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   Chapter 53 Royal farewell

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Father-" Prince Alexius embraced his father tightly. He looked weaker, thinner and much more pale. The doctor had said three months, he often wondered... how they could just simply put a time stamp on someone's life. It made him upset, upset at the world for easily taking away all the good things that people have in their lives.

"Alexius." He replied pulling back, Prince Alexius adjusted his father's continental pillows before sitting on the stool right next to his bed side.

"I heard the news." His father smiled proudly. It was the very first time he had seen his father genuinely proud of him. It was visible from the twinkle in his dull blue eyes.

"I did absolutely nothing, honestly." Prince Alexius shrugged.

"What a great future King, your son is to be." King Dysmas declared proudly.

"He is really something." Prince Alexius felt proud, he had that pride in him that, Theodore was his son. He had done something that future generations would always praise him for, something previous generations had failed dismally to do.

"Everything is falling into place... my last wish would be to meet the boys." He paused. "My-my grandchildren if you may allow me to call them that."

"Ofcourse, father. Don't be melodramatic, they're rightfully your grandchildren and I will always let them know and be aware of that even long after you're..." he shook his head. "Gone.." he muttered the word lowly.

"As long as you're happy, I'm fullfilled."

"And Elias?" Prince Alexius couldn't help wonder how his father had felt about his nephew in the situation that he was in.

"His hell has already began here on earth, I'm afraid." King Dysmas said smoothly as if it didn't faze him not even the tiniest bit.

"It's quite sad.." Prince Alexius muttered looking down at his hands.

"Don't ever, ever feel responsible for him. Not after all he has done and hear this from me... Elias doesn't seem the tiniest bit remorseful. He hallows words left right and center with no genuine emotion. He is a walking dark cloud."

It was true, Alexius thought.

"I don't know where I went wrong with that boy.." The king heaved a heavy sigh.

"It's not your fault, evil exists within."

There was comfortable silence for a bit before they were interrupted by Gregory. He always seemed to do so-

He formally greeted them before muttering what he had came in emergence of.

"Prince Augustus is here." Gregory announced.

"What?" Prince Alexius stood up immediately so abrupt the stool fell backwards. A scowl on his face, he knew exactly what was about to happen. This was the end, he didn't expect it so soon. Could he not catch a breath? He had just came with Lucia from seeing Elias and now this. It was expected but not this soon. Prince Alexius suspected Princess Amelia had everything to do with this!

"He requested the maids pack his sisters bel

nding up from his seat. They both turned to look at him.

"But, Amelia do you remember how you threw the doctors papers at me when Lisa was born?"

Princess Amelia's immediately frowned, her face turning into that of horror!

"Well thank you for giving me full custody, have a safe journey home my darling." With that Prince Alexius left with a victorious smile. He immediately heard Prince Augustus calling for him. With his height he towered over the man in front of him.

"Why do you want to keep a child that isn't yours? A child of infidelity? Is it for revenge? What are you planning?"

Prince Alexius immediately shook his head. "There's nothing to it, I love Elisabet like my own and I raised her like my own. I will continue doing that be it I'm Royal or not! Be it Amelia is here or not! I won't stop her from visiting her daughter whenever she pleases but she will not raise that little girl. Amelia doesn't even know how to be a mother. She is still a child herself. I suggest you take her home and help her continue with her life. Presumably she will marry again but allow her to choose someone of her choice. This is after all her opportunity to start over. Elisabet will always be her daughter, I won't take that away from her."

Prince Augustus took his time taking in all that had been said before he nodded.

"Prince Alexius, I must apologize. You're a noble man and I admire you. Thank you, we will be off at dawn. I will bid my goodbyes properly to the king as well."

"Very well, sire." Prince Alexius smiled broadly. Everything really was falling into place. That's when he wondered where Lucia was? Their morning had been disturbed by unwanted news. He had planned to caress her and hold her in his arms all morning but that went to dust. He hoped she wasn't angry at him for the way he reacted and tossed her aside.

She was his woman, he loved her to the moon back and beyond.

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