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   Chapter 56 Royal Brother

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Updated: 2018-12-15 12:46

Royal Brother "We don't know how it happened but he jumped off and it seems he died before he had even reached the ground floor." The hospital security said to Prince Alexius who was still in shock. He had came to the palace with very tragic news. They were all seated in the Royal dining, breakfast was served but no one could stomach any of what had happened. It still had not sunk in. Elias was really gone, he died a tragic death by jumping off the tenth floor of the hospital window. "What I want to know is how would a blind person jump off a hospital window?" The King questioned seated in his wheelchair, he was hurt emotionally. "I have no answers, my king. I'm very sorry your highness." The young man said solemnly. Prince Alexius couldn't hear anything, all sounds sounded like a distant memory. 'Elias is dead.' 'His body is in the mortuary.' 'His body is beyond unrecognizable.' 'It would be best if he be cremated.' 'Alex are you okay?' He zoned back in at the sound of Lucia. He simply nodded. "Thomas, take me back to the quarters." The King said clearly having heard enough of this. The room was tense as the Royal servant took the King back to his quarters. "It's alright for you to mourn his death, Alex." Lucia said to the Prince when everyone had evacuated the room. "I know but just like I never got to meet my father personally, the same goes for Elisabet." He sighed. "She doesn't deserve this." Prince Alexius teared up a bit. "She has you and you're a great father to her." Lucia said softly. The rest of the day, Prince Alexius went to sort out most of his cousins documents. He wondered since he would be cremated would the king want them to hold a funeral for Elias. It was only right after. His worst fear was Princess Amelia coming back to cause a scene. Prince Alexius wanted to tell Elisabet but then decided she was too young for this. Her mother had just decided to leave the day before and now telling her that her father is dead would hurt her. Telling her that her father had done some very not nice things to a lot of people. Telling her that Elias wasn't the most graceful of people. Telling her that her father was a monster. She deserved to remember him in a good sense. The only thing that Elias ever did in his whole entire life time was father Elisabet. She was his blessing, sad enough he actually never met her. He thought back to when Elias had begged to see his daughter and h

mething I always knew. You're the kindest soul, I've ever come across. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but I know you have forgiven me. I just know. I won't even ask you to look after Elisabet, it's already done. I trust you, I trust you with my life, with my daughters life. Apologize to your wife for me, Queen Lucia. My heart just skipped a beat. You know what? One thing I will always be jealous of is that you got the girl. You got the girl, Christy. I loved her too and still do but I know she is better off with you. I loved her so much, that day at the river before you came. I thought of killing us both, I couldn't handle seeing her with another. Now all I want is to see her happy, even if it's with you. Tell Princess Amelia to get off my back. She must love again, I don't, I didn't, I will never love her. Period! Take care Alexius, till we meet in another lifetime. I promise to be a better person in that one but I can't promise to stop being sarcastic whenever you say something stupid. I never had a sibling but with you, you gave me that very same feeling. I apologize for the ugly scribbling, I'm sure you're struggling to read some of these things but fucking hell Christy, I'm blind. - Prince Alexius chuckled, he felt warm inside. Overjoyed, at peace, no anger. This wasn't something to smile at but knowing Elias this was as close as he could get to apologizing or being nice. It really meant a lot to Prince Alexius. He didn't question anything at this point, all he wanted to do was give his brother, his cousin, a proper farewell. All was forgiven but not forgotten.

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