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   Chapter 57 Royal send off

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Updated: 2018-12-23 22:56

The King sat stagnant in his seat, he had seen his nephew's body. He could not believe it. He had to die in such a horrible manor, his head looked like a broken watermelon. It wasn't a very pleasing scene but he had to. He had to make sure it was really Elias. It was clear Prince Alexius wouldn't, he was too trusting, easily trusting... the King thought. This was really the end for his nephew this was really the life he chose to lead and this is how he chose to end it. Prince Alexius had told him that they would hold a small gathering where they will let his ashes go at the Mount Varasova.

It was initially Elias, favorite place and Prince Alexius knew that. Elias enjoyed sitting on the hill watching everything from down below. He would seat there for hours at most, Elias enjoyed nature, he loved nature. Elias had warned the Prince to never ever go to his spot or rather his hill when they were kids. He would always make jokes such as 'You have the whole kingdom and you want to go around following me here?'

Elias always envied the Prince but the Prince looked up to him.

Prince Alexius had to be grateful to him because if Elias had not told him to go by the river to see the girl he had fallen in love with then he would have never met Lucia.


What would have happened if Elias had approached Lucia first, would Lucia had fallen in-love with him easily as she had with the Prince had? Would things have been different? Would he still be alive? Would he have continued to cause misery? Certainly not, maybe if he had Lucia everything would have changed. It seems he wanted to try for her-

On the other side of the palace, Prince Alexius was fixing his son's ties well by son's only Theda.

"I have accepted that we're not all gifted.." Prince Theodore boosted.

Prince Theda frowned as his father fixed his tie.


d the opportunity to shape Elias into a respectable noble man but that went into dust... he felt at fault. Prince Alexius was not angry anymore, he was over it... over everything, over the past.

Sir Pantelis asked if everyone had said their prayers then right after asked Prince Alexius to set Elias free. On top of the hill of Mount Parasova... Prince Alexius spilled the ashes and the wind immediately blew it in all directions. That was the end of Elias, he thought. The kids paid no attention to what the adults were doing as they ran around the green grass chasing each other.

For a moment everyone was quiet and content. The King was the first to leave with the help of Thomas. Everyone decided to leave but Prince Alexius. Lucia decided it was only right to give him space. He needed this moment more than anyone.

"You know what? You were right to count your chickens before they hatched. I forgive you." Prince Alexius said looking down at the view, a cold breeze blew at his hair.

He only chuckled.

"I suppose that was your sarcastic response, Goodbye Elias." He turned away his hands in his pockets. Prince Alexius finally knew what they meant when they said there is always a light a the end of the tunnel.


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