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   Chapter 51 Royal devil

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"He will never see again." The doctor said to Prince Alexius who seemed devastated. "Unfortunately." The doctor continued. "The good thing is his burnt wounds are healing up quite well.."

Prince Alexius felt an ache in the deepest part of his heart. As much as he had convinced himself that he hated Elias, he could never. It was impossible. He grew up with Elias and had known and looked up to him as a brother while growing up. He couldn't just up and decided, he hated him and didn't care about his well being.

"Is there anything that can be done about his eye sight?" Queen Lucia questioned, Prince Alexius had forgotten she was present. He was so used to being alone and dealing with everything alone but she was here with him. She left everything so she could be with him in his time need not that it was really him in need more like Elias. Prince Alexius would never wish this even upon his worst enemy. It was a very sad outcome.

"Sadly, my Queen, he just needs to adjust to his new environment and circumstances." The doctor said with a solemn expression. Prince Alexius heaved a sigh, Lucia laid her hand on his shoulder. Adding to a comforting stance.

"Can we see him?" He questioned. This was a public hospital, Alexius thought. Ofcourse they wouldn't be able to treat his cousin. He needed to take Elias to a proper doctor.

'For what?' His consciousness mocked him.

'This is karma.' The conscience added.

'He brought this upon himself, his evil doings are not your burdens to carry. Let him carry them himself and you know he is a ungrateful bastard, as soon as he gets his eye sight back. You bet he will be as dangerous as a vernominous snake.' The train of thoughts continued.

'Without his eye sight, he is weak so weak. Staying in the dungeon isn't necessary might as well bring him to the palace and introduce him to his daughter before you run off with your Queen and sons.'

'It is much better to have a cat without claws.'

"Well, he should be awake soon... your highness-" The doctor replied cutting off the thoughts he had been having.

"Excuse me." He bowed before walking away, they both would have told him it wasn't necessary if they weren't caught up in their thoughts.

"Are you sure about this?" Queen Lucia asked Prince Alexius who seemed a bit out of daze. Elias was family, the family he might have only had. This definitely affected him more than he would have like for it to.

"He must be feeling very alone." Prince Alexius said softly. It took a lot for Queen Lucia not to roll her eyes because this man was evil. Just because he was suddenly blind; didn't mean everything he did in the past, was now all forgotten. Queen Lucia loathed Elias, she wouldn't say anything in this moment but pity was one thing she wouldn't throw a

your nonsense."

"You're the only person who still cares about me... p-p-lease don't leave me, Christy!"

Once again Prince Alexius sighed annoyed by this nickname. He wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or serious.

"I mean Alexius." Elias added.

"Do you know that Dysmas came with his guards rolling him in a wheelchair only for him to laugh hysterically.." Elias sighed sadly. " I thought you would do the same."

"My father was here?" Prince Alexius asked.

"Dysmas was here not your father, your father is dead." Elias mimicked.

"You just enjoy hurting my feelings, don't you?" Prince Alexius chuckled dryly. "And you still expect me to help you, you never change do you?"

"If you don't help me, I will kill myself. My blood will be in your hands." Elias threatened.

"Go right ahead, atleast Elisabet won't have to meet her evil blind father."

At the mention of his daughter, Elias composed himself by clearing his throat.

"Just joking about the situation.." he fake laughed.

"Whatever that makes you sleep at night Elias, you aren't my responsibility!"

With this the Prince left without turning back. He felt as if he had closed a chapter. Elias could never change, he wasn't remorseful. He yelled the word sorry like hello. He didn't even mean it. Queen Lucia was waiting for him in the hallway, Princess Amelia sat next to her. They were hugging, it seemed like both Alexius and Lucia had closed a chapter and were certainly ready for a new one. Lucia let go of Amelia and jumped into the Prince's arms. It felt like home.


No this isn't end, just a few more chapters. As soon as I end this book, I'm publishing a new book called Rent a Christian boyfriend. It's a cute romcom with loads of funny twists and cliche cute moments. You will love it. So far I have written the prologue. Thanks for supporting me. x

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