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   Chapter 50 Royal climax

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- I'm sorry for the wait, I'm really trying.


It's not the wait that made their hunger for each other even much more feverish. It's not the excitement they both felt in the pits of their stomach. It's definitely not hasty kisses they passed onto each other as they tiptoed down the hallway to the Queens chambers.

"Thomas, are you not supposed to be down at the event." Queen Lucia questioned. She had immediately pulled away from Prince Alexius immediately when she saw her personal guard who had been searching hell and back for her from the past two hours.

"My Queen, you're alright." Thomas said nodding towards the Prince who seemed amused at this interaction.

"I'm a grown woman, Thomas!" Queen Lucia growled.

"I'm certainly not to leave you unattended, anything can happen especially when there are all these people from different horizons." The man with long black hair, buff shoulders and a 6'4 height nodded towards the Prince. "No offense to you, my Prince."

It was very awkward.

Awkward because Thomas had never seen their Queen dressed in anything much lower than knee length. Better yet was she even dressed under the Prince's blazer?

"Out of our way, Thomas and take the rest of the royal guards out of my quarters for the night, they may join the ball."

"That's not neccessa-" he was interrupted by a clearing throat.

"She is your Queen, you take orders not give them." Prince Alexius said nonchalantly.

"I suppose so..." he said thoughtfully. "My apologies, it is after all my job to take care of the Queen. I get a little overboard, I'm very serious about my job. Forgive me." Thomas said waiting to be dismissed. As soon as the Queen nodded, he continued to walk down the long Victorian hallway.

"We make a great team." Queen Lucia whispered but Prince Alexius couldn't help but admire how beautiful she was and still is. How they were together, at this moment!

"Indeed!" He replied as they continued to walk. He couldn't help but think about what she meant about them being a great team. Could she have meant that if he became King of Greece... no! He immediately shook the thoughts away. A part of him felt that he didn't want anything associated with royalty anymore. Finding out he was not, was definitely a huge blessing in disguise but to be happy with Lucia and his sons. He had to be King. Was he ready to join this family, the very same family that pushed for him to break Lucia's heart... being just a normal local Acamian didn't sound like a bad idea. He didn't want any title but that was impossible, he couldn't just ask Lucia to leave the throne so they can move into an average double story house ?? and live happily ever after.

It was possible, she was Queen, the first and the best Queen.. Greece will ever have. It was all complicated but he wanted to live his life like everyday was his last and maybe one day... he would be right.

They finally reached the last door at the end of the hall. Lucia pushed the double doors open, allowing Prince Alexius into what had been her home for the past seven years. Prince Alexius eyes roamed around the spacious environment, he had been welcomed into. There was no denying that this was a very extremely extravagant room. It wasn't even a room, it looked like what you would call a bachelor pad. Lucia immediately closed the double doors as Prince Alexius took small steps around the elegantly designed vintage room.

"Beautiful!" He said when he felt her arms behind him. She let her hands hold him from the back roaming around his chest, he felt restricted, her touch always did things to him. Unimaginable things.

"Mother, designed it herself although I couldn't have cared." Queen Lucia chuckled. Prince Alexius used this moment to turn around, his hands lowered to her shoulders sliding the blazer off her lusciously curvy body.

"I could have easily guessed, you were never one to worry about material things." He gave her a perk on the forehead making her smile. He loved the way her dimple would immediately become visible just by the way she pursued her lips or bit her lip which entirely brought him down on his knees. For a moment, they just hugged, his arms wrapped around her waist, so close they practically breathed the same air. Prince Alexius put a loose strand of her blonde hair behind her ear. His touch burned her. When he did this, the tips of his fingers roamed on her earlobe to the open slit in between her breasts. He noticed a few differences, they didn't bother him; he still didn't see her any different. To him she looked beautiful with the little rolls on her stomach probably from the effects of giving birth. Her thighs were thicker, her breasts weren't pointy like in her early years but they stood firm and proud. He continued to let his hands roam freely around her body, her curvy figure was still immensely beautiful. Her silk little dress that left no room for imagination had fallen, she stood naked in front of him. His eyes wandered all over with hunger, from her slit in between her breasts to the way her forest green eyes captured his in a trance.

Without a word, she unbuttoned his white button up shirt, carefully letting her

He didn't want to add 'too' because that made it sound as if he was obligated to say I love you too. He was very thoughtful. Lucia couldn't help but touch him, anyhow and anywhere. She didn't remember when was the last time she was this happy, this was better than both their dreams.


"Bang bang bang."

Somebody loudly banged the door waking up Prince Alexius, he panicked. Was it alright if people found him sleeping in the Queens quarters... he was a guest and nothing had been confirmed as of yet. He didn't want to cause any telltales to go around so he looked to his side noticing how beautiful she looked, and very peaceful as she breathed in and out... her chest heaved up and down.

"Lucia.." he said softly making her flutter her green captivating eyes. "You need to get the door, love." He said softly. The banging continued, it was very disrespectful, no one ever did that. Who could it have been-

She went into her closet. Grabbing her silk morning gown. She walked towards the double golden doors.

"Morning, your highness." The person said.

"There has been a tragedy down in Acamas and we have been trying to get ahold of the Prince but nothing."

After hearing this, the Prince dressed as fast as he could. His clothes disheveled, hair messy, he looked royally fucked.

"Gregory!" The Prince said surprised when he saw his secretary standing right in front of him devastated. "Is my father alright?" He questioned. His voice shaky with fear, it couldn't. In the pit of his stomach, he could feel the hurt. His father passed away, the man who raised him passed away and he couldn't even say good bye.

"The King is very well and safe, my Prince." Gregory replied. Relief washed over Prince Alexius.

"What is it then?" He questioned a bit calmer.

"There was a wild fire in the forest of Acamas. The dungeons were affected and a few villagers." Gregory spoke fast out of breath.

"I'm very sorry to hear that, we should leave immediately." Queen Lucia interrupted.

"Yes, one more thing my Prince." Gregory mumbled, the Prince felt a shiver run down his spine.

"The archduke..." Gregory mumbled.

"Elias?" The Prince said emotionless about the whole situation.

"Yes." Gregory paused. "He is in hospital but-"

"Just spit it out already." Prince Alexius yelled, becoming very impatient.

"I just spoke to the doctor and he said Elias was burnt severely... so severely he had head injuries and he lost his eye sight."

Queen Lucia clasped her hand against her mouth clearly shocked.

"They tried to save him as early as possible, my Prince but three other men who were in the dungeon were burnt to dust."

"Book everything necessary, we will leave in an hour." Prince Alexius said void of emotion. Gregory silently nodded, Queen Lucia sighed closing the door as he went to the balcony where Prince Alexius stood like nothing happened.

"Alex!" She called but he ignored her. So she walked over to stand next to him.

"I know you still care about Elias.." She mumbled.

"I don't, he should've died." Prince Alexius spat.

"Alex..." Lucia said stroking his cheek that had tiny stubble.

"I must return and see exactly what's going on. Most of all, I don't want to be missing when my father passes away.."

Queen Lucia nodded not wanting to say anything that might push him to do something he might regret.

"I'm coming with you." Was all Lucia said. She had a lot of unfinished business there.

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