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   Chapter 4 Amazing Evan

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Yesterday had been eventful, I had a lot of fun with Evan on the plane even though for a second I believed he ditched me to hook up with a flight attendant in the bathroom because apparently, that was his thing. Instead, he ditched the woman and kept me company. I could honestly say that Evan was a good friend, he cared about me. He showed me he cared when he made sure I was all set up before he left so I could rest. Then my parents interfered, bringing me down and I curled up in a ball and watched a Japanese drama which I actually loved. I didn't have any subtitles so I didn't have a clue what was going on, but it still brought a smile upon my face. Maybe in a few weeks, I would pick up some words and actually understand the language a little better, then I could fully enjoy my Japanese dramas.

After getting my hair done and polishing up my makeup I texted Evan to let him know I was ready to have breakfast. A few minutes later a loud knock echoed through my apartment, letting me know Evan was here to pick me up. Opening the door I greeted him with a big smile.


Evan looked surprised to see me in a good mood which made me wonder if he heard my conversation last night. He couldn't have, I wasn't screaming at my parents. The walls weren't paper thin.

"Morning." He greeted back which felt like an eternity, "We'll go to the little coffee shop around the corner. Chris will meet us there, he's running a bit late, but I'm sure we can entertain ourselves for a bit."

"I'm sure we can."

Locking my door I placed my keys in my bag and followed after Evan who headed toward the elevator. As he walked I observed his back. Evan was tall, I think the same height as Nick. He was six foot something with broad shoulders and biceps. His suits always made him look powerful, intimidating and unapproachable. But then he'd flash you his cheeky grin and you'd wonder about the possibilities. Evan pushed the elevator button and stepped aside to let me stand beside him, his eyes searching mine as I quietly stood beside him.

"Something on your mind?"

"What's your height?"

His eyebrows drew together as I asked that random out of the blue question, "Six foot and three inches, why?"

"Nick the same height?"

"I think he is a bit taller, I never asked." Evan sounded amused, "What's with the random questions?"

"I just wondered." I admitted to him, "You're a lot taller than I am."

Evan chuckled, "The height difference won't be an issue though if you're wondering."

I felt stupid for not knowing what he was referring to until the question left my mouth, then I pieced it together and blushed like a tomato, "What do you mean?"

Thankfully the elevator arrived and we both had to step inside. Evan pushed the button to the ground floor and stepped back, standing with me close to the wall, leaving enough space for other people if they were to take the elevator. Since our apartment was on the fifteenth floor it took a few minutes for us to arrive at the ground floor due to people entering the elevator. Once the door opened Evan placed his hand on my lower back and gently led me out of the building. Then he stepped away from me and walked in front of me to lead the way and like before I followed after him. It gave me time to observe him quietly, but that also messed with my head. I couldn't help but to think that Evan was a handsome guy and if he wasn't so adventurous with his women I would have liked him a lot more, I would have probably made my move. But Evan didn't do relationships and he didn't do normal. He liked his weird sexual experiences.

"You coming or what?" He asked as he glanced over his shoulder to make sure I was still following him.

I quickened my pace to walk beside him. Reaching the coffee shop he held the door open for me and let me step inside first, being a real gentleman. He closed the door behind him and headed to an empty table by the window. He reached inside his jacket, taking out his wallet.

"I forgot to mention this earlier but it's better to pay cash here. We'll go find you an ATM later."


"So what do you want?"

"Definitely a coffee." I glanced over at the menu, glad they also had small pictures of some of the pastries they were serving, "Oh and this bread filled with red bean paste, or whatever."

He smiled, "Got it, I'll be right back."

I turned on my phone while Evan ordered us breakfast. My parents blew up my phone with messages, I knew my father would never accept the fact that I ended the call like that. I was upset though, I needed to figure out what to tell them to ease their minds. In the back of my mind, I knew he'd only be at rest when I went back home and took the job Mr. Powers had offered me. I would never leave New York just like that though. I loved my place and I loved spending time with my friends. Cocktails with my girlfriends, lunches with Nick and now his girlfriend Emily and I even liked spending casual nights in with Evan. He was only bored when he decided to stay, but I still enjoyed that night. He helped me without complaint and actually humored me with his wild stories about his nights out.

"He'll bring the coffee in a minute." Evan sat down and placed my red bean pastry in front of me, "I also got some French toast, it looked good. We can share-"

Evan got interrupted by the beeping of my phone, message after message being left.

"Sorry." I reached for my phone and turned it on silent, "It's just my dad being silly."

He narrowed his eyes on me, "You okay?"

Glancing up from my phone I flashed him a small smile, knowing I was crap at keeping a straight face. Especiall

y when it came to my controlling dad and opinionless mom.

"My dad doesn't approve of my job and he definitely didn't like the fact that I quit my job and accepted this one. When he saw our picture together he thought it was the perfect opportunity to make me feel less about myself."

"You're an adult, you make your own choices about your life."

I smiled, putting a pack of brown sugar in my coffee, "I've told him that many times, it doesn't get through his thick skull though."

Evan shrugged a shoulder, "Then you keep saying it till it finally gets through. You pay your own rent and bills, right?"

I nodded, "I do."

"Then he has nothing to worry about. You should do what you love, not a lot of people are that happy with their job so when you find a job you're happy with you should embrace it rather than dismiss it because people don't approve."

My small, forceful smile turned to a happy bright one, "You're easy to talk to."

"Hey!" He grinned at me, his eyes dancing with amusement, "I'm not that easy."

Giggling I shook my head at him, "That doesn't even make sense."

"Shut up."

We talked about my job at the magazine, I didn't like the fact that I had to sell out at times, but I enjoyed it better than the office job my father wanted me to have. I worked from home, writing and editing my own pieces, it was amazing. This job Nick offered was even better, but it was for a short period of time. It could potentially become something big since I was meeting the right people thanks to Chris and Evan. I just needed to put a lot of effort into my blog. I was certain I could make it though.

"There you are." I titled my head back to see a blonde haired guy with the most alluring smile ever hover over us, "Hey Zoey, nice to officially meet you."

I couldn't help myself, I blurted the words out before I realized how embarrassing it actually was, "My God, that accent." I whispered.

Evan across me snorted, but that didn't snap my attention away from the Australian god. Chris didn't seem to mind that I ogled him, his grin only widened as he took a seat next to Evan, sharing a man hug with him.

"How was the flight?" Chris directed his attention to me, so I assumed it was me he was asking.

"Amazing. Nick spoiled us."

"Nick is an amazing guy." Chris leaned back in his chair and shifted his gaze to Evan, "I left my laptop at your place last night. If you could bring it to the club later I'd owe you for life."

Evan grinned at that, "I like the sound of that."

"You were at Evan's place last night?" I asked.

Both Chris and Evan shifted their gazes to me. It was Evan who answered me first, "Chris lives next door, he was home late and decided to pop up."

We had some small talk, talking about Chris' stay in Japan. I never saw pictures of him with a woman before but apparently, he met someone and they were becoming more serious about their relationship. He was telling Evan he was thinking about moving in together with her. She worked at the hotel he stayed in when he was finalizing things with Nick. A Japanese girl who was apparently the total opposite of Anna. He didn't go into detail about her and shifted the conversation.

"So I have a big night planned, a famous DJ is playing. A few actors are popping up as well so you guys will have an eventful introduction to the club." Chris shifted his vibrant blue eyes to me, "They're Japanese actors, but I'm sure it's a start for your blog."

"It definitely is." I agreed, "I'm curious about the DJ."

"The guys are coming over next week, Ryan is having his bachelor party here."

"The game dev?"

"No, the marketing guy."

Chris shrugged a shoulder, "Can't remember him, but I'm sure I've met him before."

"You have." Evan confirmed, "His best man made an exception for Zoey, says she can join because she is fucking hot." Evan smirked at me, "His words, not mine."

I narrowed my eyes on Evan, "So you're saying you don't think I'm fucking hot?"

Chris chuckled, "You walked right into that one, mate."

Evan groaned, "That's not what I meant, Zo. You are definitely easy on the eyes, but I didn't want to offend you."

Chris got up, "Things just got weird, I'm getting a coffee while you two figure this out."

When Chris returned we talked about the club some more. Evan and I were only going to check the club out tonight, trying to get a feel of it. I was curious about the DJ, apparently, he was an up and coming young guy who was very ambitious, getting offers to play at big clubs like Chris' and Nick's. I didn't speak Japanese so I couldn't interact with the actors who were also coming over to party at the club, but Chris assured me he'd have someone present who could translate so I could interview them and post a few things on my blog.

After our meeting, Chris left to head to the club while Evan walked me back to the apartment building. He had to bring Chris his laptop so he was heading out right away, but he'd be back home in time so we could head to the club together tonight. I was looking forward to it.

"I'm getting back in time with food so we can have dinner before we head to the club."

I totally forgot about dinner, being grateful Evan didn't forget, "Thanks, you're awesome."

He grinned at me, "I know. I'm heading out, see you in a few."

While Evan headed to the club I prepared myself for our night out together. I didn't want to admit it, but I was putting a lot more effort into getting ready because I knew this was the only night Evan and I would have at the club without anyone else present. I wanted to catch his attention and make him say I was fucking hot.

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