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   Chapter 54 Royal Group Hugs

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Updated: 2018-12-14 08:55

"Papa, why is mama leaving?" Elisabet asked her father.

"érchontai edó prinkípissa." Prince Alexius softly deciding, she would only understand if he explained to her in her mother tongue like he always had before whenever he told her important messages.

Princess Elisabet went to sit on her father's lap holding onto her brown teddy bear. She had a somber look on her face this made Prince Alexius very sad. She wasn't close to her mother but she loved her. They hardly spent time together but Elisabet still looked up to her none-caring mother.

"Mama is going home, nai?" He questioned at the end of the sentence making sure she understood each word he said.

"papa, den eínai aftó to spíti?" Princess Elisabet then replied by asking her father if this wasn't home. It made Prince Alexius stiffen in his stance. Suddenly Lucia came in, after softly knocking and getting no response.

"Uhm, i will just be at the royal gardens-" Queen Lucia turned to leave feeling that this was a heartfelt moment and it was only right for Alexius to bare the news for her alone but Prince Alexius had other plans.

"Lucia stay!" Prince Alexius pleaded, not only with his lips but his eyes. She nodded then went to seat on the cushioned chair beside them. Elisabet looked at her with adoration like she always had whenever she saw her in news papers. Elisabet admired Queen Lucia and she didn't even know it.

"Lisa, hymitheíte tin istoría gia to korítsi sto potámi kai ton prínkipa." Prince Alexius then proceeded to asking his daughter if she remembered the story about the Prince and the girl from the river. Princess Elisabet's face immediately lit up, it was her favorite story. Queen Lucia was taken aback, she never thought that Alexius would tell anyone let alone his daughter. She felt overwhelmed.

"Nai." Princess Elisabet responded with a yes, with a quirky smile on her face.

"The girl from the river returned to the Prince-"

Princess Elisabet gasped.

"Really, papa?"

ed her father's side make him fake cry making her laugh. It looked like her crying was all forgotten finally they walked back in. Prince Alexius set her down.

She quickly ran to where Lucia was sitting and giggled then she turned back to her dad.

"Papa, I need my wand." She said then Prince Alexius chuckled.

"You could use that next time, how about you use your hands right now since she is the Queen."

"Alright, Papa." She turned to look at Lucia who didn't know what was going on or what to expect.

"Queen Lucia do you accept to be my solemnly mother, forever and ever and ever. Play tea party with me, play dress up with me, make my papa happy, play with my dog, make me a flower girl at your wedding and give me more siblings to play with?"

Lucia immediately became emotional. Prince Alexius then whispered to her. 'I love you' immediately giving her another smile.

"Yes, Elisabet. I agree to solemnly be the best mother I can be to you just as I am to my sons."

"Now this is the part where you hug me?" She added. Queen Lucia hugged her without hesitance for a moment Elisabet felt happy, her own mother had never once hugged her like this before.

"Papa, group hug." Elisabet called for her father to join them. At last all he could think was I got my Queen, my Princess and my Princes.


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