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   Chapter 6 Sexy Black Dress

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Evan's friends had arrived this morning, he was having breakfast with them at the hotel while I had breakfast with Chris. It was odd that Chris picked me over the guys, but something told me Chris was the type of guy who looked more peaceful scenes. I didn't mind at all, because I enjoyed his company. We were seated on the floor, sipping miso soup.

"You all set for tonight?"

Grabbing my chopsticks I popped a piece of fried tofu in my mouth and stirred my rice around, "Yes, I guess. I mean all I have to do is be around, take pictures and write about it." I finished my soup and focused on my rice and tofu, "I'm sure Nick will give me feedback when he arrives Monday."

"Maybe." Chris leaned against the couch, "I know feedback is always good to improve, but I think you're doing great so far, so don't doubt yourself too much."

I smiled, "Thanks, I love the positivity. It will definitely help me prepare for meeting the guys."

Chris' lips curled up to a smirk, "Bunch of drunk guys wanting to have a good time, yeah I think you need to prepare yourself for that. I made sure the VIP room is set only for the party. They can do whatever the hell they want in there without ruining my club's image."

"You think they'll be that wild?"

Chris raised an eyebrow at me, "You have no idea. Evan is a nice guy and all and he has mellowed down ever since Emily and Nick became a serious thing, but every once in a while he lets loose. That means tons of shots, women, and mistakes."

I tried not to show it, but hearing about Evan's plans for tonight made my heart drop to my stomach. Evan didn't give women much attention since we settled in, but I guess tonight he was going to let go and have a good time. It made me want to think of an excuse not to go so I didn't have to witness it again. Last time it cut me deep, I didn't know why then, but I know now. Clearing my throat I focused on my breakfast instead. Trying to shake off the bad thoughts, hoping Chris didn't catch my 'someone ran over my cat' expression. I did feel his eyes on my face, but he didn't comment on it. If he did catch on he was being a gentleman about it and keeping his mouth shut.

"Hikari will be there too so I'm sure you'll be alright." Chris continued, changing the subject easily, "You know if hanging out with the guys get too much you can always chill with her in my office."

Chris was a good guy, I really hoped that this girl would appreciate him. Anna was a fool for leaving a guy like him.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

Chris headed to the club after breakfast while I took a minute to myself. Laying down on my bed, I closed my eyes and tried to talk myself into being positive tonight. I wouldn't show anyone my disappointment in Evan when he banged women in bathroom stalls again. He didn't belong to me, he had every right to have a good time tonight. If I disapproved of his lifestyle I'd be just like my dad who criticized me because he didn't understand. Things that didn't fit into the boxed he created in his mind was bad. I didn't want to be like that. Exhaling deeply I opened my eyes and sat up, I could do this. I wouldn't even pay attention to Evan. I would have a good time, letting the guys run wild while I did my own thing. If things got too much I'd keep Chris and Hikari company in the office and everything would be fine. No one's night would be ruined. I could definitely do that.


Clasping my strappy heels, I got up from my bed and glanced at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a long black strappy dress which split at the side, showing a lot of leg. So much it was way too daring, but I didn't care. I told myself I wouldn't mind Evan trolling around, but this dress was actually my shield. I knew I would look good even if my face would scrunch up in disgust, a lot.

My hair fell down in loose waves, reaching my waist. I didn't go all out with my makeup since my dress was enough. I magically became good at doing a wing, so I went for a big wing with heavy coats of mascara and a berry colored lip. Running my fingers through my waves I glanced over my shoulder when I heard the doorbell ring. It was probably Evan letting me know we had to move.

shared a dance together, mainly because he wanted me away from the drunk idiots as he referred to them. We met Hikari who was a very nice girl, the complete opposite of Anna in looks and personality. I assumed. I never met Anna personally, but I knew she was the type of girl who only befriended people who could help her move forward in her career and only dated men who did the same. That type of woman I hated. She wasn't sincere at all, everything about her was fake. I didn't get that feeling when I conversed with Hikari, the best I could. The three shots I had got to me, making me sway on my feet. Evan made sure I stayed on my feet though, cursing my heels to hell. When the night ended we were heading back to the hotel, me all giggly in the backseat pressed up against Evan.

"I had fun."

"Glad you enjoyed yourself."

I giggled, brushing my hand over his chest which made him raise an eyebrow at me, "I haven't enjoyed myself yet." I couldn't stop the giggle and pouted my lips as I tried to concentrate, "I will when you get me out of this dress."

That made the moody Evan get out of his slump, "Cute."


"You being smashed is cute." He told me, "We're almost home, Zo. I'll make sure you don't break your neck and put you to bed."

Like promised Evan walked me to my room, he let me wander around the apartment while he threw my clutch on the coffee table, his eyes following me. Smiling he reached for my arm and gently pulled me with him to my bedroom.

"Careful." He warned me.

I stumbled into my room and took a seat on the edge of my bed, raising my foot which reached Evan's crotch. I saw his eyes widen for a split second before he reached for my ankle and tightly grasped it in his hand, pulling it away from his crotch.

"Zoey." He warned

I noticed how his eyes were not on mine, his eyes were trailing down which made me follow his gaze. A whole lot of skin was showing, leaving nothing to Evan's imagination. I felt his fingers tighten around my ankle as an animalistic growl left his lips.

"It's okay."

He narrowed his eyes on me, his fingers slowly trailing up which made my breathing pick up. I bit my lip when he grabbed my hips in his hands and pushed me up the bed, my heels tearing into my sheets. Evan grabbed onto my leg and wrapped it around his waist, settling in while he brushed my hair out of my face. His eyes searched mine for what felt like an eternity. He slowly leaned in and brushed his lips against mine, letting me have a taste. My fingers itched to touch him, so I did. I grabbed onto his shirt, clawed the material as I deepened the kiss, slipping my tongue inside his mouth. I felt his smirk, but I didn't give a damn, all I wanted was to end the night by chasing an orgasm with the guy I wanted for a very long time.

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