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   Chapter 59 Royal End

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Prince Liberto Nikoloudis raced towards the dining hall, with so much excitement it was undeniable that someone seemed to be very happy. The twelve year old boy, yes boy, Queen Lucia had yet again given birth to a third boy. Making Princess Elisabet the one and only daddy's Princess. She absolutely prided herself in being the only girl amongst the three male siblings.

Prince Liberto had sandy blonde hair and alluring grey eyes, which made him very different from the rest of his siblings. No one in his family had grey eyes but his grandpa Demetre had once told him that, his great grandfather the late King of Greece had grey eyes and he had certainly taken after him. Taking the family's gift of height, he was one handsome lad who would later break hearts.

The name Liberto has came along because he was conceived during the time of Acamas and Greece reuniting. There was a lot of joy and happiness at the time amongst the citizens. In English Liberto was translated Liberty meaning... 'the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's behaviour or political views'

He was the new start, the new start that strengthen their relationship, the new start that symbolized a new change and a better and much united Greece. Prince Theodore had been the King to unite the two countries, Prince Liberto had been the symbolization of a new start. Prince Theda and Princess Amelia were well just.. the other royal siblings.

"Papa, are they here yet?" Prince Liberto asked his parents who had their attention focused on each other as they laughed lowly about something he didn't quite understand. All he knew was his parents were always happy together.

"Soon." King Alexius told his son, who only frowned.

"It's dinner time already." Prince Liberto frowned once more. The castle was very lonely, very much lonely... since all his older siblings had left to find themselves in this big world. It only left him all alone... with his dog. The best time of the year was them coming back home.

"Patience, Liberto." Queen Lucia said to her son who had a sour look on his face. He had not seen his twenty-one year old brother, Prince Theda in so long. Last time he couldn't make it, reason being. Prince Theda was studying half way across the world in South Africa, the city of Cape Town at a well known extravagant University meant for only the upper crust for centuries.

University of Stellenbosch.

Prince Theda was out there finding himself. It was his immediate first choice, he wanted a new different scenery. Not New York... or London like his father. He didn't want some overrated place, he wanted somewhere to call his own path. No one had expected him to consider, Stellenbosch University with the stereotypes that Africa was a poor continent. It shocked the world that the most Renowned Persona was going to study there.

Unlike Prince Theodore and Princess Amelia, he couldn't just visit whenever it suited him. Climate was different. South Africa had their summer in December and their school semester started in February while it was a whole different scenery from Prince Theodore who preferred to study close to home. Prince Theodore adored his country and was proud of his roots, he took pride in speaking his home language even during any speech that he was to do anywhere be it in Australia. He still spoke Greek. Theda thought his brother was an uptight douche who just loved making a fool people. No one questioned Prince Theodore, others went as far as learning Greek whenever they had to have a meeting with Prince Theodore.

Prince Theodore was studying at the Athens University of

mas gala as he would be spending it in Amsterdam with Sherrie.

Lucia and Alexius wanted to see their kids happy regardless, they didn't care about their friends social status or the hierarchy their choice of company belonged to. Everyone decided to dig in, honestly no one expected Prince Theda to show up. He did this every year. Promised to come but would later be seen in Ibiza, on the beach with sunglasses on, with another different girl under his arm, sipping on a margarita.

To their surprise, Prince Theda walked in a few minutes later. Prince Liberto immediately ran for him, making Prince Theda chuckle.

"Woah, you're now taller than poor Peter over there buddy." Prince Theda teased her mother's secretary who only chuckled before walking away. At thirteen Theodore had been much taller than Peter already and the twins always made fun of his 4'9 - 5'0 height.

He greeted everyone, King Alexius couldn't help but chuckle whenever he heard Theda's use of sarcasm and sardonic jokes... he could only think of Elias. He prayed his son his gain any other traits of Elias.

"You look like my little brother now, Theo. Guess who will be opening doors for you now with his guns." Prince Theda teased his brother showing off his muscles.

Everyone on the massive mahogany table couldn't help but laugh. Lucia almost teared up, watching all her kids present. Theda being Theda, Theodore with his girlfriend, Elisabet playing with Liberto, Khristian and Lukas arguing about politics, her parents caught up in their little conversation, herself? Looking at the same sapphire blue eyes she fell inlove with twenty-one years ago at that very same river. The laughter around the table made her happy, beyond happy when Alexius held her hand and looked at her. Giving her the 'we're happy' eye. They looked away from each other and looked at the table watching everyone interact with each other. Noise was annoying but this noise was music to their ears. They looked back at each other with only one thought, they had created the life they always wanted together. They had stumbled upon many obstacles but they went passed them. It was all worth it, sadly there were people who couldn't be there but the people who were present, added value to their life as well.

It had all been a Royal Fuckery now it was Royal Pleasantries.

The end.

Thank you for sticking up with me till this very end.

7 June 2018 - 23 December 2018

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