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   Chapter 8 Rose Tea

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Emily and Nick were arriving in a few hours, I was finishing off breakfast with Evan. Trying to get our stories straight. We hadn't discussed our relationship yet, but what we couldn't deny was the fact that we were into each other. Physically. We couldn't be like that in front of our friends, because they'd ask questions which we couldn't answer. We had to figure out what we wanted till we explained ourselves so for now, we'd keep our attraction for each other to ourselves.

"When is your friend coming over?" Evan asked, getting to his feet to clean up our dishes.

I got up as well and walked over to the sink, ready to wash our dishes while Evan did the drying, "This Friday. She'll fly back to the states Wednesday."

"She's not staying long." Evan was drying everything and putting them back to where they belonged, "Doesn't she want to explore Tokyo?"


"Girl talk, I got it."

I didn't want him to get it, he wasn't supposed to know Laurel was coming over to talk about him.

"No, she's just paying me a visit. Make sure I'm okay."

He wasn't buying it, his eyes were alight with amusement, "Right. Of course, she is."

"She really is!"

He held up his hands, a massive grin spread across his face, "Okay, I believe you. No need to get so defensive."

I narrowed my eyes on him, his cheerful smug look making me scrunch my nose. He didn't believe me at all and he shouldn't because I was obviously making things up. But to respect my wishes he could at least not gloat.

"You're not getting any tonight, " I whispered, pushing him aside while I dried my hands.

That made the smile drop from his face. He leaned with his hip against the counter, while his eyes pierced mine, "I was getting laid tonight?" He asked, suddenly sounding very serious.

Putting the towel away I moved to the living room, taking a seat on my nice rug, putting my laptop back on the table to check my blog and other important messages.

"You're not getting any now." I sang to him.

He followed me to the living room, taking a seat right beside me. It was hard not to smile, knowing my tactic to get back at him for gloating worked. There was no way I could deny him if he tried to woo me. I had to be honest with myself and just admit it already, I longed for him. After our night together I definitely couldn't deny him.

"I think we should revisit and revise."

I titled my head to the side and pouted my lips, pretending like I was thinking about it, "Should we?"

His eyes scanned my face, he was taking his time before he answered me. I was pretty sure he was analyzing the situation, going back to the first time I mentioned he wasn't getting any tonight. I think I was right to assume that because his lips curled up to a smirk while he leaned closer to me. Gently he placed his lips against my neck, giving me a soft kiss there and slowly trailing his lips up till he reached my ear. His lips brushed against my ear, his breath giving me shivers.

"I think you're messing with me, Zo." He whispered to me.

my skin and made my heart race faster. His lips curled to a smile which could make even the most saddest person consider smiling back. Evan was perfect in so many ways.

"I'd like to take it nice a slow, " I whispered.

He leaned into my touch, my hand trailing down to cup his cheek, "You want to make love?"

My breathing hitched in my throat as he asked me that. It was something I wanted, but I was afraid I'd make him reconsider. His eyes gave nothing away though nor did his body language. It didn't feel like he was about to pull away from me so I figured I could be honest with him.


Leaning more into my touch, he kissed my wrist. He shifted his gaze back at me as he answered me, "I want that too."

Without hesitating he leaned back in and kissed me. It was slow and gentle like the kiss he gave me that morning. We took it slow, exploring each other's bodies and trying to find out what we liked. The first time we slept together it had been fast, both of us chasing our orgasm. Tonight it was all about exploring each other. It had been just as good. As we both reached our orgasm Evan laid on his back and pulled me close to him, my head resting upon his bare chest while he stroked my hair.

"I still want my rose tea, " I whispered, trying not to break the peaceful moment we had.

A soft chuckle left his lips, "I did promise we'd have tea afterward."

I groaned, closing my eyes as I snuggled closer to him, "I'm too tired to get up though."

He brushed his lips against my hair, "I'll make you your tea." He pulled away from me and got to his feet, completely naked.

Enjoying the view I watched him slip on his boxers while he tossed me his shirt so I could cover up. He winked at me when he noticed the appreciative look on my face and walked out the bedroom. Tonight was perfect. Evan was definitely on the same page with me when it came to our relationship and he was gentle and considerate. Making me rose tea because he was keeping his promise. How could I not fall for him?

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