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   Chapter 55 Royal Condolences

Royal Fuckery By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 6462

Updated: 2018-12-15 12:43

Lucia was laid in bed in Prince Alexius arms. She could faintly make out his heartbeat. His arms wrapped around her body, he was the big spoon. Snoring lightly, she smiled thinking about how she was going to tease him about it when he wakes up. Feeling his morning glory poking her backside made her fluster a bit. It was warm, too warm probably because they were both naked after last night... no one really bothered to put on night garments after their endeavors. They were both out of breath, tired but most of all entirely satisfied. She put her hand on top his, that laid snuggly around her waist. He had two rings on, one was his Royal ring, the other was a ruby red ring that belonged to his mother. She remembered how at the river he had told her that, he had it custom made into a male version but still kept the ruby. He never ever removed these two rings but what made Lucia smile was when she thought back to last night when he threw his wedding ring in the flowing river and told her it was the beginning, their beginning.

Princess Amelia had left the day before, it was really sad but Lucia thought let me be selfish. Princess Amelia had the Prince for over seven years-

Prince Alexius stirred a bit, his hard on pressed against Lucia. Her cheeks turned beetroot red. He laid a soft kiss on her shoulder then a bit higher till her reached her earlobe. Her stomach flipped, her breasts became rigid, she could feel herself getting aroused. Clearly they couldn't get enough of each other.

"How did my Queen sleep?" Prince Alexius said his voice much deeper than normal and a bit groggy. These little things made Lucia heat up even more even though he couldn't see her face. She bit her lip and he continued giving her- what would be visible love bites. She couldn't respond, she was too overwhelmed quite overwhelmed when he pressed himself even more against her, she whimpered. Prince Alexius has spent the last few y

asting time he locked his lips with hers and continued moving pleasuring them both. Lucia wanted protest but she couldn't do much, not when he was pleasing her every need. She wanted to know what could be important. Prince Alexius was blinded in the moment. Lucia bit on palm so she wouldn't make an sounds not if Gregory was still out there listening attentively.

"My Prince-" Gregory called again.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT GREGORY?" Prince Alexius growled. Lucia could see he was tensed up so she rubbed circles on his chest. Once again disturbed.

"Maybe it's really important." Lucia opposed.

"He always disturbs our mornings, I won't allow that today." Prince Alexius said clearly frustrated.

"Just go check with him." Lucia assured him.

"My Pri-"

"Shut up Gregory, you're becoming a nuisance. I'm on my way-" He heaved a sigh then pulled out of her warmth. This was probably the hardest thing any men would ever have to do. It was beyond temptation. The Prince grabbed his robe as he went to the other room to get the door. Lucia sighed pulling the sheets up to her breasts, covering herself Incase..

She heard the Prince and Gregory whispering and arguing for a bit but what hit her like a ton of bricks was when Gregory softly said.

"My Prince, my condolences."

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