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   Chapter 58 Royal Moró

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Queen Lucia was finally back home, in Greece. Everything was just moving smoothly over five months had passed since Elias passing. She sighed, breathing in when her dress was abruptly tightened too tight. She had tried it on just a week before.

"Milady, you seemed to have gained a tad bit of weight." One of the Royal maids informed her, undoing the ties at the back. Lucia heaved a sigh seating down on the leather cushioned stool matching the interior design of her massive master bedroom that she now shared with the soon to be King Alexius Nikoloudis II.

"I don't understand." She whined.

Larrissa, Lukas wife then immediately smiled widely at her sister inlaw.

"We can always make an adjustment, the wedding is only two weeks away.." the second chambermaid said softly.

Suddenly the third chambermaid giggled making the two other maids laugh including Larrissa who sat on the opposite side of the room holding her cup of tea.

"Did I miss the joke?" Queen Lucia frowned but the maids shyly giggled.

"My Queen, it's just-" the first maid smiled. "With all due respect but when did you last have your monthly..." she couldn't finish her sentence, she felt much lower than the Queen. This was the Queen of Greece she was talking to, she couldn't just disrespect her in that manor.

Queen Lucia's face was filled with confusion.

"Milady, we're just assuming. We do not have any medical experience but-"

"It's alright." Queen Lucia said softly.

"It's a blessing." Larrissa said excitedly. It was slowly dawning onto Lucia that she had not had her monthly visit from Mother Nature and there was no denying that, she had every right to be worried with the way... herself and her fiancé had been indulging every bit of pleasure that had been taken away from them these past eight years.

Queen Lucia was quiet, the three maidens just curiously stared at her. Asking themselves what their Queen was thinking.

Suddenly a tear rolled down her cheek, she quickly wiped it away.

"We're dearly sorry my Queen, we didn't mean to alarm you like that." One of the maids said quickly.

"It's okay." The Queen replied more tears rolling down.

"You may leave, I need to be alone." Queen Lucia stood up heading for the ensuite bathroom with her beautiful wedding dressing on. She had four wedding dresses for the royal wedding the world had been enviously waiting for.

"Lucia are you alright?" Larrissa said quickly realizing that she wasn't taking the news well.

"Your grace, we need to help you undress.." they mur

that I didn't even have time for myself or time to notice."

"It's okay, love." He pulled her close, kissing her temple.

"It came at the wrong time." She said laying on his chest.

"It's the perfect time." He opposed.

"This is my opportunity to make up for all the time I missed, on your pregnancy with the twins."

She only smiled.

"We will do this together, no need to be afraid. My father already knows.." He chuckled. "I didn't wish to take longer than I did last time."

When he waited eight months to tell his father about the Lucia's first pregnancy.

"He knew before I even knew." Lucia chuckled.

"I feel so ignorant, what if something had happened to the baby because I was being careless."

"You're just two months along, it can't be that long." He assured her softly rubbing her hair.

"How do you know that?" She looked up at him curiously, he was just full of surprises wasn't he.

"Well my love, I'm the one who does the cumming am I not?" He smirked at her. "You never notice but I always pull out except this one time and a few more times after that, I wanted this."

"You're horrible." She pouted.

"And you love me." He kissed her pouted lips.

"I love a cunning menacing handsome man." Lucia rubbed his the tiny stubble on his chin. His jawline was always sharp and well defined. He was the most handsome man, she had ever laid her eyes on. Maybe only because she was deep in love with him.

"And I love how innocent you have always been and still are." At that moment, they both felt lucky to be in each other's arms, it would certainly be for a life time, unless God decided to deny them of growing old together by taking away one of them.

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