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(n.) a feeling of closeness between two people.


"TASJA, my love, " her mother's unique accent played with her ears. "Come here. I want to show you something." That familiar figure stood just inside their humble home.

"Mama?" Natasja couldn't believe her eyes. Her trembling hand reached out for her mother's beautifully gentle face. Her chest filled with that familiar warmth long gone but never forgotten as strong arms enveloped around her.

"Do you want to see?" Her mother chuckled. "I made something just for you."

Natasja shook head, panic forming at her throat at a sudden memory.

"No, mama we have to leave now. Something bad is going to happen, " she pulled at her arm. "Please mama!"

As she tried to get her out the door, her mother's face starting to morph into something else. Something sinister.

"Ah, my love, " her voice began to sound gurgled. "I never left this house, remember?"

Natasja screamed, clutching her chest at the sudden pain etched within. She was sweating and panting hard, the vividness of the dream still so fresh on her mind. She combed sweaty red hair away from her face, her trembling fingers momentarily getting tangled in them. She drew in a shaky breath, and exhaled a sob. As image after image of the dream flipped through her mind, her sobs got harder to control, tears more heavy than before. She suddenly remembered her roommate and clasped a hand over mouth to look across the room. She breathed out a sigh of relief at the sight of the neatly-made empty bed, remembering that Kael was out of town for tonight on a mission. This was the requirement for Sabraels every month. They were sent to assasinate any chosen individual the court or law would have executed, and they did it perfectly. On good days, their missions consisted of escorting a royalty or important person somewhere. Natasja always wished she was chosen for the latter. She couldn't quite stomach the thought of intentionally taking another person's life yet.

A knock sounded on the door. "Who is it?" Natasja's voice was scratchy. Hearing only another series of soft knocks, she walked over and swiped her wrist across the panel on the door and it slowly swung open.

"I heard screaming, " It was Aspen, her face a mask of concern Natasja hadn't seen before. She wore a black tank top and sweat pants, her feet bare.

Natasja stuttered, trying to cover it up and deny her outburst. "U-um no actually I-"

"Come with me, " Aspen sighed and jerked her head. "I wanna show you something."

Those words echoed with her mother's words in her dream and she drew in a shaky breath to stop the flashbacks.

"Ok." She whispered and followed the green-haired girl out. She craved any distraction right now. The dreams and flashbacks seemed to be getting stronger and more vivid with each passing night, seemingly going opposite what it's supposed to do over time: to be forgotten.

The night air was cool and quiet when they stepped out, the full moon in its brightest glory. It was about 2:30 am in the morning, and not a soul was stirring. It's also a perfect murder setting, Natasja's paranoid mind couldn't help but think.

Aspen led her towards the arena, and Natasja was hit with the sudden de ja vu of when Kael had confronted her just recently. She knew her training under the tall german woman would begin once she came back, and she was both apprehensive and excited about it all.

"What are we doing here?" Natasja's voice echoed in the empty white space of the academy's training ground. The moonlight shined through the large windows of the white expanse, making the places it touched look almost iridescent.

"I think you should see this, " Aspen tapped on something on the panel at the side of the gymnasium, and Natasja expected the lights to turn on.

"Wha-" The rest of her words got caught in her throat as her amber eyes drank in the stunning dark mystery before her.

The floor was actually a technologically advanced camouflage of white tiles and marble. When Aspen activated the panel, it all vanished into clear glass. And underneath the clear glass was something dark, a mixture of the darkest green and blue that shimmered under the moonlight.

"Is that..." Natasja squinted. "Water?"

Aspen nodded, walking over to her. "20 meters deep of it."

Natasja was confused. "What for?"

They both watched the water in silence, the deep color of it giving Natasja the chills. The longer you stared at it, the darker it seemed to become. Standing right above the glass gave her a sense of power, as if she had command over being able to walk on water.

Just then, a shadow moved in the cool liquid mass and Natasja yelped in brief fear.

"Did you see that?" Natasja's eyes were wide as she assessed the water through the thick glass that she was standing on.

"Watch." Aspen's whispered word.

The great white shark Natasha had seen on her first day swam languidly back and forth, as if she were going through a routined, calm, nightly swim. Under the moonlight, her grey skin sparkled in the water. Grey and white took turns to greet the shining moon as Rebecca the Great White swam. She took up almost half of the gym, her head, jaws, and fins incredibly large. She was magnificent.

"How is she so..."

"Large?" Aspen's voice was barely above a whisper. Natasja nodded, her eyes glued to the magnificent creature.

"We found her as a baby washed up on our shore, " Aspen was referring to the beach that was nearby the Academy's island. "Some stupid fisherman had gauged her eyes out and thrown her back in, most likely because they saw her as too small."

Natasja listened in intent silence, wondering why the green-haired girl was telling and showing her all this.

"Did you know that even animals get depression?" Aspen's voice remained soft as she watched the shark. "Rebecca was no e


"So there are people here right now, but they're inside their rooms?"

"Exactly." Kael felt along the wall of the hallway they were walking in until she felt something. "Ah, here is ours."

Natasja heard a click and then the ordinary looking wall opened a crack. Kael opened the door wider and gestured for Natasja to go inside.

"Ladies first."

Natasja gulped at the total blackness of the room, but nevertheless stepped in.

In just a few more steps her legs bumped into what felt like a bed. The room was tiny and dark.

"Wait-" Natasja choked out but Kael had already closed the door, locking them both inside in the dark and tiny space.

"What's wrong, l?mmchen?" Kael's warm breath whispered on Natasja's forehead. She could feel her body just inches away. If Kael took a half step forward, their chests would be pressing against each other's.

"How long are we going to stay in here?" Natasja tried to slow down her fast heartbeat. She hated closed spaces, hated the dark even more.

"The shortest time would be about twelve hours."

"Please, let me out." Natasja was starting to panic. Twelve hours was too long.

"Shhhh, " Kael shocked Natasja by wrapping her arms around her, resting her chin on top of her head. "You can take the bed. You won't even notice the time pass by in your sleep."

"No, you don't understand, " Natasja was slightly comforted by the taller woman's touch, but the darkness threatened to choke her. "I hate the dark. Please, open the door."

"This is what I see everyday, " Kael said softly. "It's frustrating having to rely on sound when you want to know if it's morning or night. I haven't seen the sunset in years."

Natasja stopped fidgeting, instead focusing on her companion's low-soothing voice. They were still standing up, Kael's arms wrapped around the fragile red-head.

"Can we please, " Natasja kept her eyes shut. "Lie down?"

Kael nodded against her head and manoeuvred them so that Natasja was lying down on the bed.

"Are there no lights here?"

"This room was made for me, " Kael's tone was apologetic. "I don't need lights. So none were installed."

"Can't you open the door a bit?"

"Sweetheart, this is a safe room. It won't open until the signal is given, no matter what we do."

Natasja nodded in the dark, accepting it. "Lay down with me."


"Lay down with me, " Natasja could feel her flashbacks coming back and she willed her demons to stay back. "Please. Just for now."

Kael sighed. "Alright, l?mmchen." Natasja felt the small bed dip slightly as the taller woman slid in next to her. The bed could only accommodate one person, so their arms and sides were tightly pressed against each other.

Natasja gasped as the flashbacks came hitting her all at once. She went rigid, her head feeling like it was about to explode.

"Kael, " she clutched at the german woman. "Hold me, please."

Kael obliged without a word, her skin sliding smoothly against Natasja's.

Natasja was beginning to panic. Her parents' faces filled her mind in the dark. She opened her eyes to get them gone but the darkness of the room prevented that from happening. Her breathing increased, along with her heart. She gave out whimpers as the events of that night started to unfold in her mind again.

"Papa! Please don't!"

"I don't have a choice, " a broken sob. "I love you both so much."

"What does the sunset look like?" Kael wrapped her strong arm around the trembling redhead. She whispered against her temple. "Tell me what the sunset is like. It's been so many years and I've forgotten."

Almost immediately, the scene in Natasja's mind was replaced with a view of the stunning death of the sun every day.

"When God decides to paint, " she whispered unknowingly. "It's the sunset. Red, orange, pink, purple..."

She fell asleep with the thought of a thousand sunsets as she lay in the arms of the one who couldn't see them.

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