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   Chapter 8 Not a Loser (IV)

Her Delinquent Boyfriend By Lina Bell Characters: 3192

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The rooftop was ample and had a fifteen feet protection fence on the edges. At first, because it had a wide and large area was opened to the students; hence, it had a row of benches along it. But as professors didn't keep watch over it some problems aroused and it was closed, becoming a not-so-well-maintained place.

Nevertheless, this huge area wasn't the place she had taken a liking on but the small structure that was built over the stairs and the door to come to the rooftop; there was also another small structure, which was the same height as it (teen feet) but six times larger than it, constructed beside it that was used to store the leftover materials of the past school reshuffles.

She took a broom from the bigger small structure as she also had that key and climbed over the smaller structure with the help of some piled up boxes with heavy construction materials. She swept the dust away of the small roof and then, she put a flat big b


"Well, an as** made me trip over and fall on the floor but… properly, not yet. This high school has a ridiculous bully system. They give some sort of free days to the bullied and as I'm a new student, it seems I will have this week free."

'Trip over? Fall? And new…?' Her pupils contracted, she remembered that someone from her class fell on the floor and that person was also a new student!

'That can't be. That person was…' she paused as she remembered the sloppy new student, 'just a tall loser.' She bit her lips, she didn't feel good thinking of him like that but she didn't know what other word use to asses him.

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