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   Chapter 7 The Morning After

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Rolling to my side, my eyes snapped open when my hand touched heated skin. I let my eyes travel over Evan's naked skin. My breathing hitching in my throat when I noticed the red marks across his bare chest. I couldn't remember it getting so wild last night, but as I shifted I noticed the ache between my legs. A soft whine left my lips causing Evan to stir. He rolled to his back, his eyes still closed, his breathing still even and deep. I was still safe, I could observe him a little longer. I let my eyes travel down his visible arm, noticing scratch marks running down the length. My god, I did a number on him last night and I couldn't remember most of it. If there were no marks nor the dull ache between my legs I would have assumed it was just a dream I had. Rolling away from Evan I scanned the room. The room was light so I figured I slept through the morning. I didn't know if Evan had plans, but if he did he was probably missing out on them. I didn't have the heart to wake him so I quietly sneaked out of bed, reached for Evan's dress shirt and walked into the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind me. As I approached the mirror I took a minute to observe myself. I hadn't buttoned up the shirt so I could see all the red marks Evan left all over my neck and chest. Thankfully I brought my concealer and foundation so I could cover those up. My hair was a bloody mess, it was tangled and all over the place. As I scanned my face I noticed how tired I looked, my make-up could cover that up as well. There was nothing I could do about my swollen lips, we just had to deal with that. Turning around I adjusted the water to the right temperature and let Evan's shirt drop to the floor. I shampooed and conditioned my hair and got out of the shower once I was all cleaned up. Drying my body I wrapped myself up in a white fluffy towel and pinned my wet hair up. Leaving the bathroom I quietly entered the bedroom to see Evan sitting on the edge of the bed, only wearing his boxers.

"Morning." He greeted.

"Morning." I greeted back, unsure of how to approach him.

The embarrassment slowly crept up on me, making me cross my arms in front of my chest as I somehow tried to cover up. I didn't know what Evan remembered, but I'm sure he saw it all. When I narrowed my eyes on him I could tell he looked rather amused, he remembered it all, alright.

"I have to get ready." He told me.


He got up and scanned the room for his clothes, "I'm having breakfast with the guys this morning." He found his pants and headed the bathroom, knowing I used his shirt, "You should join us."

Spinning around I faced Evan who had his

m talk about it behind my back or be open about it, Evan beside me didn't say a thing so I assumed he didn't care either way. If he did care he'd let me know, he'd all of us know so I took my chances.

"You're not wrong."

The guys quietened down letting their eyes go back and forth between Evan and I. Evan looked up from my phone and handed it back to me, "When we're home we'll talk about it." He told me and faced the boys again, "Zoey and I had a fun night together, we're not going to talk about it with you guys. It's personal. So yeah we fucked and no we're not talking about."

Straight to the point, everyone seemed to appreciate it. Breakfast after that went by so fast. I liked Evan's friends, they were kind and seemed to really like me too. They either patted my shoulder or gave me a hug as they left the hotel to roam around the city. Evan was the last one to leave, saying goodbye to me first.

"Tomorrow morning we'll discuss how to handle your dad." He glanced over his shoulder, "I have to hang around with the boys today."

"I understand." I told him, not feeling offended at all, "Have fun."

Smiling Evan leaned in and gave me a quick kiss, "See you tomorrow morning."

Evan left the hotel together with his boys while I took a cab back to the apartment. At home, I made myself lunch and sat down on the floor and watched a movie. I didn't understand much of it, but it was enough to distract me. I didn't wonder about my relationship with Evan and my dad wasn't on my mind either. Today I was taking a break from all the bullshit, tomorrow morning I'd be facing everything. Evan would tell me about my father's messages and I was sure Emily and Nick would arrive, I couldn't wait to meet them. I was sure Evan felt the same way.

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