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   Chapter 3 First Night in Tokyo

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Not once in my life did I fly first class, I always thought it was ridiculous. Why waste money on such a luxury? Today I had no choice though, Nick was the one who prepared my flight and it was first class. Beige leather seats in their own cubicle with a nice HD screen across it to watch movies. My cubicle was right next to Evan's, but there was a small white screen between us, not hiding much but giving us enough privacy to feel like you were alone. Taking a seat in my cubicle I glanced aside, meeting Evan's huge grin. He was wearing fitted charcoal gray slacks with a lighter gray dress shirt, no tie, and no jacket. The first buttons of his shirt were undone, showing off his skin. I couldn't help but stare and he noticed. Thankfully he didn't comment on it, I suppose he was used to it. Instead, his grin got bigger while he took a seat in his cubicle, getting comfortable. Unlike me, he was used to this.

"I advise you to get comfortable, it's a long fight."

I kicked off my flats, untied my hair making it fall down to my back. Running my fingers through my hair I made sure all the knots were out of it and shook it a few times. Like Evan, I also ditched my jacket and reached for my bag to get my laptop out.

Evan laughed at that, "So you getting comfortable is letting your hair down, kicking off your shoes and get back to work?"

I glanced aside, responding with a grin of my own, "I love to write and I do need to let my followers know that I'm off to Tokyo for three months." I put my laptop beside me, making sure it was safe on the small table and got on my knees on my seat to look over the small white screen, holding onto it as I peeked inside Evan's cubicle, "Want to take a picture with me?"


Putting my flats back on I walked around and got a seat on Evan's lap. He wasn't uncomfortable with it so I assumed I wasn't crossing any lines here. I was about to take a picture of us when he stopped a flight attendant and asked her to take the picture for us instead. She smiled brightly, something in her eyes making me feel embarrassed. When I glanced over my shoulder I noticed that Evan returned her look. I was the minute the picture was taken those two would disappear for the rest of the flight. I was well aware Evan could make things work in small spaces. Trying to brush it off I looked back at the woman and smiled as she took our picture. She handed me back my phone, throwing another flirty look over her shoulder as she disappeared to the hall which led to the bathrooms. Quickly getting off Evan's lap I pretended not to see anything. Taking a seat in my cubicle I focused on getting the picture online even though the WIFI was crap. Glancing up from my phone I noticed Evan following into the direction of the flight attendant. I wouldn't see him in a while. I hated that knowing Evan was fucking a random flight attendant in a bathroom stall made my heart squeeze painfully. It shouldn't matter to me, he was single like Nick mentioned before. Evan could do whatever he wanted. Turning my phone off I put it in my bag and reached for my laptop to finish up writing my first blog post about Tokyo. What surprised me was when I was about to finish up the third sentence, Evan walked back to his seat and got comfortable again.

"No fun in a small stall?" I asked him, not being able to shut down my curiosity.

Evan chuckled, "Didn't feel like leaving you alone." He admitted to me, "I got her number though, maybe we can work things out when we land."

I rolled my eyes at him, "I'll be fine on my own, Evan. It's not me you should worry about." I glanced around.

He smirked, "It's fine, so how is your blog post coming along?"

"I've only finished a few sentences." I glanced back at my screen, "It's fine though."

While I finished up my post-Evan talked about his friendship with Emily and Nick. I loved hearing him talk about it because he was actually happy, his eyes warming up every time he mentioned either one of them. He was excited about the baby, his namesake.

"You and Emily get along?"

"Didn't she tell you?" He asked me, not waiting for my response though, "I was the one who pushed them to be together. I'm also her partner in crime. If she wants to do something Nick disapproves of, she gives me a call."

"So you're basically causing trouble for Nick all the time?"

He laughed at that, "Yeah, basically."

The flight didn't feel that long with Evan beside me. He entertained me, telling me about the people he cared abo

ut. He also informed me about Chris, the guy who stayed in Tokyo for the time being to get the club off the ground. He was doing a great job so far. I knew the guy though, I'm sure everyone who kept up with the latest gossip knew about his crazy wife. She was engaged to an up and coming actor and was all over the tabloids. I didn't know Chris personally, but I felt sorry for him. First, he had to deal with a wife who threw him aside without notice, appearing everywhere stating she wanted to get back together with Nicolas Woods. When that didn't work out she went after Chase Patterson and got exactly what she wanted. I didn't know them personally so I didn't think too much about it. It was probably a good thing Chris wasn't married to a woman like that anymore. He was better off now, he would find someone who actually did care about him.


Entering the apartment building which was located right in Tokyo central I nearly slipped and fell seeing how fancy the place was. Black marble tiles, a big front desk with two attendants. The women both bowed in greeting as we entered. Evan told me to stay put as he headed to the front desk. He came with two keys, handing me my key. We took the elevator to the fifteenth floor, our apartments at the end of the hall located right across each other. When I opened the door to mine Evan barged right in which startled me.

"Go ahead, make yourself at home."

"Chris said he got things ready. I'm just making sure." He told me as he turned on the TV, "That works." He around the coffee table and held up a card, "And the password to your WIFI, you're good to go." He walked past me, heading toward the door, "Get some rest, we'll meet tomorrow morning to have breakfast together with Chris."

As he closed the door behind him I let out a relieved sigh, it was good to have a place of my own for the next three months. Nick was generous and I wouldn't let him down. I told him I'd be honest about my experience here, but that didn't mean I would try hard to get as much material online as possible. Pictures and blog posts, everything I could do on my end, maybe even a vlog for the website. Going over the list of things I could do for Nick I turned my phone back on, startled by how many messages I had. A few from my girlfriends, but most of my parents asking me about the guy I had a picture with. Sighing I called my dad even though it was around eight in the morning. I'm sure he was already up and at work, but I didn't care. I needed to set some things straight, not liking the messages he left me.

"Dad." I said once he answered his phone, "I do not appreciate the things you messaged me."

"Then it's not true? You didn't drop everything just to hook up with some guy in Tokyo?"

Hearing him speak that way to me made the tears well up, but I refused to cry. I was allowed to live my life the way I wanted to. They had no right to make me feel inferior.

"I'm doing my job, I didn't drop everything to hook up with some random guy. But even if I did, it would still be my life, you have no right to judge me for it."

Again he wasn't actually listening to me. Just ready to pick a fight with me because I didn't choose the path he wanted me to take. Now he was hating on everything I did. I didn't even understand how he saw that picture. Probably my mother showed him. She had no opinion of her own, always siding with him. I didn't understand why I even tried to stay in touch with them. All we ever did was fight and end the conversation on a bad note.

"Then who is the guy?"

"A friend."

"You're that friendly with all your male friends?"

"Dad, I'm hanging up now. This isn't going anywhere. I'm here in Tokyo together with my friend and we're going to attend a party and a whole lot of pictures are going to show up. Just to let you know. Now I'm going to catch some sleep. Bye."

Hanging up I silenced my phone, put it on the bedside table and put my suitcase on top of my bed. Opening it I searched for some comfy clothes, clean underwear, and my make-up bag. I had two, one filled with make-up and the other filled with hair and face products. I laid the clothes out on my bed, grabbed a towel and headed into the bathroom to freshen up. I would deal with everything tomorrow. I was in a bad mood and wanted to watch a movie in bed. I wouldn't understand it, but I didn't care. It would help me forget about the horrible messages and awful conversation with my dad. I would drift away and pretend that never happened.

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