you trying to hide? I've seen it all."

I playfully glared at him, "Doesn't matter. I'm not laying around naked, waiting for you to come back and continue things."

That sparked his interest, "You want to continue things when I get back?"

"Don't you?"

He held my gaze for a while, his teeth biting down on his lower lip. He was on the same page as me.

"Keep the bed warm for me, Zo." He whispered and leaned in, pressing a kiss to my lips, "See you later."

"Later, " I called after him as he left the apartment.

Not wanting to lay around while Evan had taken a shower and dressed up to meet his friends, I also got up, reached down for Evan's shirt and slipped it on. I didn't do up the buttons, I was alone in my apartment anyway. Stepping into the bathroom I glanced in the mirror, running my fingers over the marks Evan left over my neck and chest, a smile spreading across my face. While Evan was away I took a shower and dressed into a comfy tee and joggers. Cleaning up the bedroom I placed Evan's clothes upon the bed and headed into the living room, making myself a tea. While waiting for Evan I was catching up on my dramas.


The next morning we had breakfast together with our friends. The guys eventually left to do their thing while I went to explore the city together with Emily. She was nearly six months pregnant so I knew not to wander off. It was a good thing we split up in groups because we all needed a break after the awkward comment Nick had made.

Nick was always someone


"No, well I don't mind that either. But the relationship thing." He was laying on his side while he smiled at me, "Let's do the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing."

Leaning closer to him, I brushed my lips against his, "I'd love that."

He grabbed my wrist, pulling me on top of him. I straddled his lap while I hovered over him, our eyes locking. The darkening of his eyes told me what he was thinking. Smirking I pressed my palms against his chest and sat up.

"How about some tea before bed?" I asked him.

He grabbed my hips tightly and shifted us, making me land on my back while he hovered over me, "Tea and a movie?" He asked.


It was the first night we casually hung out as we did before. No sex, just us enjoying each other's company and it wasn't boring at all. I had a lot of fun, snuggling with my boyfriend on the couch while watching a Japanese horror film. It was so scary I made Evan promise me to even accompany to the bathroom if I was too scared. He'd have to guard the door. He didn't mind though, he promised me he'd do that. I was glad Emily and Nick suddenly decided to pay us a visit because if Nick hadn't made that embarrassing comment us we wouldn't be here. We would have gone around in circles, hoping the other one made the first move. We owed Emily and Nick.

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