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   Chapter 9 Not a Loser (V)

Her Delinquent Boyfriend By Lina Bell Characters: 2362

Updated: 2018-10-13 23:07

Myung Hye-Jin's curiosity arose along with her fright; if they were really the same, wouldn't she need to act with care around him? She kept wondering as her ears continued to listen.

"I had the same thought.

By the way, when is your father allowing you to leave the Juvie?"


"Fault them for being unorthodox and not worried about face. If the usual, they would have to make up things like Dae-Jung and Jae's fathers or at worst sent us abroad and not to these shit holes.

Anyway, then, we will be on hold for a while unless… we found a capable replacement, of course."

'Make up? Abroad…?' She bit her lips as her uneasiness continued to grow and finally, with nimbly care, she crawled till a corner of the small rooftop to make sure of her guess as she cried out loud in her heart for her suspicion to be wrong.

To her deception, when she rose her head to see in the direction where she heard the voice was coming from, she stood still with wide-open eyes and mouth for a second before quickly hiding when his sharp laugh brought her back to her senses, "Hah! If you don't wanna then behave well to get out of there asap."

'Gosh, it really is him… He

is not a loser!' Her heart was triggered and her thoughts were wandering on what she had seen that she didn't hear anymore the on-going conversation. She couldn't believe that the stuttering and sloppy-looking new student of her class was really this scary-talking guy. Moreover, his true appearance didn't lose in the slightest with the one of her handsome eldest brother; from his side-profile, he even looked as cool as him as he spoke on the newest smartphone in the market, though those big circular glasses of his looked rather odd on his head.

'What to do now?' From the conversation she had heard earlier, he not only was a delinquent but a rich and smart one to bot. When she thought of that combination, she got goosebumps; that was a scary combination.


'Huh! Is he gone?' she thought when the sound of the door being slammed took her out from her stressed mind. In the past, she didn't get to face any of the situations she had been facing since the start of her high school life that she wondered if the people on those private schools she had attended before had been way too nice or if she had just been oblivious to these situations at that time.

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