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   Chapter 52 Royal visitations

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His eyes watered a bit as he continued looking at her. He felt as if a ghost was in front of him. He couldn't hold the happiness he felt, seeing his bestfriend after so long. This was definitely one of the days in his lifetime he would never forget. Being reunited with his childhood bestfriend, whom he thought he had lost forever.

Lucia stared at Khris, he wasn't a boy anymore. He had facial hair properly shaved and it suit him. There were so many changes but when she looked into his eyes, he was still the same little boy... herself and Kyra use to play with in the fields. The same young man who was selfless enough to give up everything just to marry her. Her selfless bestfriend who only wanted to protect her and see her happy.

She hugged him for what seemed like the longest of time. If she had anyone whom she could consider lifelong family, it would be Khristian Salavas. He was the definition of loving and kind. He had been there for her from the very first time when they were only six years old. Ofcourse she had found her blood family but she would never forget the little family she had here in Acamas and that was Khristian Salavas, she couldn't say much about her Aunt Gloria but above all she was grateful for her raising her under her roof. If no one had picked up the basket, what would have happened-

"Oh Lucy, you look so beautiful." Khristian cried. "I have not seen you in years."

"You don't look so bad yourself." Queen Lucia joked.

They had met at the palace after their horrible visitation with ungrateful Elias. Prince Alexius had told her to feel at home, not at his quarters because that was where he shared a matrimonial bed with Princess Amelia. He loathed the idea that he was still married to her but it was quite clear that Lucia being in Acamas and the announcement of the reunion between Greece and Acamas as well as the everyone being aware that he fathered her sons... made it quite clear that nothing would ever go back to being the same. Prince Alexius had left to see his father.

"Queen Lucia!" Khristian bowed clearly trying to mock her. He respected her but he didn't see a Queen, it was still hard to believe because to him this was still the same girl who taught him how to swim and the same girl he use to run through the Acamas market with.

"You flutter me." She continued with the mockery.

Just like that, they were already catching up like they had seen each other just yesterday and nothing had changed. Lucia met Khris's wife Eva, ofcourse he had told her about her when she was still pregnant with the twins, she was all he talked about but unfortunately they never got the opportunity to meet. Lucia thought she was very kind and beautiful. He saw exactly why her bestfriend would have married her. Lucia also got to meet his two daughters. Dela and Ada were a splitti

will be right back." Khris have the woman a smile.

"Kyra says don't take too long." Gloria replied with a chuckle. She was knitting what looked to be a scarf. "It's for Nico." She nodded at Khristian who smiled before leaving the room.

"Are you alright?" Khris pulled Lucia into his arms so she could cry on his shoulders.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She sniveled.

"I thought when I told you mental institution, it would ring a bell..."

"I just assumed.." she paused. " I don't know what I thought but I certainly didn't expect this.. at all!"

Silence took over for a bit.

"How long has she been like this?" Lucia asked pulling away from him.

"Ever since Kyra passed away.. she just wouldn't accept that Kyra was really gone. A part of me thinks she blames herself for Kyra's death and therefore refuses to accept that she is gone forever."

"How did you hold up?" Lucia asked genuinely. "I know you loved her!"

"It was the hardest pain, I have ever been through. My father's death hurt but this- Lucy - this hurt like hell. It was hard having to pretend I didn't care because I had a wife and I didn't want her to feel unappreciated." Khris let out.

"I'm sorry Khris." Lucy said softly. " I never actually got to deal with the grieve, it still hurts. For a long time I just put it off but now being here and her acting like that... that just put me off."

"I understand, it's alright Lucy."

They both went back in to find Gloria knitting and talking to herself. At that point and time Lucia decided, if she was going to start a new chapter. She had to close each and every old one and this one was it.

It hurt as hell.

For the rest of the few minutes, she talked to Gloria and they exchanged knitting, shared a few laughs. Gloria reminisced about their childhood and the mischievous things the three musketeers would do together.

A lifetime ago, that was.

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