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   Chapter 2 Evan’s Late Night Visit

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Tomorrow I was leaving my life in New York to stay for three months in Japan. It was odd leaving the life I loved so much to start an adventure together with a man I didn't like that much. I was still doing it though. I must have lost my mind when I made that decision, but I told myself I didn't regret anything, and I honestly still didn't. It would be a step forward in my career, making me like my job again.

I was leaving the cab, entering the restaurant where I was meeting Nick and his girlfriend Emily. The famous Emily who melted his heart and made Evan and Nick rekindle their brothery love. Smiling I reached their table and held my hand out to the dark-haired girl looking very pregnant.

"Hi Emily, I'm Zoey." I told her when she shook my hand, "Nice to finally meet you."

"Nice to meet you, Zoey."

We both took a seat, I felt Emily take me in as she pretended to go over the menu Nick handed her. I didn't mind it though, I knew I'd do the same if I was dating a guy like Nick. A girl needed to make sure the women in her man's life weren't a threat like Anna had been. So I let her do her scan of me while I also went through my menu.

"So when is the baby due?" I asked, curious to know when Nick would become a dad and his free time would be completely gone.

Nick smiled as he glanced at his girl, "In four months." He answered without hesitation, "Evan has to be here since he said he wouldn't miss the birth of his namesake. So I think we planned things right."

I nearly dropped my menu when he said that so cheerfully, "You're naming your baby after Evan?" I asked him as if he lost his mind, "You serious about that?"

Emily laughed closing her menu, her eyes warming up to me, "We're together because of Evan." She told me, "We owe a lot to him."

"Yeah?" I wasn't convinced though, "Isn't it confusing to have two Evans around?" I also closed my menu since made my decision for lunch, "Besides one is clearly enough." I muttered, yet Emily and Nick still heard me, both grinning at me.

"Evan made a bad impression, " Nick informed his girl.

She met his gaze, "I can tell." She whispered back.

Nick glanced back at me, "Our boy will be called Matthew Evan Woods, so it's not that confusing."

Emily wasn't letting my dislike toward Evan go, "So what happened between you and Evan?" She asked curiously.

We paused our conversation when the waiter approached our table to take our order. After we placed our order and the waiter left the table we continued our conversation. Emily's eyes sparkling, letting me know she wouldn't drop the conversation until I told her everything.

"Nothing much."

Emily narrowed her eyes on me, "I'm sure you wouldn't dislike Evan for no reason. Something must have happened."

Nick reached for his water, "One night at the club Zoey witnessed something she wasn't supposed to, I assume it cut her deep." He sipped from his water, pretending he didn't say anything at all.

Emily's face lit up as she leaned forward, "What did you witness?"

My cheeks heat up as I remembered the scene from two years ago.

The music was loud, people having a good time on the dance floor and me sitting in a booth together with Nick and a few other friends in the VIP section. I got up with my clutch in hand to head to the bathroom. Walking through the dark hallway I reached the ladies room and entered, the room was completely empty at least I thought it was. As I stood by the sink to freshen up I dropped my lipstick when erotic sounds echoed through the room. Turning around I glanced down to see black leather shoes which obviously didn't belong to a woman. Then I heard a woman moaning Evan's name, but she wasn't alone. Not being able to grasp how three people could fit into a stall so small I spun around, washed my hands, the sounds alarming the people in the stall. I heard female giggles and Evan's chuckle. I would have let it go if he left it at that, but cheeky Evan left the stall, his hands fumbling with his belt as his gaze met mine. His eyes were clouded, lipstick smeared across his lips. It made my heart drop to my stomach seeing him disheveled like that by women who had no self-respect at all.

"It's just Zoey." He told the girls in the stall behind him.

He was about to approach me, the intent clear in his eyes which made me hold up my hands in defense, "Don't you dare Evan."

"Don't be such a prude, Zo." He chuckled.

His words stung, I didn't know why it got to me, but it did. I glared at the man who was clearly still high from the orgasms the girls probably gave him.

"You're disgusting, Evan, " I told him, grabbing my clutch and leaving the bathroom in a rush.

How could I forget about that scene? I still wondered how they fit into a stall with three people. I always thought a stall was not even big enough for one.

"Evan being disgusting, " I mumbled, also reaching for my water to use it as a shield so I didn't have to keep talking.

Nick's lips curled up, "Evan was having a good time in a bathroom stall."

"With two girls in one stall, Nick." I reminded him in a hiss.

Emily looked as surprised as I was when I witnessed Evan at his best, "How?"

"I still wonder about that one."

"I get that you were surprised at the time, but you can't hold it against him forever." Nick told me, "It wasn't like he was in a relationship. If he wants to have threesomes in bathroom stalls it's his right. Who are we to judge?"

Emily gave him an 'oh really' look which made me wonder what that was all about. They didn't elaborate though, so I figured that was something personal.

"I would have let it go if he didn't try to pull me into his messy bathroom affair." Emily looked disgusted, her expressions all the same as mine two years ago, "And why am I always 'just' Zoey and 'this' girl. It's plain rude."

Nick sighed, "He was drunk, Zoey, he didn't mean it."

I glared at Nick trying to talk things right, "Then he should have apologized, but he didn't." I turned to look at Emily, "So that's why Evan's on my 'I only tolerate your presence because we have mutual friends' list."

"I get it." Emily told me, "He should have


"Emily, " Nick warned her.

She wasn't having it though, "You know I love Evan, but it is rude. He shouldn't have done that."

Emily was cool, just like Nick told me the other day. I wouldn't mind spending more time with her. She was reasonable and even though she was close with people like Evan she could also listen to people like me who had bad experiences with her inner circle. Nick met a great girl and I was glad he knew that.


I was on the phone with my father as I packed my suitcase for Tokyo. I had made a list a few days ago and I was now going over it to make sure I had everything I needed. I couldn't focus with my father screaming in my ear though. He didn't like the fact that he wasn't making his point so now he was raising his voice thinking his message would come across that way. It wasn't changing my mind like he thought it would, it only annoyed me and made me want to end the call.

"It's my life so it's my decision to make."

He didn't like that one, "You're not thinking, Zoey. You never think things through. Taking a job at some teen magazine and moving across the country. You had a life here and the job Mr. Powers offered you-"

Yes, the amazing Mr. Powers who was dad's partner at the office. I couldn't care less for the man, but my parents worshipped the ground the man walked on. I didn't understand it and I would never understand it.

"I didn't want a job at his office." I told my father once again, I think that's something I would keep telling him my whole life because he wasn't letting it go, "I'm doing fine, dad. I'm doing better than I would have done at Powers' office."


"You're not listening to me, you are listening but only to argue with me. I'm tired and I need to finish up a few things. We'll talk soon."

He didn't sound happy when he let me go, but I wasn't going to stop doing what I loved only to fit into the box my father wanted me to fit into. It hurt knowing my parents didn't understand what I liked to do, but it wouldn't make me stop living either. The offer Nick made was great and Tokyo was a new adventure I'd take on proudly.

I was going through the list one more time when my doorbell suddenly rang, startling me. I wasn't expecting anyone but it could be one of my girlfriends, Laurel and Sasha, maybe even both. Smiling I went to the door to open it, dropping my phone when it was Evan's large frame standing right in front of me. Cursing I picked up my phone to check if it was still alive. Thank god it was! Evan raised an eyebrow at me when I glared at him.

"You can't blame me for that." He told me as he walked past me.

"I can." I told him as I closed the door behind me and spun around to look at him, "You are the last person I expected to visit me this late at night. Nick told you my address?"

Evan nodded, his hands stuffed in his pants pockets, "Yeah." He didn't elaborate on it, "Emily told me about your lunch date and she more or less scolded me. I feel like we should discuss things before we move to Tokyo together."

"We're not actually moving together, " I told him, not wanting to have another huge discussion since my father's voice was still echoing through my mind.

He rolled his eyes at me, "You know what I mean. We shouldn't have this between us. I want us to move past it so we can actually do good things for Nick."

I folded my arms across my chest, "You really care about them, don't you?"

He didn't hesitate when he responded, "They're my family."

I hated it to admit it, but I really liked that about him. He might not give a fuck about his messy affairs, he always gave in to his lust without thinking about the consequences but when it came to his friends he really had their back.

"What?" He asked me, probably catching onto the change in me.

"I'll let things go." I told him, "Just know that if you ever pull a stunt like that again we won't be able to go back. I won't let it go, ever."

He sighed in relief, "You're cool, Zo."

My lips curled up at hearing that, "You sure you don't want to call me 'this' girl or 'just' Zoey?" I asked teasingly, giggling when he rolled his eyes at me.

I stepped back when he suddenly stepped into my space, towering over me with his height, "You do mean something to me, Zo, and I apologize if I ever made you feel less." He sounded so serious which made me regret teasing him after he tried to be mature and talk things over, "That was never my intention. I assure you that."

I couldn't do anything but stare at him as he hovered over me. He wasn't having that though.

"Tell me you get me, Zo."

I nodded, but that wasn't good enough for him either. He raised an eyebrow at me, an expectant look in his eyes as he awaited my response.

"I get you, " I whispered.

His lips curled up to a smile, his face lightening up as he pulled away from me, "So what were you up to?"

He changed moods so fast I had no idea what just hit me, "Going through my list." I shrugged, "I want to make sure I have everything for tomorrow, you know."

He smirked at me, "I forgot you're little Miss control freak." He sounded amused by it, but it certainly didn't humor me, "Let me help you, I'm sure it will go a lot faster."

Without my permission, he strolled right through the hallway going straight for my bedroom. It wasn't hard to find considering I had music playing there along with the light shining through. Following after him I smiled seeing him shrug his jacket off, kicking off his shoes and getting comfortable while he grabbed my list and scanned it.


He looked up from the list and grinned at me, "No need to thank me. I have nothing better to do anyway. Emily and Nick need their privacy so I'm just bothering you now."

I still appreciated it though. Taking a seat on the edge of my messy bed filled with clothes and other things I smiled up at him.

"Still appreciate it."

Together we went through my stuff and Evan helped me prioritize things. I actually had a fun laidback night with him which I never would have imagined. If Nick always had this side of Evan I could understand why he hung out with him.

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